The Saga Continues

I've not had time to write up the story yet so for the moment some letters and odd bits and pieces.
On the scheduled day of the trial yet another misrepresentational phone call.At least this time recorded on tape.Who do these morrons think they're sparring with.The caller making out they were trying to contact a Peter Nutting one time player with Winchester City Football Club by phoning around all the P Nuttings in the phone book.So yet another disproving exercise.From Hampshire Football Association I get a phone number of a Winchester City club official.He has never heard of a player called Nutting.I phone the five P. Nutting listed in the phone book but of course the caller had not phoned any of them including the 2 nearer than myself.The pratt didn't cover his tracks by phoning the others listed.
One piece of useful advice courtesy of the CPS.In law I am perfectly entitled to contact either Fian Dawson or Naomi Dawson as legally I am the biological father of both.Their mother and by implication Kelvin Dawson admitted to perjury concerning the registration of birth of Naomi.Fian Dawson was registered illegitimate and I am the only one to have presented forensically admissable evidence as to his paternity.It is up to Fian ,Kelvin or relatives of the murdered Mervyn Frank Clarke or any other person sexually involved with the mother to present evidence.And I thought it was necessary to go to court to present the case.
If I had taken the advice of my solicitor and 2 of his senior partners who were going along with the CPS I could have been in prison now.
The local police are running away from me.I meet up with the WPC who had warned (sorry "advised") me in May 2000.She visibly flinched and if she had not been holding on to a stalled car on a slight incline with a broken hand brake she would have run off I think.I visit the local police station on a totally mundane matter.On going through the main door 3 coppers I have not seen before were busy in conversation at the desk.They immediately break off conversation on seeing me, one beefy plain clothes CID runs out of one door and another uniformed copper shoots out another door.Leaving a very nonplussed youngster at the desk to deal with my query.I am beginning to see why 5 Salisbury solicitors would not handle my defense.
There is probably a guiding principle for solicitors;- don't shit in your own back-yard.The first Salisbury solicitor was quite happy to act for me until I told him of the other solicitor in a practise in the same street in Salisbury who was acting for Stella CONSTANT and the smashed window.Neither of us could understand why the mental health act had not kicked-in with Stella CONSTANT.She had obviously mis-instructed this solicitor.In this small hours MPD violent personality she would have absolutely no recollection of any window smashing she is as removed from it as if it had been committed by someone else.I can only assume he accessed a solicitor's grapevine and smelled corruption and ditched me in the direction of another Salisbury solicitor,but none of them would touch me.Settlement of the claim for the broken window almost by return of post with no quibbling about the amount is otherwise alien to solicitor's nature.They would only advice to get a Hampshire solicitor and try and get the whole case removed out of the Wiltshire area.The bugbear there was that all 120 ,yes repeat,120 pages of all the witness statements would have to be re-transcribed and re-typed.One county's CPS is not transferable to another county's CPS.The only way to get any response out of the Wiltshire senior Crown Prosecutor was to physically go to Salisbury Magistrates and get them to plug a phone into a socket in the court-room and in a court environment speak to him by phone.

I know nothing about the operational criteria for social services but I can see one reason for the amount of major cock-ups.An overriding precept must surely be that in any dispute where there are allegations and counter allegations it must be obvious there are lies coming from at least one side.Whether it is a family being investigated or one of their own number surely social services should tend to come down on the side with independent third-party corroboration and hard documentary evidence.

Letter To Ms Middleton 30 May 2000 The enclosed is an expose of a Stella Maria DAWSON nee CONSTANT of 4 Nelson Rd, Salisbury believed to be a social worker for Salisbury District Council.She has recently taken to stalking me ,witnessed by 5 independent people.This culminated in an act of criminal damage,estimated value approximately 700, witnessed by 2 independent people.She will probably be arrested for this act.Assuming it was a "cry for help" it will not be on my conscience if she commits suicide.See (page 16) of the enclosed [printed version of "Oh what a Tangled Web We Weave"].I infrormed her close family of her likely condition and prognosis re suicide,last year.Hampshire police officers PC -, PC -, WPC - and PC - are all aware in case you think I'm a deluded nutter.To decipher the enclosed * .This woman is intent on destroying her own family and I do not like the idea of her being in a position to destroy other people's families as well. (page 8)

To the Director of Wiltshire Social Services 06 March 2001 Dear Dr Jones I am aware of the farrago concerning a Keith Andrews "Marquis St. Ledger" onetime of your employ. The following is an expose of two more miscreants in your employ.The prime offender is a Stella Maria CONSTANT, of 4 Nelson Rd,Salisbury (verified) and her protector a John Barton STODDART,of 1 Shaftsbury Rd,Barford St.Martin, Wilts (not verified).Both employed at Salisbury Social Services.These 2 have conspired with 6 others in an attempt to prosecute the whistleblower. The CPS discontinuance notice ,copy, is enclosed - too much corrupted evidence/ statements.How Stella Constant was ever allowed to be a social worker is beyond me.She named her daughter after - - - who was into witchcraft and child abuse. The male partner of this older Naomi (full name and current address known to the writer) was a - - -. This man killed himself and their son - - - on or before 11 March,1978.He was facing prosecution for the most serious and gross sexual abuses against children.
On a more disciplinary matter on the 17 November 1996 S.M. CONSTANT divulged to me details of an ongoing social work investigation before it was made public.I am nothing to do with social work.This concerned multigenerational child sexual abuse in Winterslow,Wilts. S.M. Constant on numerous times harassed me by phone (tape copies available) waking me in the early hours of the morning.On 3 Oct 1999 I had a conversation with a team leader social worker I happen to know in Hampshire.I was concerned about this apparantly rogue social worker.He informed me there were sufficient checks and balances ,principly,all major decisions would go before a line manager before acted on.I let this obviously abberant behaviour ride but after she smashed the 10 foot by 6 foot window on 28th May 2000 I sent a letter to Lyn Middleton of Salisbury Social Services about this woman.Instead of doing anything about this psychotic woman I as the whistleblower was prosecuted instead.
Criminal matters concerning S.M. CONSTANT are:- Perjury (admitted in her police statement of 14 AP 2000).Conspiracy with one other to perjure.Proveable (documentary) false statements to police on 14 Ap and 22 Aug 2000.Complicity with police to have 3 pages removed from this 22 Aug statement.Malicious prosecution in a conspiracy with 7 others.Defamement about myself to my daughter.Mental / emotional cruelty to her own children and family.Murder in 1977 (Southampton CID are still reinvestigating this unsolved murder so cannot give any more detail). Stalking (admitted on her 22 Aug statement),physical harassment and criminal damage [also attempted breaking and entering which I had overlooked in this letter] all 3 relating to Hampshire Police crime reference 008089/00 and prosecution.This psychotic behaviour was witnessed by 2 independent neighbours.
In comparison John Barton STODDART has only submitted proveably false evidence against me,namely letter JBS1. JBS1 is not my handwriting or my signature. Instead of investigating an obviously derranged employee he did actively engage in prosecuting the whistleblower.Now any police cases involving uncorroborated evidence from either of these two social workers at any time in their careers immediately become suspect.As there is obvious collusion / corruption / incompetance to a high level in Wiltshire Social Services copies of this letter have been circulated to other parties.All statements and the background story are on the internet on and .../nutteing.htm.All documentary and physical evidence which would have been presented in court is available for perusal.

