Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

February 29, 2000 (5 Chicchan, 18 Zac, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come before you today with some more information. This data concerns the very nature of your transformations. In some past messages, we have remarked about how physicality is actually an illusion. The only true reality is Spirit. In this collectively created physical realm, you have lived this lifetime. You have been told that it is based upon certain 'scientific' principles and that it was first formed many billions of years ago. In actuality, each of you has added your own imprint to it and together re-formed this reality into what it is today. Each reality is being re-created continuously every moment of every day. This process is why your 'core' beliefs are so important to the various secret cabals that manipulate you daily. By giving away your many co-creative powers so easily, you have simply 'rubber-stamped' the type of environment that greatly aids their particular objectives, and not yours. Instead, you need to reclaim these powers to ensure that your true desires are fully expressed. This procedure is one that you are finally beginning to understand and preparing yourselves now to manifest.

      This process is part of learning about the nature of Spirit and how it is really the essence of who you are. Dear Friends, Spirit is fundamentally a vast collective acting as one. It is similar in form to a hologram. In addition, Spirit is an eternal presence that connects each of you to the other. The energy driving it is the energy of Love, expressed as divine compassion. Every time your compassion is manifested, it leaves behind a residue that amplifies the effect of the next act of kindness or true caring. These wonderful acts of Love drive the immense potential forming within your global consciousness field. As it grows, it expands ever outward and quickly encompasses more and more of the very heart of humanity. This growing Heart of kindness is one that is making possible the miracles of peace, unity and understanding that are beginning to sweep through your global society. Everywhere, there is a growing discernment that you are connected to each other and that any divisions between you are merely artificial. In effect, you are learning the wisdom of thinking individually and acting collectively.

      This activity has led you to discover a great deal about who you really are. It is helping you to break through the dense miasma that now surrounds you. It is also assisting you to learn that you are not alone. This discovery has increased your need to search for the truth about Heaven and about us, your space kin. This search has caused much misinformation and fear to be generated by those who still wish to control you. The answer to this activity is to go within and learn to project a discernment that comes not from a logic driven by your mind. Let it come from the heart-logic that you are presently manifesting. Truth, dear Friends, is not a matter of conjecture. Rather, it is something that naturally connects to the divine plan. It feels good inside and allows you to embrace it easily. This process is one that can only be self-learned. Like any activity, it needs practice in order to obtain any degree of proficiency. Additionally, we remind you that your conscious mind can interrupt this process by attempting to cast severe doubt on any practice that permits you to look within.

      As you come together and discuss what is occurring, you start to realize that your global society is indeed changing. Yet, there still remains much for you to positively do. The powers-that-be fully comprehend what talents you can command. They know fully how the synergy that envelops your growing consciousness operates. They are masters at the subtle art of mind manipulation. However, they lack the ability to control your Soul. Here, you possess the powers that enable you to marvelously achieve your success. It is this ability that Heaven and we ourselves are deeply determined to bring out in all of you. The magnificence of who you really are cannot be understated. Neither can the power for transformation that you collectively own. Inside you is a great force. This life force is connected to Spirit and hence, to the Creator and the divine plan. It is a creative force that simply cannot be denied. Sadly, up till now it has been badly splintered and mostly at war with itself.

      Dear Friends, you are starting to understand the principles of constructive collective action. You are seeing that the powers-that-be cannot intimidate you as much as they have previously. You are beginning to greatly loosen the fear that formerly engulfed you. This atmosphere is allowing many enlightened individuals to formulate the 'what's' and the 'how's' needed to forge the foundation for a new and better reality. The many global networks that have formed electronically in the past half-decade have largely aided this wondrous process. We thank all of you who have used your internal discernment and done things that have made these networks possible. We are also profoundly grateful to those of you who willingly participate and even make these networks more concrete by providing the various societal, economic and political resources needed. You are facilitating the birth of a new reality.

      As you learn the wisdom of your actions, you can begin to learn how the synergy of your co-creative abilities operates. This flow is based upon a number of amazing events that come together in ways that, at first, may seem illogical. The main element is to not stand in its way. As the flow of creativity grows stronger, it becomes a powerful entity filled with internal wisdom. Here, a major point is to learn how to tap into this wisdom. This aspect is one that you are becoming more proficient at each day. We are quite pleased with how you are currently adapting your organizations to this amazing resource. You are discovering the essence of your power and how it can truly transform this reality. What remains is for you to free the remainder of your hidden fears and plunge completely into the wonders that you are capable of creating.

      The next steps in the integration of your physical and spiritual aspects bode well for what you are doing. Here, remain steadfast in your commitment and keep your focus. Together, as we draw out your negative thought-forms and alter them positively, you go through many changes in your mental and emotional states. This can frequently draw you off-center and leave you open to sudden counterattacks by your emotional and mental selves. By understanding this part of the process, you can quickly learn to apply the compassion about which we spoke previously. Come from this compassion and unearth how to express your inner strength. You are not weak-kneed Beings. You are mighty warriors of the Light! Dear Friends, you have duly volunteered and been sent here by Heaven to accomplish a truly sacred mission - the transformation of this present reality.

      To alter this reality into what you really desire is not as difficult as it may first appear. Keep in mind that it is just a construct. It is not real. It is bound by the collective rules set up by its sentient inhabitants. Further, those rules can be changed by these sentient inhabitants or by the divine plan. A main ingredient is the nature of the consciousness of the sentient residents of this reality. When they change greatly, a reality is required to vastly modify itself. It is this requirement that lies at the core of what we are doing. We are altering the essence of how your consciousness works. You are moving from quite a limited state to a fully conscious one. This complex process is returning you quickly to the state of physical Angels that you have now temporarily forgotten. It is this process that is making your success inevitable.

      Today, we discussed the many things that are happening to you. Dear Friends, we have shown that your changes are currently producing a way for you to reclaim your inner powers and abilities. It is these amazing abilities that ensure your success. We ask that you remain committed to accomplishing this most wonderful and sacred mission. We now take our leave. In the Creator's name, dear Friends, know that the great Power and Supply of Heaven is yours for the asking. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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