Because of Charged Items, any character class can use some skills of another character class, though in low-level versions. Here's a Druid using a Charged Item with Bone Spear. Thanks, Willcutus!
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Paladin Strategy Guide
Interconnectivity Problems
MotW: SG's Rune Mod. Interesting variation of Runes, with a completely new set.
Rune Item Recipes: Create these special unique items with listed formulae!

  Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Expansion Reviews

Two reviews to report on today. Both fairly positive but a bit slim on the content:

  • XGR Gaming Review - Overall Score: 84%
  • Head 2 Head Gaming Review - Overall Score: 83%

    You can find a longer list of reviews we've gathered from around the Net over at our Expansion Reviews section.

  • Mod of the Week

    Red Death is back this week with a report on Sir General's Runes Mod. A mod which should please those looking to play around with their item collection in an innovative way. Here's a quick cut from this week's MotW:
    This mod revolves around a new set of runes, which when transmuted with an item in the horadric cube (which is now granted at the game's start) add a set bonus to that item. This allows for 'Item growth' where keeping an item and buffing it over time is rewarded.

      Tuesday, August 14, 2001

    Paladin Strategy Guide

    Prospective as well as current Paladin players will be especially content with our new Avenger Guide for the Paladin class. This extensive guide describes the development of an Avenger Paladin through the combination of the Vengeance and Conviction skills. Moreover, it walks the player through specific equipment usage, skill & stat point allocation, monster strategies, mercenary usage, and even provides tips on getting him through Nightmare/Hell/Hardcore modes. If that's not enough to fill your plate, a critical analysis of the character sub-class tops off the guide at the end.

      Monday, August 13, 2001 Interconnectivity Problems

    Two Status posts and one Tech Support post detail the problems that have been going on with Realm interconnectivity. Here's the most recent:
    Recently connectivity between the Gateways(Europe, USEast, and USWest) has been very poor especially during peak hours of play. This loss in connectivity can lead to unfortunate consequences, such as the loss of an account. See the Technical Support forum post about Invalid Password Errors for more details.

    Due to this the gateways have been disconnected.

    Technical Support is still offered on from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and again from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time. Due to the gateways being disconnected you will need to connect to the USWest Realm to chat with the Technical Support Representatives.

    -Blizzard Support

      Sunday, August 12, 2001

    More Expansion Reviews

    Two reviews to report on today. Both of these are relatively old, but positive:

  • MacGamez Review (Mac Platform) - Overall Score: 4.5/5
    Quote: ...a well-conceived spin-off expansion set from the excellent Diablo II series.
  • Khabal Gaming Review - Overall Score: 7.5/10
    Quote: This expansion breathes new life into an [aging] game...
    Courtesy of Blue's.

  • Ask Gheed

    What better way to shatter a quiet Sunday than with loud mouth Gheed? This week, roundboy tackles topics ranging from limericks to Stone of Jordan trading - and even manages to toss a few ill-willed words at Alkor. All that and more at this week's Ask Gheed.

      Friday, August 10, 2001

    More Realm News

    Two new forum posts have surfaced at Blizzard. One of which deals with Asia 3 maintenance, and the other an account accessibility error. Here's the Asia Realm post:
    The Diablo II Realm Asia 3 will be shutdown for maintenance at 8 AM Seoul time (UTC +8) Saturday August 11th. This work will take approximately one hour to complete.

    -The Team
    And the account problem post:
    We have become aware of an issue that can cause two different accounts with the same name to appear on multiple realms. In these instances, it can make the account inaccessible by giving an invalid password message when attempting to log on. We are investigating this issue. If you believe that your account has been affected, please fill out the web form here.

    -Blizzard Support

    Random Bits

    Two reviews to speak of today. Here they are in no particular order whatsoever:

  • Adrenaline Vault Review - Overall Score: 4/5 Stars
    Quote: While far more action-oriented than plot-laden, Diablo II continued to be absorbing long after the initial marathon sessions had ended...
  • PC Gameplay UK Review - Overall Score: 6/10
    Quote: If you loved Diablo and Diablo 2 you’ll love this as well, if only for the sense of completion that it provides.
    Next on the agenda is a recent Blizzard Support post dealing with low frame-rates on Macs. Read below:
    We are looking into reports of low frame rates with the expansion set and Diablo II v1.08.

    Please use the information listed [here] to configure your computer and the game.

    -- Blizzard Entertainment Support Team

  • Blizzard to Attend Electronics Events

    As announced on the official Blizzard Entertainment and Battle.Net web sites yesterday, representatives from the organization will be attending the SIGGRAPH 2001 technology conference. This event, over a six day span, will be held inside the Los Angeles Convention Center between August 12-17. Find out more information at the event's official web site.

    Even more exciting is a little something called ECTS 2001, in the first week of September (2nd-4th). At this year's European Computer Trade Show and in the event's main hall, Blizzard Entertainment will reveal two of the projects that it's kept painfully secret for some time now. According to GameSpyDaily, Blizzard plans to have two press conferences on the first day. What will they be? We can't wait to find out!

      Thursday, August 9, 2001

    Quick Tips

    All Quick Tips sections have been updated once again. Head to your character's section for the new fan tips:

  • Assassin Quick Tips
  • Druid Quick Tips
  • Amazon Quick Tips
  • Barbarian Quick Tips
  • Necromancer Quick Tips
  • Paladin Quick Tips
  • Sorceress Quick Tips

  • Expansion Guide

    The folks at GameSpot have put up their very own guide to Lord of Destruction, which covers anything from a basic overview of the expansion set to Assassin and Druid-specific strategies. In traditional GameSpot fashion, it's quite extensive - and is offered in downloadable PDF format.

    Tristram Minstrel

    The Minstrel staff is back at it this week with another edition of the Tristram Minstrel. Seems Mephisto is back in the news again and in trouble with the law for operating a shoddy drug-dealing scheme. Read the full story for the dirty details.

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