His reply dated 08 March 2001 Dear Mr Nutteing I have received your letter dated 6 March.I have copied your letter to Mr Stoddart and I am asking that he refer it to the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service as continuing evidence of potential harassment.Yours sincerely sig.Dr Ray Jones Director of Social Services cc John Stoddart

This threat cannot be actioned because the CPS cannot take such a pile of obviously perjurous statements to court.This threatening letter from the director will be added to the other evidence concerning misfeasance (abuse of public office).

So I am now at war with the whole of Wiltshire Social Services and their determination in misfeasance.

I sent a letter to the Divisional Commander of Salisbury Police concerning the tampered-with statement of 22 August last year.
I received a far from adequate reply that did not address my query.
From A.E. Dale,Senior Prosecutions Examiner,Divisional Headquarters,Salisbury
I refer to your letter dated 27th March 2001.
I have reviewed the original statements made by Stella Maria CONSTANT on 22nd August 2000.I can confirm that this statement consists of two pages only.

In reply to a letter I sent to a section of the Army where I had informed them of an auditor for the MOD who had knowingly made a proveably false statement to police.
From F.J.Mason,Detective Inspector,MOD police,CID,HMNB,Portsmouth
I refer to your letter dated 7 March 2001 addressed to _ _ _ which has been passed to my office.The content of your correspondence and the Wiltshire Constabulary Charge Sheet enclosed,appear to relate to a harassment enquiry conducted by that Police Force.Any allegations connected with that enquiry should be addressed to Wiltshire Constabulary.

Letter to Prof. Economides,Law Faculty,Exeter University
Containing an audio cassette copy of the phone call from Fian Dawson one of his students,04 Sept 1999,starting at 00.37 hours.For legal reasons (1953 Post Office Communications Act) I had to bleep-out the swearing.The content does not square with his police statement of 4/11/2000.What an extrordinary way to start a legal career.

To the manager of a London company 15 March 2001 Dear Sir/Madam On 30 Jan 2000 I received an e-mail from address which I assume belongs to a Naomi Leafe-Marie Constant/Dawson.It was not offensive as such but did confirm the malicious nature of herself and her 7 co-conspirators in prosecution of me. Since 3 March 2001 the CPS has had to drop the case against me because there was just too much false evidence and testimony to proceed with the case.I am now legally in the position where I can reply.On 8 March 2001 I received a phonecall from Leafe.Because of all the false statements made against me any communication with any of these 8 has to be in writing.I told Leafe to put whatever she had to say in writing to me.As she hasn't I have to assume the content would have been malicious.
[ I will not get into circular arguments with any one of these people.Everything has to be evidence based as far as I am concerned.And I will not transcribe any more of their tosh coming to me by phone.]
N.L.Constant although made false statements in her 4 Nov 2000 statement to police they are not of sufficient gravitas to warrant counter action for perjury unlike most of the other conspirators. N.L. Constant could not have had knowledge of my phone number (via the CLI {1471}) before Sept 8,1996 because I did not know their number before 5 November 1996 let alone ever phoning it.She is still trying to cover-up the identity of her informant about my name / phone-number.

Rogues Gallery

 NL Dawson
The above pictures show Naomi Leafe Dawson and a picture of someone (before she started lying) she referred to as being identical to her brother - a teenage picture of myself..
There follows what can only barely be called a series of communications between myself and ex-daughter.Apart from anything else it shows what psychiatrists term folie à deux or Shared Psychiatric Disorder.Or should that read folie à huit as it was eight people in a conspiracy to maliciously prosecute me.More properly it is representative of folie à famille. Quote from the Journal of Comprehensive Psychiatry 1985,Mar-APR,Arthur Lazarus quoting Dewhurst and Todd
"..criteria generally regarded as prerequisite for the diagnosis of folie a deux: (1) evidence that the partners have been intimately associated, (2) identical or near identical delusional content and (3) acceptance,support and sharing of each others' delusional ideas."
Also "the dominnant partner's delusions are continually reinforced by a kind of feedback mechanism due to the incessant echoing of her beliefs by the weaker member"
It is also probably demonstrative of PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome her deliberate and proveably false statements to police picked out below are symptomatic of this condition.

