Our Lady Peace Chat
March 19, 2001

The foursome known as Our Lady Peace met in Canada, while studying at the University of Toronto. Vocalist, Raine Madia was a former criminology student, who grew up during the punk explosion in England. He met guitarist Mike Turner in Toronto, and the band was born. Later they recruited Chris Eacrett and jazz drummer Jeremy Taggart, and began playing the local area. The band's unusual and eclectic nature is a combination of their varied experiences and their musical influences. After producing their first hit, "Starseed," in 1995, the band took off. Touring with Alanis Morrisette, and having a spot on the Armageddon Soundtrack, was just the beginning for the band, whose name came from a poem written in 1946, about the Civil War. Our Lady Peace has just released their latest album, 'Spiritual Machines' in 2001. Dropping by twec.com, Our Lady Peace found time to discuss everything from their favorite songs, to performing live in a blizzard!

twec.com: twec.com would like to welcome Mike Turner of Our Lady Peace to the chat tonight, Mike is there anything you'd like to say to your fans online before we get started?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: Hello! Greetings!

clumsygirl: Congratulations on the new album. What do you think of ‘Spiritual Machines’? Are you happy with it?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: Yeah absolutely! We don't release it until we're happy with it!

clumsygirl: Do you think you guys will add more dates to your US tour- Wisconsin maybe?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: There definitely will be more US dates; Wisconsin is great to us, and we really enjoy hanging out there and checking out all of the Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture.

dortydorty: What’s your favorite song from the new album?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: What does ‘best’ song mean? The one with the most sales? I have no stomach for that- let the music be judged on what it is. We put our heart and soul into every song on every album we record. But personally, right now, I'm liking Are You Sad. Matt Cameron, from Pearl Jam recorded it- it just feels very honest. There’s an honest and emotional message to that song.

mrrph: Do you see ‘Spiritual Machines’ as a growth past your previous three albums? Or is it seen as a blending of the three?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: Both. You can only learn by assimilating what you've done in the past. We became more comfortable in our skin on this new record- that was our growth.

alterna_girl: You guys definitely inspire me in my paintings and art, I was wondering do any of you do any artistic expression besides music?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: I don’t think any of us have another outlet that we're as comfortable with. There’s always poetry and writing and we're all fans of the visual arts. I don't like to draw the line between the arts- if someone inspires me, then I like it. My guitar has an original piece of art on it.

AutoLife: What is your interpretation of ‘Our Lady Peace’, the poem which inspired your name?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: The beauty of the poem is that it can be interpreted in many ways, initially we had no idea that it was written about the Civil War. Just like our songs, you can bring your own experience to everything. That’s why I hate videos, it nails it down and it may not be what you think it is. The nature of art is that art speaks universally.

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: Just cause we're the ones that made it doesn't mean we should be telling you what the song means to you. We just want you to have your own interpretations, because that is really the beauty of music. Songs can make you feel so many different emotions.

SpiritualChaos02: I just bought the book "The Age of Spiritual Machines." Has the book influenced more than just your album? And do you have different thoughts about the future now?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: I remain an unapologetic optimist. The future projected in that book- I find absolutely inspiring. I think we will continue to move forward, a great message from the book, the author also believes in the good that will happen. You gotta think that this person is making predictions on future things that he is convinced will happen, he's talking about a quintessential shift in what humanity is.
waited: I'm wondering, what bands did you grow up listening to?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: The first record I ever bought was Queen. My guitar was built after Brian May’s guitar. Then punk music happened, and it made me excited about music. The Sex Pistols, The Cocteau Twins, they all inspired me. Anywhere I can hear the heart in the music- that’s what I'm in to. Jeff Buckley's album Grace is timeless, there’s so much emotion in it. It just kills me.

bigneoncrossingnikki: What CD is in your CD player right now?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: There’s a DVD of Jeff Buckley live. The thing that strikes me about him, is that when you see him playing, he's going back to where he was when he wrote them. It's so inspiring- nobody does that anymore. Right now? I'm not sure. In my CD player I have "God Speed You Black Emperor", that’s the name of the band. Lift Your Skinny Arms Like An Antenna to Heaven is the title of the album.

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: If I get a CD, and only 2 songs are good, it really makes me mad. For me a lot of the time it's the deeper tracks that really get me to like an album.

InRepair: What are the lyrics to "Waited", when it sounds like "I must have been bored..." then I can't make out the rest? I love that song- it has great lyrics.

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: It’s one of my favorites too. We have a trust relationship that we don't give those things away- what it means to you it means to you. But the lyrics might be on the sleeve. I'll never tell.

Annie: Greetings OLP from Canada! What did you think about Snowjob? Why did you agree to do it?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: Apparently we were out of our minds. Snowjob is Canada’s music show, we played on a mountain. It was freezing, I couldn't feel my hands, it started coming down like a blizzard. But, it was cool. I snowboarded out of there- it was a very rock-n-roll way to leave a show.

ClumsyRaineOLP: What is the story behind "Stealing Babies"?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: The song was inspired by a PBS documentary about a little girl named Eve that was diagnosed with AIDS when she was 6 years old. She went around the world and visited other kids with AIDS. Raine was so inspired. John Coltrane’s drummer, Elvin Jones, he played on Love Supreme. He played on our album on "Stealing Babies," quite an honor!

ilovejeremytaggart: I love Our Lady Peace so much. I saw you guys in Buffalo five days ago and it was the best day of my life! (I was the one crying in the third row) I just wondered how Duncan is, and I was curious about the whole "7" thing with Jeremy.

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: Duncan is fine, he's recovering well, and he should be back in May. The ‘7’ thing is a baseball thing, one of his favorite players was number 7.

bigneoncrossingnikki: When can we expect your next album? Is there even going to be another album?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: We don’t know, I mean we hope so! We hope that we're inspired enough to make music, I think you might hear a lot of new music from us. We're learning to let the music stand on it's own merits. We'll probably tour this one hard for a year, and we'll make music on the road.

twec.com: twec.com would like to thank OUR LADY PEACE for joining us tonight, is there anything you want to let your fans know before you go tonight?

OUR LADY PEACE – Mike Turner: At the core of our records are strong melodies and well delivered, but there are other things we do, there is just so much music to be made! We will be where they are and we will go play for them, the new record is a record that needs to be played live a lot!



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