Million Marijuana March in New York City
Saturday, May 6th, 2000

These pictures were taken on Broadway, near the Financial District, with a really crappy camera.
But at least loved ones and enemies can see even from a distance.
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It's a war, alright!

What on earth are these?

Intimidation as a form of art.

The NYPD tried hard! But ... here they come!

You can't really see it in this picture, but the crowd
is completely enveloped by police on foot and on motor vehicles!

The anti-Giuliani sentiment was obvious immediately (above and below).
Pick up a
flyer that was passed around about the mayor of New York.

"248 joints ...". Check out the
sticker that was given out at the march.

A confiscation ...

... and an arrest: "Peddling without lisence".

Hiding the banner on purpose (no doubt) for most of the march ...

... here it is! Cures Not Wars! They produced a lovely
poster for this international event.

Three on one??!! Three armed ones with guns and clubs just to arrest a peaceful young woman in sandals?

No victim, no crime! Gestapo Go Home!

I could not restrain my self on this one.
Four policepersons were in the paddywagon with her.
I inquired about the reason for the arrest.
The policeman in the circle answered to me that he did not know,
and that "they must have something on her"!
He also said that he did not know where she was taken!
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Posted May 29th, 2000 by kannabios