^ To Paul
^ I didn't call you the other night to say anything malicious. I just want
^ to say that I am going travelling and beg you to stop all this internet stuff.
^ I am so tired of all this and I feel you have proved your point. I am 24
^ now and this has been going on for years. I just want to leave and know that
^ things are O.K.
^ Please I am begging you, take all the private information off the
^ internet.If you care about me at all then please do this for me.
^ Leafe

How dare you blame me for dragging things out for years.I wanted it sorted out in 1997 but you dragged that evil bitch of a mother into things.Of course things aren't OK if that bastard and her co-conspirators had got her way then I might be in prison now and a large fine.That could well have been the result if I had gone along with the advice of my solicitor and 2 of his senior partners in one of the city's most respected criminal law practices.July 21,1999 I said I would be taking all this into the public realm.Everyone had their opportunity to stop me.Their wish for going public was reconfirmed by their taking it all to court.I have not proved my point.I have assembled all the evidence available to me from both sides,the proving would have been in open court.Just be grateful your lie in your police statement concerning how you found my name and phone number is not as serious to constitute perjury as your other conspirators have done.Of your extended family only the two sisters acquitted themselves with any honour.I can only assume that as they are both medically trained they picked up on the dyschondrosteosis stuff and stayed well clear of conspiracy.I have been hardened-up too much being forced to deal with you bastards to take any notice of moral blackmail.Putting all this stuff in the public domain is one of the few protections I have against corrupt practices.There are probably other people in the Salisbury area stiched up by these 2 dangerous social workers.I am obliged to correct any transcription errors that I have made typing up all the tosh from you lot.Please inform me of any such errors concerning the prosecution statements.

^ There is no reason to be nasty to me!
^ I have not lied to the police, that is exactly how I found your number and
^ name. I have no reason to lie over such a trivial matter. I am not a liar
^ and resent you calling me one. I have never been nasty to you or caused
^ trouble for you. I will ask you again to take all that stuff from the
^ internet, it is private and not for any wierdo to read.
^ Do you remember me begging you not to tell my family about my
^ paternity-well you went ahead anyway. I want it to stop now, everyone knows and I see
^ that your job is done now. I refuse to let this nonsense go on any longer and
^ want to know if there is anything I can do to help.
^ All this nastiness has had a terrible impact on me and my brothers life
^ and wish that we could all put this behind us. None of this is our fault.

This is quoted from your statement
"On my return from "storming out" I saw my mum hang up the telephone,I was suspicious because it was late.After she'd left the room I [did -struck out ND] dialled[caretted] 1471 and noted the number had a * code.I suspected my mum had been speaking to Paul.I looked in my mum's telephone book and noted down Paul's telephone number - I never told mum or dad that I had done this."
This event was before 8 Aug 1996 (your first call to me).I did not know your Nelson Rd number until 5 Nov 1996.That bitch never ever phoned me before 5 Nov 1996 at any time going right back to 1975 and I never phoned her at any time back to the 70s.I think their Middle Woodford number was in the book but I never phoned there even the weekend I stayed there.Incidentally ,countering the statement of Honoria Constant, I met her then and also once when she visited 200 Empress Rd.If my number was in some book of your mothers a) It would not baldly state Paul Nutteing 01962 * it would be codified at least to just "P" and no need to mention 01962 b) I imagine there would be something like 10 * numbers in that book c) The only reason for it being there was if she was my phantom silent phone pest over a few years in the 80s early 90s. d) When you phoned me the first time you were absolutely certain of my identity.One of the biggest weirdos I have come across is your mother- its disgusting how she had no consideration for her own kids.All the internet stuff stays there until someone confirms your statement in writing to me that I am "lying and deluded" via proper documentary evidence.I repeat for the umpteenth time all that was required now as back in 1997 was an exchange of letters between GPs confirming blood-groups.A perfectly reasonable procedure in the circumstances.I still have had no explanation why KD Dawson is not down as father in Fian's birth registration.If that dangerous nutter still thinks the murdered Mervyn Frank Clarke is his father then someone should remind her he was murdered on 24 Dec 1977 and count the weeks to 27 Oct 1978.I was living with that woman between June 1977 and the first week of June 1978

^ I feel as if you are making a mountain out of a mole hill-which isn't even there!
^ I will tell you again-I HAVE NOT LIED TO YOU OR THE POLICE. I have never
^ once lied to you, and I am very tired of you trying to tell me otherwise.
^ I expect this to be the end of this nonsense once and for all. To be
^ I will ask you again, will you please take everything off the internet?
^ Also, if you reply could you refrain from swearing-I find it very distasteful
^ and irrelevant.
^ Thank you

I repeat I did not know your mother's phone number before 5 November 1996. You cannot have dialled 1471 at any time before that to find my phone-number or me phoning from any Winchester number.This is just your first lie.Then you say I was expecting your call the first time you phoned me-another lie.Your first phonecall was totally out of the blue.Show me the letters that I was "writing to everyone in Leicester" Where is the evidence I went checking your "credit history".
[She also lied about letters I was supposed to be sending to her via Salisbury and lying that she divulged her Salisbury home phone number and address in her first phone call to me on August 08,1996 ]
You have obviously inherited from your mother the capacity for pathological lying to suit your own purpose and cannot even see it when you are caught out lying-a signature of pathological lying.Just be grateful these lies are not of sufficient gravitas to add you to the charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.All sorts of people lie for all sorts of reasons but an inability to recognise it and covering up with yet more lies points to much deeper problems.The only time i lied to you was ,laughably, i was trying to disguise your mother's promiscuous behaviour.I knew i was lying (misdirecting actually,failing to add pertinent detail) when i wrote it at the time.When i was caught out lying there was no point in denying it.

^ Why send that last email back to me-I am not interested and you are
^ talking nonsense.
^ ABOUT-Not your insane ramblings!!!

Fulminate as much as you like but I don't get into circular arguments with you lot.Only proper evidence wil sway me.I would have thought by now you would know that lies,perjury,conspiracy,intimidation,threats and violence do not get anywhere with me.You still have not presented any evidence to counter my "insane ramblings" or substantiate that I am "lying and deluded".

