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Sunday, August 19
Sunday Funnies.
00:00 | by Dunadan

StarTopia Review.
18:08 | by Dunadan
Gamer's Pulse has published a preview about StarTopia.

Far Gate Preview.
18:07 | by Dunadan
You can read a Far Gate preview in the Games Domain website.

Star Trek Armada II Screenshots.
18:05 | by Dunadan
You can see some Star Trek Armada II screenshots and read the facts sheet of the game at WorthPlaying.

Far Gate Screenshots.
14:25 | by Dunadan
You can see three new Far Gate screenshots at Voodoo Extreme.

Wormhole Tools Update.
14:15 | by Dark Youth
Good news for all you financially challenged 3D artists. Wormhole Productions has managed to get their paws a free tool called 3DCanvas that enables you to render till your eyes burn. This program is quite smooth, and landing on your PC for a cost that seems popular with people throughout the world, nothing. Anyone into this kind of activity, or just interested can find out more from Wormhole Productions. The team now have nearly 20 tools for download too, quite an impressive collection.

Source: PlanetAnnihilation

Volcanic Unit Developments.
13:45 | by Dark Youth
Harvester, part of the TA Arsenal Network team has opened up his own personal site right here on PlanetAnnihilation. MAGMA is his newest venture into the land of unit making and there is already one unit that has just finished its development cycle already as can be seen here. The Rapport is a funky looking attack hovercraft that seems to be worth a look if you are into third party units.

MAGMA already has a forum set up, and I'll talk to Harvester about relocating it to our UBB if he is interested. So take a visit and welcome our 33rd hosted site into the fold, the PlanetAnnihilation family is constantly growing. If you feel that you have a site that should be hosted here then drop us a line here and we can talk about it.

Source: PlanetAnnihilation

Cheating Article.
13:35 | by Dario
Rob from Red 2 World has posted an article on cheating in Red Alert 2. The purpose of the article is to inform everyone why some people cheat, how they do it, and what can be done to stop them. Overall, a good read. Be sure to check it out.

Source: PlanetCNC

Guide to Third Party Races.
13:30 | by Dark Youth
I have now uploaded GA's awesome guide to the various third party races that are out there for you budding TA players to download and enjoy, ranging from the Argon to the Rogue. Download links are provided for you thanks to exteme patience on his part (Hes on a 56k) so you can try for yourselves too. Found here the extensive guide covers the following races:
  • Aquarians
  • Argon
  • Biohazard
  • CGB
  • Mynn
  • Race
  • Rhyoss
  • Rogue
  • Space Marines
  • TAAK
  • The Joined Tribe
  • UN
The list is pretty comprehensive and covers just about every race that saw the light of day, even if it was not for long. You can read it here and its quite an interesting piece. In other article news, Quitch(y) is going to write an editorial on strategy game AI which should be of interest to some of you, so keep your eyes peeled for its arrival.

Source: PlanetAnnihilation

Saturday, August 18
Starfleet Command 2 at GameSpy Arcade.
11:10 | by Dunadan
Today in GameSpy Arcade, join our Strategy Wizards for the first round of a brand new cycle of King of the Hill tournaments. Will there be prizes? Not this week, Sparky. You'll need to kick ass and take names for the next five weeks to score the grand prize: VIP status in Arcade. Will there be action? You betcha:
  • Starfleet Command 2: Join the Strategy Wizards for round 1 of their Starfleet Command 2 King of the Hill Fleet War. The premise is pretty self explanatory: instead of 1-on-1 deathmatches, you'll be fighting team on team in an all out frenzy of interstellar warfare. Register to play at the Strategy Wizards site, then meet in the Starfleet Command 2 lobby at 4:00 p.m. PST, 7:00 p.m. EST, 11:00 p.m. GMT for your match.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Preview!
02:54 | by Silverdawn
Blizzard continues to refine its 3D sequel in the land of Azeroth. Humans and Orcs and Undead ... oh my! Check out the preview of Warcraft II: Reign of Chaos.

Battle Realms Screenshots.
11:05 | by Dunadan
Our Battle Realms hosted site, the Battle Realms Network, have got a hold of six brand new screens of Battle Realms. Four of the shots are at 1280x1024 resolution and just look stunning.

Source: SP: Battle Realms.

