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Welcome to the SPIRIT 2012 web site. This web site is dedicated to all on a spiritual quest to discover the meaning of the mystery of life, self, and the universe. And to everyone who would like to see a change in the world, towards peace and understanding.

Old Mayan calendars suggest that history will end in the year 2012, this could happen in a number of ways, one way would be to end history as we now know it and have learned it, and to find new historical records. Many new things are being yielded from the earth that give us new insights into our past. In modern history each age is earmarked by a great war. Leaders who wish to become known in future history books must have a war to be remembered by, thus history is repeated in that way, to have peace we need a new history that is earmarked by events other then wars.

On the right hand side of this page you will find a button by which to search the contents of this web site, in so doing you will find some of the following things. First is my writing about UFOs and the mission to earth. Then you will want to check out the Book Faire. Which is a list of used books I have for sale about spiritual topics. As you explore you will then find "Cosmic Charlie's Guide to Cyberspace" which is my link page to some of the most interesting sites on the net. It is the "gathering" of the harvest. And you will find the Shaman Storyteller that contains some of my poems and stories.

More stuff will be added as time goes on. Enjoy.

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