^ Nice to see how you view me-a pathalogical liar. Doesn't seem to matter
^ what I say, you are conviced of that-well so be it. I know the truth and that
^ is all that counts, how you view me is of no matter too me.
^ I will ask you one last time-will you take all the stuff off the internet?????????????
^ If you do not answer my question, I will not contact you again.

I quote from your mother's statement "In 1995 [a member of the family -struck out SMC] LEAFE found out that Kelvin was not her biological Father,and queried this with me.I gave LEAFE the "basic" details of her Father,Paul NUTTEING and the reasons she was brought up as Kelvin's child.LEAFE accepted this and made no mention of her intentions to contact him.I did not know Paul's address at this time as we had not kept in touch." Unfortunately on this occassion I believe your mother as she had not kept in contact and had no reason to lie about knowing where I lived.She would never record any details about me that could be discovered by Fian or yourself nosing around.My name and address has always been in the phone book since first going on the phone in 1979.On the other hand it would be very difficult for KD Dawson at all times while at home make sure that his blood group,diclosed on his military pass,could not be discovered.

^ There is clearly no point in corresponding with you, you are clearly insane.
^ I think you have a very evil mind and you desperately need psychiatric help.
^ Unfortunately nobody cares about you enough to insist on you doing this. I
^ feel very sorry for you, there is * . Everybody ignores your letters
^ as it is clear to anyone who reads your letters that you are mad!!
^ Everyone is laughing at you behind your back, and you are too deluded to see
^ it. Everyone who as ever received one of your letters or read your *
^ are convinced you need help, you are so pathetic.
^ I am laughing at you, mum is laughing at you, my dad, all my friends, social
^ services even the police are laughing at you!!!
^ Your embarrassed biological daughter

^ You bang on about wanting evidence, well the evidence speaks for its self:
^ that everything you have ever written or published has no construction and
^ is basically 'insane ramblings'!!
^ As far as dad not being on Fians birth certificate -IT IS SOOOOO OBVIOUS.
^ You think you are so clever but everyone with half a brain knows that if you
^ are not married the father has to be present-otherwise you could name the
^ pope if you wanted too. Now on that day (you have 6 weeks to do this min) my
^ dad couldn't be there and therefore could not legally be put on the birth
^ certificate. Everybody knows that and again you are making a fool out of
^ yourself.
^ I have shown so many people all the letters and the internet stuff-and they
^ all worry about your mental state. Which is quite ironic really coz you
^ don't stop banging on about mum's mental state-but then she is not
^ * . Have you ever wondered why nobody replies to your
^ letters, well pure and simply they think you are insane and want to steer
^ clear.
^ I have never known anyone as deluded as you, but then I have a sneaking
^ suspicion that you know there is something wrong with you but you are too
^ scared to face it-am I right Paul? Do you really think that the way you
^ * , the way you talk are signs of a normal person-NO!!!!
^ You are the next best thing to a tramp living on the street.
^ Your increasingly embarrassed biological daughter

Don't lecture me about Registry Office matters.When your mother registered Fian she (by law) would have been given a statutory declaration form (form 16) for KD Dawson to fill in.This has been the case since the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953 ,Sections 10 and 10A.Any father abroad would have to go before a JP,commissioner for oaths etc ,fill in the form and post back to the UK."In the case of the father who is a member of Her Majesty's Forces serving abroad,the authorities before whom the statutory declaration may be made include any officer who holds a rank not below that of Major".And posted back to the UK registry office.After their marriage in 1981 KD Dawson should have filled out form LA1 "Application by the natural parents for the re-registration of their child's birth following the parent's marriage".He has not done so and cannot do so because in great big print at the bottom of the form WARNING: ANY PERSON WHO DELIBERATELY GIVES FALSE INFORMATION FOR THE REGISTRATION OF A BIRTH MAY BE PROSECUTED.Until he does so KD Dawson is not Fian's legal father.
Should you wish to change your birth registration details then it is a matter of contacting
Corrections Service
ONS Smedley Hydro
Trafalgar Rd
As a succinct portrayal of most aspects of this business without getting bogged down with all the written evidence of perjury etc,is the following.On 01 Nov 2000 after the court case against me had nominally started I checked the CLI (1471) on my home phone.Someone with a Salisbury phone number had tried waking me in the middle of the night.I faxed the OIC at Salisbury Police in these words that that evil bitch Stella Constant had been harassing me again.I got a stern phone call back from this CID officer.Stella Constant vehemently denied making any call and demanded that Salisbury Police find out how I got hold of this woman's new,changed,ex-directory phone number.
[This is the MPD / fugue state at this time of night where she is split away from the usual self.She has absolutely no recollection of whatever she does in this state including the reason for bruised toes from kicking things or people]
I recorded the BT CLI on tape saying " telephone number 01722 5065.. called on the first of November at 01.31 hours " and sent a copy to Salisbury Police.This officer sheepishly phoned back enquiring what I was going to do about this latest matter.I said as long as it was on record for the forthcoming court case then that was as far as I was taking it.So in one minor exchange involving minimal but irrifutable evidence this woman has shown that
1) She has a mental health problem
2) Is unlikely to be allowed to work closely with Salisbury Police on any social services matter
3) Prejudiced any court case against me and involving the veracity of her testimony in court.
One of the people i have kept informed about all this is a team leader * section of social services.We happen to have known one another since about 1972.

^ You are sick in the head, you desperately need help!!

^ Maybe you would like to give me the telephone number of this social worker
^ you know-I would like to talk to him.If he is such a * then I think
^ that would be a good idea-that is if you have nothing to hide.

The social worker is * on *.I talked to him today so he is aware of your suggestion.He is at home this weekend and Mon to Fri after 6pm.The other person is * on * ,long term friend since 1970 or so.We lived in the same house for 3 years.Both these names and phone numbers are for you only ,not to be relayed to your mother or anyone else.

