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Pregnancy Advice and Help:

Pregnancy Centers Online:
Are you pregnant or think you might be and need immediate help? If so, there are thousands of pregnancy centers who care about you and want to help you. Help is just one click away to finding a center near you. *Also provides help and support to those who have experienced the trauma of an abortion.

Facts & Resources:

The Silent Scream
Video of an 11th week abortion
The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource:
Excellent source on everything you need to know on abortions including: News, Pro-lifebooks, adoption information and much more!
Roe Vs. Wade:
Gives background information on the 1973 Supremen Court decision that legalized abortion. Also discusses the abortion risks and scientific approach on when life begins

From a Biblical Perspective
Scripture on the value of human life
National Right to Life Committee:
Committed to restoring legal protection to innocent human life. Also provides good information on the abortion procedure, RU486, Euthanasia, and federal legislation on abortion.    (back to top)


Help & Encouragement:

Why Wait until Marriage?:
Thinking about having sex with that girlfriend or boyfriend? Read this article and find out if it's really worth it.
Open Letter To My Future Husband:
A young girl's thoughts and feelings about staying sexually pure until marriage.
The Meaning of chastity:
Author and Chastity educator explains chastity.

Facts & Resources:

National Abstinence Clearinghouse
An EXCELLENT source for educational materials on sexual purity. Also has lots of good research. This site is highly recommended.
Pure Love Alliance:
The Pure Love Alliance creates a curriculum that teaches the benefits of sexual abstinence before marriage. Rather than merely pointing out the health-related dangers of premarital and extramarital sex, the C.L.U.E. curriculum also stresses the value of unselfish love and lasting relationships.
Sex Respect
A popularly used abstinence education program.
For the Youth Worker-The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality:

Provides guidelines for education within the family from a Biblical Standpoint.    (back to top)


Help & Encouragement:

12 Step Cyber Cafe
A new project of the Christian Recovery Network. It's main purpose is to provide a casual atmosphere online for people who are hurting to get more information on recovery and to share experiences with others.
The Support Group Database:
Are you hurt and looking for a better life, away from all the drugs an alcohol? There are thousands of counseling services and support groups waiting to help you. Visit this online directory to find a support group near you.
Broken Chain
Broken Chains Ministries reaches out to alcoholics and drug addicts with hope and encouragement.  Has lots of great uplifting articles to read.

Facts & Resources:

Drug-Proofing Your Home:
How to encourage your kids to avoid using cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.
Teen Challenge
Teen Challenge offers a number of services to the community, many times free of charge on the issue of drugs. Offer programs both in the school and in the church.     (back to top)

Homosexuality & Sexual Brokeness

Help & Encouragement:

"I think I might be attracted to the same sex." You're not alone. Read testimonies of those who've been where you are. (Related Items also include stories from parents and friends of those struggling with homosexuality)
Outreach Ministries: Select your state to find a support group or counseling center nearest you.

Facts & Resources:

Desert Stream Ministries:
Aims to educate and equip the Body of Christ to administer healing to the sexually and relationally broken. (Highly recommended)
National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH):
A non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the research, therapy and prevention of homosexuality. Although NARTH is composed of mostly all NON-CHRISTIAN psychiatrists, social workers and scientist etc, it is still a very USEFUL site and highly recommended.
Mastering Life Ministries
An interdenominational, non-profit Christian ministry whose primary focus is sexual sin and brokenness, and related issues such as intimacy with the Father, performance orientation, anger management, etc. The tools of this ministry include film, television, and radio as well as seminars and publications that communicate the truth of Jesus Christ
The debate over homosexuality and homosexual rights.     (back to top)


Help & Encouragement:

Enough is Enough:
A site dedicated to combating pornography
Pure Intimacy:
A resource for men and women regarding compulsive Internet Porn use.
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Facts and Resources:

Is Jesus Real?
A glance a the prophesies of Christ
The Apologetics Resource Center
Involves addressing the full range of Christian apologetics ministry, including evidential, presuppositional, and philosophical apologetics, some cults and world religions. (back to top)

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