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  • [E]Motion Detectors - "jennifer lopez" – ���� Chris Udoh has been one of Philadelphia's most prolific producers since forming the Wamdue Kidz collective with Chris Brann and Deep C in the early '90s. His career behind the wheels of steel has been equally as fruitful, with regul...
  • Worship Recordings - "jennifer lopez" –     Pick up (or download) a Worship Recordings release and you will be treated to the best in dubbed-out-deep-disco-garage-house. Label boss Rob Paine is also half of Kidz On Christian Street (with Chris Udoh ), and h...
  • Divine Conception - "jennifer lopez" – ���� Divine Conception = Rob Paine . For a full, uncensored bio on Rob Paine click here . ���� "Just You and Me" features the soulful vocals of dub poet extraordinaire, Jai-Ali . His soothing tones are thickly spread over a warm d...
  • Edie Sedgwick - "jennifer lopez" –      Edie Sedgwick is as much a platform for ambiguous postmodern musings about the culture of a celebrity as it is a rock band. Correction: Edie Sedgwick can be a platform for ambiguous postmodern musings about the c...
  • Ashley Stove - "jennifer lopez" – ���� After almost a decade of struggling through relative obscurity and countless lineup adjustments, Raleigh, North Carolina's Ashley Stove have developed into a solid, agreeable guitar-pop band. Their sunny sound's not overly ambitious, wh...
  • Brian and Chris - "jennifer lopez" –      Bay Area duo-turned-quartet Brian and Chris certainly put a premium on variety; if eclecticism were a quantifiable and traded commodity, they would be rich, rich men. Together, percussionist/programmer Brian Fraser ...
  • Elysian Fields - "jennifer lopez" –      Elysian Fields chose well when picking out their name. The New York duo makes music that hints obliquely at some distant mythopoeic paradise, while persistently reminding you how far from such a place you really are ...
  • Viva Recordings - "jennifer lopez" – Seattle's Viva Recordings is the first label in the Viva Record Co. family. Founded in '98 by Jon Lemmon , the label made an instant impact on the house scene with releases from Chris Simmonds ( Cross Section ), Rick Wade , Rick Presto...
  • The Rock A Teens - "jennifer lopez" –      They've come from a place called Cabbagetown, in Georgia, these strange, sad men called the Rock*A*Teens , to share their pathos and pain and grim, wry humor with you through the strange and wonderful medium of rock a...

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Check latest prices on ‘jennifer lopez’ CDs with mySimon, a CNET Networks Company
Search the Web for ‘jennifer lopez’ MP3s with CNET

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