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PokéMasters / Fanfics / G / The Gift


The Gift

Written by: Bulbasaur4 Rating: 5
Title: The Gift
Author: Bulbasaur4
Chapter(s): 3-4
Type: Mystery, Action
Characters: Growlithe, Liz (story character)
Rating: 5
Rated By: firepokemon
Added: Sunday, October 8, 2000
The Gift Chapter 4
I stared at the eerie blue mist, astonished. "Does that
Growlithe have any connection with..with..Arrr.." I stopped
myself short. "No, no silly it couldn't be." My mind was made
up; this Growlithe had no connection what so ever with
Arcanine. Tears started to weld up; one of the cold tears
fell down my cheeks and dropped from my chin. I took my hand
and wiped away the tear. "GRROOOOOOOWw," the Growlithe yawneda little whimper.
I then moved my gaze from the sky, to the little Growlithe.
"I'll have to bring you to the Pokemon Center, they'll give
you away to someone nice." I said to it, I definitely was not
raising pokemon anymore. The puppy just stared at me blankly,
then as I thought about finishing my letter, it wagged it'stail.
I gently picked up the pokemon and held it in my arms, for a
puppy it was heavy. I could feel it's silky soft fur, it was
just like my Arcanine's fur. I felt pain and sadness sweep
over me again as I opened the blue door, slamming it behind me.
I walked through our dim light Living Room and entered into
the fairly large kitchen. I set the puppy gently down on the
table, next to my almost-finished letter. I then sat down on
the wooden chair and grabbed my pencil.
The Growlithe almost instantly looked shocked, as if it knew
what I was doing. It's icy blue eyes looking very wide as
the almost glared at me. I almost hesitated, but then made
up my mind. "I am going to finish the letter." I thought, all
it needed was my signature. Suddenly the puppy jerked itself
forward and it grabbed a hold of the end of my pencil. I was so
surprised I jerked back in shock, the chair almost falling
backward. I quickly got my balance back and saw the blue-eyed
Growlithe staring at me, the pencil end still in its tiny mouth.
I angrily grabbed the pencil back, jerking it so forcefully
that the orange puppy had to drop the pencil. "NO!" I shouted
at the puppy, but he just stared back blankly again, cocking
it's head to the side as if to say, "What?"
I shook my head and stared at the paper, then sighed and took
the pencil and was about to write my name. Suddenly, the paper
was ripped from me and I jerked my head up, only to see the
paper crumpled in the pup's mouth. "NO!!" I yelled as I again
grabbed the paper, but this time the puppy held on. We played
Tug-O-War for a while; the puppy was amazingly strong. Finally,
the paper ripped in half. I gazed at my ripped piece; it was
all crumpled and torn, not to mention a bit wet from the puppy's
mouth. It was just plain, ruined, thanks to my new guest. I
was so angry, so upset, for not even a decent reason. Maybe it
was because the puppy had almost broken my pencil, maybe it
was because it had ruined my paper that I had wrote from my
broken heart, or maybe I was upset because that puppy reminded
me so much of Arcanine.
I picked up the little puppy and walked out the door. This
little guy was going to the Pokemon Center. I walked a couple
of blocks down the street, the weather was hot, but the
humidity was gone and a cool breeze occasionally blew against
my face, cooling me off a bit. I could feel the puppy's body
tremble against me, as if it knew that it was going away from
me. It began howling, "GROOOWL! GROOWL!" The sound was very
high pitched and VERY LOUD. I quickly set the puppy down and
almost immediately he looked at me. "Stop howling!" I said to
it, very strictly. "You are going to the Pokemon Center, I won't
take care of you!" The Growlithe gazed at me again, giving me
a blank look as if it had no clue what I just said. Strangely
enough, I knew that the pup had understood me.
I started to walk down the side walk again, the puppy sadly
followed. We had walked for a bit until we were only 3 blocks
away from the Center. The puppy seemed to know it, for it started hanging back
a bit. "Come on, we have to get there!" I said, and began walking toward the
Growlithe.A figure appeared right behind the Growlithe. As I got closer
I could tell it was a young boy. He had dark black hair, like
me, it scruffy and not well kept. He wore a black T-shirt and
jeans. "Very weird," I thought. The young Growlithe whirled
around and began barking madly at the boy, almost in rage,
furry or both. I could see the eyes of the pup; they were
almost glowing with gold, a very eerie type of gold, almost
as if it were a siren. "Calm down little guy! It's ok! It's
just a person!" I said, moving toward the very mad Growlithe.
"I'm so sorry about this.." I began to say to the young boy
until I saw his look. He was grinning, almost an evil type of
grin, his eyes as dark as coal. "I don't mind at all, in
fact.." he growled, looking at me. "I find it amusing, to
see another fatal attempt to stop us."
My heart stopped, I stared at the boy. He was evil, and that
Growlithe knew it. This guy, some how, seemed to have a
connection with some body I met before……That voice, and that creature.
Rated By: firepokemon on Sunday, October 8, 2000


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