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Thursday, March 1, 2001

I am always available to discuss your child with you. Convenient times include before school starts (7:30-8:00) and after the students leave (3:00). If you ever want to contact me about a meeting or anything else, please feel free to write me a note or send me an e-mail at:


In language arts, we finished our author study of African American Authors. The students enjoyed these books, and they have been learning how to identify the characters, setting, plot, problem, and solution in a story. We are even beginning to develop our own fiction stories with these elements. This month we will be studying books by Dr. Seuss and celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday with books and activities on March 2. Visit Seussville:

We have also been learning about blends. The students have been playing phonics games and doing lots of activities with beginning blends. We will continue to concentrate on beginning blends this month.

In math we have been studying subtraction and graphing coordinates. This month we will continue to explore subtraction and number patterns that help us figure out subtraction problems. We will also revisit money, so practice counting those pennies, nickels and dimes at home.

  In social studies, we will continue to discuss how money fits into our lives. We will also explore how to make good choices with our money. In addition, the students will learn about Sandra Day O'Connor, the first female supreme court justice.

In science, the students have been learning about other natural resources such as soil, heat from the sun, and air. We are currently exploring the way light travels. This month we will search for signs of spring.


Check your child's backpack every Monday. Each week your child should be reading a book and responding to it in the journal. Also, each month I send home a monthly calendar of activities. These should be returned at the end of the month.


Noisy reading is canceled this Friday because we will be participating in "Read Across America". However, the students love to read with adults, and we would really like more visitors on Friday mornings. It is a great opportunity to show kids that reading is fun. Please join us on Friday mornings at 8:35.


March 2--Read Across America
Noisy Reading--Friday mornings 8:35-9:00
March 17--St. Patrick's Day

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