^ I may well not be using these numbers as I am flying out on Wednesday. I
^ will not be near a computer-hopefully therefore will not contact you again.
^ Farewell

Going by your recent groundless diatribe you have turned into a carbon copy of your mother.The more public exposure of such a dangerous family then the better.I do not have the imagination to dream up what is otherwise such an unlikely story.If you want to go along with maintaining your mother's fiction with no evidential backing then more fool you.

Another Transcribed Telephone Call

Starting at 00.38 on 8 July 1997
Paul_____ You've just woken me up - who's this
Stella___ Hello,Paul,it's Stella here,did you get my messages
P_ Well the lights blinking but I haven't listened yet
S_ Well OK,I've left several messages and I think you know why don't you
P_ Nothing particular
S_ Well I think so Paul.think back
P_ Sorry
S_ I said I think so,think back
P_ What about
S_ You went round to see _ at the weekend [ A now ex-friend of Stella's]
P_ _.oh yeah,yeah
S_ She told you that she would ring me
P_ Yeah
S_ And tell me what it was all about ,so what is going on
P_ Well I just want to get some outside independent thought on these things
S_ Right,so why have you got yourself,I've been talking to Leafe,so wound up about these things.
P_ Well no one is telling me anything so..
S_ Well you haven't asked
P_ Well you didn't explain the last time I brought things up with you
S_ Well how long ago was that,about 20 odd years ago
P_ No about 6..5 months ago or something
S_ When I came down to see you
P_ Look its quite straightforward,are you denying that we lived together ,while Fian was conceived
S_ Yes but I happen to know that...
P_ Are you denying that
S_ Paul,no I'm not denying that
P_ Right OK
S_ I can tell you
P_ That's a start
S_ (huff) ,I can tell you that Fian isn't yours alright
P_ Lets carry on this line ..carry on this line OK.You're not denying we had sex together round about the time Fian was conceived.
S_ No,er um well no actually we didn't have sex together about the time Fian was conceived,that's why I am so sure
P_ Well there's not much point in talking to you any more
S_ Well what,what makes you think that Fian is actually yours,I've never actually claimed that he was.
P_ Look this conversation is ridiculous
S_ Well yes,I can agree but it obviously has to be sorted out but my concern is for Fian
P_ Well yes
S_ Both my children actually because Leafe is quite upset as well
P_ I'm not surprised
S_ And you've disconcerted _ somewhat by turning up at her home.Paul , what's the matter
P_ I can't see much point in carrying on this conversation.Whatever you're saying is at complete variance to what I'm saying
S_ Well what are you saying ,I don't really know what...
P_ I'm saying ,I'm quite prepared to say at this moment that Fian could be Kelvin's or could be mine.All I would like to know ,how you could be sure but you're saying that we didn't even have sex together, which is plain ridiculous , at the time he was conceived
S_ Not at that particular time.How do you think I am so sure.Look,you know, you're a male while I'm female,Paul,there's the difference.We know the difference, OK,we know about when we are fertile our cycle etc.And so I happen to know,I wasn't sure about Leafe,um but um I know,that I know that she was yours ,right . By cycles ant times of the month and all those sorts of things
P_ You..I can't believe that you can be that accurate
S_ Um excuse me ,but it can be extremely accurate,you're taking the usual male view that women can't possibly know.And I'm sorry but women can possibly know like I know when I was expecting twins,or any doctor can..
P_ You reckon you can tie it down to plus or minus a day or so
S_ I can actually tie it down to a time,I can actually tie it down to a particular incident in both cases,yes I can,and I think you can find most women can do that
P_ Well I'll take advice on this,I've never heard of this before
S_ Paul what you think,what will you achieve by this um
P_ I'm going to hang up this phone now,I don't want you phoning again
S_ Paul,I tell you if you cause my son trouble,my son will destroy you, not me,my son .You've not met my son ,you've not been in contact with him
P_ No
S_ Have you
P_ No
S_ My son is a very different kettle of fish from Leafe and I advice you to be aware ,you're dealing with a,if you mix with him you're dealing with an extremely [?] eighteen-year-old.He doesn't suffer fools gladly and you will be in a whole bundle of trouble if you try and contact him.I can assure you not from me but from him
P_ OK,fair enough
P_ He is not Leafe,Leafe feels sorry for people,Leafe gets involved,Leafe goes off on her own little ways.Fian is not your son,number one.I don't know how much plainer I can make it than that,he isn't your son.If you get in contact with him you will have a whole bunch of trouble.Fian does not like people who cross him.
P_ Fair enough
S_ He's a business man in his own little right.He's only 18 and has just made 1000 on a venue he's just organised,he's off to India to do voluntary work, he's just done his "A" levels ,he's projected 3 "A" "A" levels,and that's in art subjects ,not pissey fucking science subjects which any moron ,if he put his mind to it...
P_ Look I'm going to put the phone down ,there's no point in talking to you any more..

