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As a dermatologist and a film buff, I've found a series of skin conditions featured in movies. All of the films listed are readily available on home video. Peruse at your leisure and let me know what you think. You may look at movies in a new way. Disclaimer: None of the individuals featured on the site are patients. The images are publicity photos (not clinical photos taken in a medical office). Actors seen with skin conditions include some of Hollywood's biggest stars. To most quickly find individual celebrities, see the Cast page. What's new--Updates. Updated: 8-16-01.
--Vail Reese, MD

Top 5 skinexamples:
1. Sharon Stone's scar
2. Brandy Norwood's receding hair line
3. Brando's apocalyptic alopecia
4. Bill Clinton's skin cancer
5. Tom Cruise's mole
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"Captain Corelli's Mandolin"

 This cast is like music to our ears. Screen-ariffic senorita Penelope Cruz is sun spotted and moley. Nic Cage returns to drama with dramatic acne scars. John Hurt as Cruz' father appears sun damaged and sports a cheesy moustache, but don't worry about Hurt. He had the foresight to get his least attractive role out of the way earlier in his career. He can never look as bad as his biggest role as the deformed Elephant Man. We'll never forget his line: "I am not an animal. I am an example in a health/entertainment web site!" Or something like that...  

 Ingenue Cruz

 Captain Cage

 Papa Doc Hurt

Celebrity skin archives

The following are examples of skin lesions and conditions found in movies. There are three categories:

 Skin conditions used to convey evil

 Most of the featured films are not obscure B-movies, but major studio releases.

 Actors with skin conditions

These famous movie stars show more than just their acting talent

 Realistic depiction of skin findings

 If, like a film, a web site can have a moral, it can be found here.

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