IRC Changeover.
11:00 | by BillBantam
Planetannihilation has today moved into a brand new home for its IRC channel(s), thanks to the gang over at Annihilated. You can now access the Chat Room from here. You will need the mIRC or another suitable chat client installed however for the link to work correctly. You can download mIRC from HTTP://

Source: PlanetAnnihilation

Evidently not the end.
10:55 | by Shivoa
The Ambassador's Domain has a new hosted maps site: Sacrifice Maps. So check it out.

Source: SP: Sacrifice

TAUIP Warfare.
10:50 | by Dark Youth
This news comes from CodeMatrix at the TA Active Lists. Some TAUIP players have decided they won't die waiting for a game and have a battle series planned on the Gamespy Arcade TA lobby. You can read the rest of the information about the battles on the TA Active Lists site.

Source: PlanetAnnihilation

PC Zone Covers Creature Isles.
10:45 | by Catachan
PC Zone have done a nice little story on how Black & White: Creature Isles is coming along. The preview can be seen in their latest edition of their mag (PCZ#107).

" you remember those annoying, singing missionaries from the first land? 'Ohhhhh... get us some wood and get us some meat 'cause we're too bloody lazy to get to our feeeet.' You should have squashed them with a rock, but if you had they wouldn't have discovered a new land, populated by a group of creatures who live in a commune known as the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood prove that living together in harmony can bring great rewards and the island holds loads of new miracles for your creature to learn.
So there you have it! For the rest of the article, grab a copy of PC Zone's latest mag.

Source: PlanetBlackAndWhite

New PhoenixWorx Client.
10:40 | by Dark Youth
Good news for those who enjoy a good game of TA online. The Phoenix Worx have released a brand new version of their TA multiplayer gaming system. This new version is the biggest for some time and takes the team one step closer to "the dream" which everyone wants to see realised in some form or another. So, there you go. Phoenix Worx have this available to download and play with right now.

Note: - Due to new communications code, the old client will no longer autoupdate so you really need to get the new done from the Phoenix Worx the old fashioned way. Just so you know.

Source: PlanetAnnihilation

Black & White STILL In Top 10.
10:35 | by Catachan
Thumbing through my latest subscription to PC Zone, I noticed that Black & White is still in the top 10. Currently holding the #9 spot.

Source: PlanetBlackAndWhite

Fruity Fix at Wormhole.
10:30 | by Dark Youth
Over at Wormhole Productions there is yet another fix that you Mac users can download to improve your gameplay and overall enjoyment of Total Annihilation without sacrificing the stylish transparent boxes in a blazing fire.

Source: PlanetAnnihilation

Links Needed at SP: Worms.
10:25 | by Pharcyde
Flicking through the site today, I noticed that one of the most important sections of a website was one of our oldest: the links section. I have thus decided to do a revamp of the list (finally), and so if you want your link to be listed, please click here to e-mail me your link. Simply include the site title and the link, and I will check it out from there. Thanks.

Source: SP: Worms

Exclusive GBL 2.3 Preview Begins!
10:20 | by Dark Youth
As you may know, Gaming Battle League are a TA Multiplayer service which aims to bring back boneyards style gaming, and then some! Today brings the first edition of our preview series, showing off the new version of the GBL 2.3 software that contains everyones most wanted feature, the galactic wars. So read our GBL 2.3 Preview to see some brand new screenshots, some old images that could bring a tear to your eye and of course an interview with none other than Cire, leader of the Gaming Battle League development team.

Source: PlanetAnnihilation

Friday, August 17
Battle Realms Preview
03:37 | by Silverdawn
Liquid Entertainment is in crunch mode with its upcoming Asian-esque RTS featuring the battle between yin and yang. Read our preview of Battle Realms.

Civilization of the week.
15:40 | by Dunadan
After the Babylonians, the Civilization III official website reveals the Egyptians. While Hammurabi had the Bowman, Cleopatra have the War Chariot.
The animations are well done (try to rollover your mouse pointer...) and they have also four new wallpapers for your amusement.