Copy of this (part) sound recording 142K

[Compare this reference to "A" level grades to the testimony of FG Dawson.This woman in dissociation has total unawareness (fugue/amnesia) for the content of her speech and actions in this "alter personality".When reference to such conversations get back to her the only way she can react to them is that this info has come by subterfuge.The other way of dealing with it is saying it is rumour with absolutely no awareness that she is the rumour monger.]
S_ Look come on you're dealing with a whole different ballgame mate,OK, and you want to be really careful
P_ OK I'm putting the phone down now
S_ I'll tell you another thing,you have no legal right to Fian or Leafe come to that.You are dependent on their good will and I should listen to what _ told you about the whole situation.
P_ Yes I did it was quite interesting
S_ Good,I'm glad that you did because you should do because you're acting so selfishly.All you can think of is your hatred for me which has obviously sustained you through the years.Leafe has said that you have tried to manipulate me..her to hate me.And of course it just won't wash.Another thing she knows what I'm about and you are a stranger and you don't realise it but you've picked the wrong sort of tack.I don't know why you hate me so much. OK,I was a pain in the arse when I was younger,I'll acknowledge that, I recognise that,but why do you have to do this.I just don't understand it Paul. I just don't understand it ,rally I don't
P_ OK you've had your say now is that all?
S_ Why are you doing this ,do tell me
P_ I'd just like the record go straight that's all
S_ But it isn't straight is it
P_ No I know it's not
S_ But it..what your saying to my daughter isn't straight ,it's a biased view of how I was then.But that isn't how I've been since.
P_ I've no idea what you're like now
S_ And it's a biased view anyway,don't you see.She said that you get really upset when she stands up for you..for me.Why do you do that.Don't you want her to have a good mother ,don't you want her to have a good relationship with her mother because she does,don't you want her to.Do you want her to hate me or something because she's not going to Paul,just to satisfy you,don't you understand.I don't hate you or anything,I just don't in spite of all the trouble that you've been causing my family.I don't hate you.I just actually arm more concerned about you and Leafe's very much like this about me that she's concerned about you.But if you ..I'm warning you Paul,if you mix with Fian he's not like me and he's not like Leafe,he will destroy you love,he really will and I mean that as afriendly warning,I don't mean,beacause he will
P_ Fair enogh
S_ You know he can be an absolute little shit and is extremely fly.I've seen him reduce a grown adult to tears,yeah,I'm not sure whether real tears but a very very,you know,sussed young man and he won't take...and I'm warning to protect yourself.Why do you hate me so much,why do you, because you do don't you
P_ As far as I am concerned I don't but
S_ But you do Paul
P_ But I can see how it can be interpretted..
S_ You do see how it can be interpretted well that's a start then.Leafe said to me and I've never said anything to her about you other than,you know,I've always been very neutral about you because I thought that was the best thing,right
P_ Well I can damn myself,that's no trouble,I often do
S_ No I have,I think that you will find ,that Leafe will have said to you that..that I've always been neutral and haven't said anything bad about you.Would you disagree with that?
P_ Well she hasn't really said much about it anyway
S_ Well that's right because there hasn't been a lot to say because I've been neutral about you.I haven't said a lot of things because that was our personal relationship,it was very difficult but,I don't want to put that on her,you see what I mean?
P_ Well yes
S_ But you haven't done that ,have you,you've thought it all in how much angst I gave you and all of this stuff and as far as she sees it is you're trying to turn her against me.
P_ You're the social worker,you must be familiar with these situations before.
S_ I am
P_ I mean,that's what's bound to happen isn't it
S_ No it's not bound to happen.Not if people have good will.If people have concern about what is happening,they really are
P_ I've had 20 years to come to terms with it
S_ Yes it is,it's a very long time ago,Paul.That's what I'm trying to say to you ,why
P_ There is some things you don't forget
S_ I know it was difficult but I was just a young ,very young,messed-up woman then.I'm very different now.I was very different...
P_ Well,going by this phonecall I find that surprising
S_ Paul,I'm worried about my children
P_ That's fair enough ,yes
S_ I get a phone call from one of my friends which has concerned me a lot ,what do you expect.What do you expect really um
P_ OK is that all
S_ No I just want to know why you hate me
P_ I don't
S_ You do,you do Paul
P_ How can I prove that I don't hate you then
S_ Er,by not trying to make Leafe hate me,not that you're succeeding,which is making her unhappy.By not upsetting my child who is taking his "A" levels,he's got a good future in front of him,I don't want that messed up
P_ I've told Leafe,I'm not going to contact him because Leafe requested me not to and I'll do anything she says.I can say that to you
S_ Well good,Leafe knows that I'm her mother and I can assure you that's reasonable isn't it
P_ You don't mind odd charactersin pubs bringing up strange tittle-tattle from the past.
S_ What odd characters in pubs.I haven't met any recently.What odd characters have you come across
P_ Well,It doesn't really apply in my case but...
S_ What are you talking about
P_ I'm talking about this Michael character in Salisbury somewhere

[According to Leafe this "Michael" had taken her aside in a pub and told her something about her paternity being not what she was led to believe.Notice all mention of this "Michael " character were absent from all the prosecution statements.I now know that my daughter is a proven liar (supposed letters to Leicester and ficticious credit history checks on her in her police statement).It is even more firmly now my conjecture that Leafe fabricated this informant to disguise the real informant being one of her family friends.There were 9 people I recently contacted who were aware of the questionable paternity of Fian and Leafe in the mid 70s.Only 2 of these were of the opinion that only Kelvin could be Fian's father.Both had continuing contact with this Salisbury family.One was living in Southampton around the time Leafe was conceived but was living in the New Forest when Fian was conceived and returned to Southampton in about 1979.The other person was the one who aided and abetted S.M. Constant on the night of the window smashing.This was the same person who had identified to me the serious psychiatric episode of the father of S.M. Constant in Middle Woodford in 1984.I would consider it is just as likely for her to relay potentially devastating information back the other way,probably taking some sort of pleasure in doing so in the process]

S_ It's a bit strange Leafe and I talked it through and I haven't a clue.It's just one of those things it will always be a mystery.Well yes it's best not to worry about it unless he causes some trouble.
P_ Exactly,I mean,whoever this bloke is ,obviously knew what was going on 20 years ago and more to the point recognises Leafe and knows how to contact her in the present
S_ It's very very odd that he knows.It's certainly nobody I know of.I did know a Michael but it isn't him.It's very very few people that know of her paternity.
P_ I mean if he is someone of a dubious nature he is probably using a false name anyway
S_ Well I can't imagine,I just don't know.Leafe was getting very worried,very panicky about it.Well I don't know who it is but if it is someone,then it's one of a few number of people because very few people actually know
P_ You do see my point
S_ If it is one of those people then they're playing silly games and best just not to take any notice of it.
P_ Yes but there's people like that,take pleasure in doing that sort of thing
S_ Oh yeah,obviously the guy did take pleasure ,you know.I actually went to the pub the night after it happened to see if I could catch him because I was concerned
P_ But you see my point ,if he knows what was going on then and recognises Leafe and presumably he knew what happened in Fian's case.Whether he knows anything much about it or not I don't know.
S_ But it's always been very straightforward where Fian is concerned as no one as far as I am concerned ,nobody has ever been told about you because I knew
P_ Well it's strange you told me the opposite 20 years ago
S_ No I didn't
P_ Sort of saying things like he's got my nose and things like that
S_ No I didn't ,Paul,come on you know I didn't.That was Leafe I did.and you actually because knew she was your's and you just sort of said "oh she doesn't look a bit like Paul".And me thinking ,crap.I knew she is ,the same way I know.You're just a man .What would you know about these things anyway etc.Take it from me Paul,if Fian was yours you would know about it
P_ Well OK.I'll leave it at that for the moment but I'm not convinced
S_ Well take my word for it
P_ No,I won't take your word for it but I won't be doing anything precipitously
S_ Why not
P_ I never did then I can't see any reason to believe you now
S_ Paul ,I may have been fucked-up but essentially although I may have told lies I also essentially always told the truth
P_ Yeah,how to pick one from t'other.If someone lies you've got to be dubious about anything they say
S_ I may have lied about not important things but I usually told the truth about the important things
P_ I would have thought it was the other way round but never mind
S_ Ur,you realy do hate me ,don't you,you really do
P_ No,just remembering back ,that's all
S_ Leafe's right,Leafe's right you do hate me.Why,It's such a long time ago ,why do you still hate me.
P_ Well as far as I am concerned I don't but er..
S_ I think well,OK,you say that ,but I'm just saying that a person is not what they say but what they do.Does that make sense
P_ I'm not going to get into philosophy at this time of night ,at one o'clock in the morning.
S_ Now don't run away.You know what I'm saying that you and all the things you have done since you've been in contact with Leafe has been about getting one over on me
P_ I very much doubt it,I doubt it,but never mind
S_ I think you have.It's been extremely unpleasant.You got stroppy with Leafe when she stood up for me you know ,yes
P_ It's to be expected really in the circumstances
S_ Why,no it's not to be expected.Why can't you just be adult about this. Well,Paul,this happened 25 years ago
P_ I'm saying one thing and you're saying another
S_ My main concern now should be the children yes,yes.Why what's so wrong with that.What's so wrong with being adult about it,eh
P_ I've told you I am not going to contact Fian in the forseeable future and leave it at that
S_ I am concerned what is going on in your head,you know.I was fond of you one time and I worry about the effect you seem to have had on you that you hate me so much P_No
S_ Paul,you think about it.....[personal reminisces]...
P_ You still deny saying at one point that Kelvin was infertile
S_ Yes I deny that,yes I do
P_ That was one thing I specifically remember you saying
S_ Kelvin..when I was drunk I may have said all kinds of things,whether or not they were true or not ,of course,I cannot deny absolutely but..
P_ It would have been nice counteracting this
S_ Listen,I don't remember,I may have said all kinds of outrageous things but I was so fucked-up,this made a lot of sense to me,doesn't mean,doesn't mean that it was right and it isn't true ,let me tell you that now
P_ You told me this but you never retracted it so I had no reason to disbelieve it
[They as a couple had no children for 23 years until 1994 when it was technically possible via ICSI for someone almost 100% infertile to father children]
S_ All I can say to you is I don't remember ever having said that
P_ You said he had had tests in hospital and come back as..
S_ I only have your word for it as I don't remember
P_ But er,but er
S_ But he isn't ,Paul,OK.I don't know why I should believe what you say now, assuming you're not drunk at the moment.You know a lot of time has gone by and comeon Paul,why should I believe you for that matter
P_ Exactly
S_ Exactly,you seem to have done nothing except try to cause trouble between my daughter and I since you've got to know her.It's hardly been a pleasant experience for her
P_ It's not been a pleasant experience for me,it's not been pleasant for you
S_ Er
P_ Does Kelvin know all this yet
S_ What
P_ Are you going to tell Kelvin about this
S_ He's heard something about this of course.I'm bound by what Leafe has said or else not certain about it
P_ About the last year
[The following italicised speech is in a different voice that makes my flesh creep when I hear it ,it is probably one of the MPD characters coming to the fore.Jolting back to the usual voice when I say I will cancel the call]
S_ Are you trying to cause more trouble ,Paul
P_ No,I just hope you told him
S_ Revenge is sweet isn't it mm.You've used my daughter ,you're not a bit interested in her at all,are you,you're not a bit interested.You've just leant on it as a good excuse to have a go at making me pay for for all...
P_ I'm going to put the phone down ,now,OK
S_ Well comeon Paul,be honest with yourself once in your life
P_ OK I'm going to put the phone down and don't call me again tonight.If you want to call me then phone me at a reasonable time in the evening not in the middle of the night
S_ Come on Paul you're never in during the day
P_ Not the day,the evening
S_ You're out at the pub aren't you
P_ You can phone me between 6 and 8 any evening of the week
S_ Well I have tried between 6 and 8 but can't get hold of you
P_ Well you must have been dialling the wrong number.That's all.OK I'm puting the phone down now
S_ I think you should think about what I've been saying.A wish for revenge is not a very good way to approach children
P_ I'm putting the phone down,OK
S_ Don't you think you should be concentrating on is getting to know Leafe
P_ OK,I'm putting the phone down
End of call
BT CLI "Telephone number 01722 412... called at 00.38 hours"

So to sum up yet another non conversation with this bloody woman that gets absolutely nowhere

From Her Majesty's Coroner,K St. J. Wiseman,Director General's House,Southampton
I have now in fact been able to find the old file of my predecessor in relation to the death of Mervyn Clarke.
You have correctly indicated to me that an "Open" verdict was recorded on the basis that there did not seem to be any evidence available to assist in discovering the circumstances in which Mr. Clarke came to be found on the pavement with the head injury that caused his death.* *