E-Mail Lost.
15:35 | by Dunadan
From Blizzard Entertainment:
Blizzard Entertainment experienced an e-mail system failure on Tuesday, August 14, requiring us to restore service using an email back-up from July 28th. If you have not received a reply to an e-mail sent to Blizzard Entertainment between July 28th and August 14th, you will need to resend the original message. This includes all mail sent to Blizzard Sales department, Blizzard Technical Support, or any other email sent to Blizzard Entertainment. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

StarCraft BroodWar Custom/MODs.
08:45 | by Dunadan
Infoceptor has two new custom/MOD units. Lizhengang has made one for all those Star Wars addicts, which converts the Terran Valkyrie into a Tie Fighter [16KB]. Sirrus Achenar has created a mod that converts your Terran Wraith into the U.S.S. Prometheus [830 KB] that was featured in a number of episodes on Star Trek: Voyager.

Maelstrom screenshots.
08:15 | by Dunadan
Today, Freelancer has posted 18 Maelstrom screens and character renders. And also 3 new screens from Empire Earth.

Far Gate updated demo.
07:55 | by Dunadan
The release of "Far Gate", from Super X Studios, has finally been announced. The 3D outer-space real-time strategy game will reach shelves on September 11, published by Microids and distributed by Titus Interactive. The full press release from Microids can be found here.

Additionally, an updated demo has been released, which uses newer compression technology for a greatly reduced size (27.6 MB). The freely redistributable demo is available here.

There is also a trailer that features all the intense, dynamic 3D battlefield and distinctive state-of-the-art visual effects that this game is all about. Choose the High Bandwidth Trailer (9.8 MB) or the Low Bandwidth Trailer (2.7 MB).

Mac Black & White.
07:50 | by Catachan
Inside Mac Games brings news of the official Mac Black & White project over on UK developers site Feral Games. Head over and see the progress.

Source: PlanetBlackAndWhite

Starmageddon Interview.
01:25 | by Dunadan
GameSpot has interviewed Starmaggeddon's project director Adrian Chmielarz about Lemon Interactive's upcoming 3D real-time space strategy game.

Emperor: Battle for Dune Review.
01:20 | by Dunadan
You can read the Emperor: Battle for Dune PTgamers's portuguese review here*.
*Perhaps You'll need to use a free translator like Babelfish.

Europa Universalis II Screenshots.
01:15 | by Dunadan
Paradox Entertainment has released two new screenshots from its forthcoming turn-based strategy game, Europa Universalis II.

Source: GameSpot.

StarCraft BroodWar National Teams Results.
01:10 | by Dunadan
From StarCraft Legacy:
The AUS-1 Starcraft community based in Australia recently took on GBR-1, Great Britain, in some 1v1 and 2v2 matches, in a series that was dubbed "The Ashes". The best of both countries were selected and organized to play on's server.

Australia won 9-1 in the 1v1s and 1-0 in the 2v2s with one draw.
In another hand Austria* defeated Norway by 7-2, 5-1 in the 1v1s and 2-1 in the 2v2s.
*Perhaps You'll need to use a free translator like Babelfish.

StarTopia Review.
01:05 | by Dunadan
You can read the StarTopia PTgamers's portuguese review here*.
*Perhaps You'll need to use a free translator like Babelfish.

Empire Earth Screenshot.
01:00 | by Dunadan
Sierra: Empire Earth has published its Screenshot of the Week.

Wormhole/Estrella Alliance.
00:55 | by Dark Youth
Wormhole Productions and Estrella/TA Designers have been hard at work forging an alliance. The focus of this newfound cooperation is to be supporting the Mac community and they have started their crusade by releasing a patch that helps Mac OS9 users with the "disk-swap bug" or somesuch.

So if you have Westlake's Mac version of Total Annihilation then you may as well visit Wormhole Productions to get the patch. Again, the error it solves appears to be linked OS9 models and the game CD.

Source: PlanetAnnihilation

MAD TA Update.
00:50 | by Drako
As usual, the MADs are close together. Well, MAD TA has updated their downloads section. It now features a few new tools for the TA modder. They include Scriptor and HPI Manager. They have also put up a set of free plug-ins for 3D Studios Max, if you have it. They will add other things too, if the demand is there. Which I am sure it will be.

Anyway, you can check out all of these downloads at MAD TA.

Source: PlanetAnnihilation

New design, new URL!
00:35 | by Menacer
Project X has moved and has got a nice new polished design complements of CmptrWz684 and the Modifier site code.

Source: PlanetBattleZone

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