Letters to Mr Golding head of mental health section of Wiltshire Social Services
and Mr J Pook,team leader over Stella Maria Constant,Wilts Social Services

This is the final chance to get any sense out of Wiltshire Social Services before I start criminal proceedings against Stella Maria CONSTANT and John Barton STODDART of Wiltshire Social Services. Charges being proveable perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Soon after I became aware of letter JBS1 I had an interview with my MP. He has been kept informed since with view to bringing in the omnbudsman. Mental health problems start in the Constant family with - - CONSTANT. Newspaper report of his sectioning in 1984 is included. His daughter is Stella Maria CONSTANT who is now causing so much mayhem. Her daughter a Naomi Leafe CONSTANT / DAWSON is now showing folie a deux. Recent e-mail "communication",copies enclosed,between myself and her show she is severely unbalanced and there should be concern for welfare. I have also enclosed a copy of a letter I sent to the Director of Wiltshire Social Services and his useless asinine reply.

Nothing ,not even acknowledgement to these letters
Letter to local social services,children and families section
There is no point in informing me this letter should be going to Wiltshire social services. I have sent letters the width and breadth of Wilts social sevices personel. In time honoured manner they tried prosecuting me as the whistleblower. Wilts CPS notice of discontinuance is enclosed. I have also enclosed copy of threatening letter ,from the director of Wilts social services,that cannot be actioned because of too much corruption in his staff;the John Stoddart,area manager, referred to ,submitted a forged letter purporting to come from me as police evidence against me for starters. I will have to bring in the omnbudsman on this misfeasance and criminal prosecutions for perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Instead of input from police and CPS it should be input from psychiatry. There is reason for concern for welfare of two twin boys of a mother who is a social worker in children and family section of Salisbury Social Services. Her name is Stella Maria Constant of 4 Nelson Rd ,Salisbury. The twins are - and - Dawson born -,-,1994. The only explanation of events since 1997 is that there are severe psychiatric problems with this family. Starting with a - - Constant whose sectioning was reported in the regional press in 1984 (copy enclosed). His daughter probably has Dissociative Identity Disorder or something similar. Her delusions written up as true statements to police in April and August 2000 now constitute perjury. She has a dangerous personality disorder that manifests itself in the early hours of the morning. Shw was arrested and prosecuted (Hampshire Police crime reference 008089/00 )for a window smashing escapade last year again at about 00.30 hours. During the working day she can function as any sane minded person. Another example of this behaviour is highlighted in yellow [her denied but conclusively evidenced phone- call to me at 01.31 on 01 Nov,2000 ]in the copies of email "communication " between myself and her daughter Naomi Leafe Dawson between 10 April and 28 April 2001. The delusions of the mother have been induced into her daughter to the extent that her daughter cannot function properly,psychiatrically this is called folie a deux . But aged 24 social services cannot have any input on that ,nor can my GP. As far as I can see my only option is to start criminal proceedings against Stella Constant,her daughter,her son Fian Dawson and her husband Kelvin Derrick Dawson for their proveably perjurous statements to police ,conspiring to malliciously prosecute me. This will long-term achieve nothing as it is psychiatric attention that should be to the fore. I have deliberately not included my phone number so that all correspondance on this matter is in writing.

Her reply
As the content refers to matters relating to Wiltshire Services ,I have forwarded your letter to Dr Ray Jones,Director of Social Services. * we have no jurisdiction to intervene in the matters raised in your letter

The first proper communication in 1 1/2 years from anyone in Wiltshire County Council
Letter dated 09 Aug 2001
Dear Mr Nutteing
Wiltshire County Council has investigated your request for information held about yourself in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
I have retrieved the data you have requested from Social Services.I enclose the data,which is not exempt from disclosure;I am still continuing my searches and will forward any subsequent data shortly.
In the mean time should you have any queries ,please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours Faithfully,Jens Christensen,Data Protection Officer

Nothing of much use forwarded to me except this letter,heavily weeded
6 July 2001
Dear Margaret
Many thanks for arranging for {about 8 characters blacked-out} to forward onto (sic) me the letter dated 30 June 2001 received from Mr Paul Nutteing of _ _ _.
Mr Nutteing's
{2 lines of text blacked out}.
It has been referred to the police and also considered by the Crown Prosecution Service.
{3 and a half lines of text blacked out}
My suggestion is that you might acknowledge back to Mr Nutteing that you have received his letter,and that as it refers essentially to matters in Wiltshire you have forwarded the letter to me.
Many thanks for letting me know about the contact you have had with Mr Nutteing.
Yours sincerely,Dr Ray Jones,Director of Social Services
Cc to John Stoddart {plus one blacked out}
{3 lines of text blacked out}

15 August 2001
The second proper communication in 1 1/2 years from anyone in Wiltshire County Council even if from an unamed woman. First of all she had to get past my identity non-divulging or confirming telephone answering technique. It was just a "courtesy call" to confirm I had received the package from Wilts County Council Data Controller.

To summarise the whole piece.These files stay on the internet exposing a group of very dangerous characters until:
Kelvin Derrick DAWSON and Stella Maria CONSTANT come up with independent evidence that they were living together between January and May 1978.
Kelvin Derrick DAWSON commits perjury again by signing registry office form LA1.
Naomi Leafe DAWSON / CONSTANT shows me the leters I sent to others in Leicester
Fian Gerald DAWSON convinces me that his phonecall of 04 Sept 1999 was reasonable
John Barton STODDART,South Wilts area manager of Wilts social services,shows that letter JBS1 is not a forgery.

email Paul Nutteing

For anyone with further interest in this story then copies of the affidavits, documentary evidence,photos or even taped phone calls,used as evidence,could be made available.Obviously,outside a court environment,some identifying features would have to be deleted.

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave 70K

All the actual witness statements for the trial can be found by clicking here Pre-Trial Witness Statements and evidence 150K

Continuation of the saga

Folie à deux,Dissociation and crime