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The Technical Side
new Artificial Intelligence
All aspects of AI programming and theory
2964 August 22, 2001
6:11:27 PM
new DirectX
API-specific topics about DirectX.
45238 August 22, 2001
7:35:13 PM
new Game Programming
Discuss game programming topics not specifically covered in another forum.
68705 August 22, 2001
8:06:40 PM
The Senshi 
new General Programming
The place for discussing programming issues not related to games.
3698 August 22, 2001
5:12:10 PM
new Graphics Programming and Theory
All aspects of non-API specific 2D and 3D graphics programming and theory.
15858 August 22, 2001
6:48:02 PM
new Isometric Land
Discussion of all aspects of isometric, hex, and tile-based games.
5644 August 22, 2001
3:05:39 PM
new Math and Physics
Discussion of math and physics, primarily as they apply to games.
791 August 22, 2001
7:46:38 PM
new Multiplayer and Network Programming
Multiplayer programming and networking in games.
3741 August 22, 2001
2:26:24 PM
new OpenGL
Questions specific to the OpenGL API belong here.
1801 August 22, 2001
8:07:48 PM
new Software Engineering
Discussion and feedback of all aspects of software design and engineering.
352 August 21, 2001
11:37:58 PM
Magmai Kai Holmlor 
The Creative Side
new Game Design
Game design discussion.
22306 August 22, 2001
8:16:08 PM
new Game Writing
Forum for creative criticism, idea exchange, and instruction in the art of writing for games
2715 August 22, 2001
7:08:54 PM
new Music and Sound
The artistic side of creating game music and sound effects.
1065 August 22, 2001
6:19:41 PM
Andrew Russell 
new Visual Arts
From 2D to 3D, all about creating art for games.
4015 August 22, 2001
11:32:17 AM
Community Interaction
new Article Proposals and Requests
So what do you want the next article to be about?
1583 August 21, 2001
11:29:30 PM
Myopic Rhino 
new For Beginners
If you're new to game development, plan on spending some time here before visiting the other forums.
1285 August 22, 2001
7:10:07 PM
new GDNet Lounge
Chat about anything you feel like. It does not have to be about game development, but it should be about something; i.e. don't post JUST to post.
69040 August 22, 2001
8:02:07 PM
new GDNet Suggestions, Comments and Ideas
Help us make this site better for you.
2206 August 20, 2001
10:57:02 AM
new Help Wanted
Are you looking for a team to join or for someone to join your team? Post about it here.
13968 August 22, 2001
6:52:43 PM
new The Business of Game Development
Discuss business issues related to game development.
3729 August 22, 2001
8:16:33 PM
new Your Announcements
Make your web site or game project known to everyone. If you're going to spam our board, this is the place to do it!
4194 August 22, 2001
3:34:21 PM
Interactive Tutorials
new Hands-On Interactive Game Development
This series of tutorials takes a progressive, intensive, and interactive approach at learning how to develop games. Learn more here.
2548 August 22, 2001
7:42:35 PM
Special Interest
new Console and PDA Development
For discussion of issues involved with development on game consoles and PDAs.
263 August 22, 2001
7:11:43 PM
new Java Development
A Java grande with game development flavoring. Hold the whip cream.
3638 August 22, 2001
4:26:24 PM
new Linux
Discuss the growing field of game development in/for Linux
1849 August 21, 2001
10:34:13 PM
new Mod Development
For discussion of issues involved with creating game mods.
33 August 19, 2001
9:46:52 AM
no new glVelocity
advanced OpenGL graphics and methods
485 August 8, 2001
4:50:06 PM
new NeHe Productions
Everything OpenGL
23048 August 22, 2001
7:18:30 PM
new NeXe
NeHe DirectX-style.
91 August 16, 2001
12:03:44 AM
new Power Render API
Discuss how best to utilize Power Render. Moderated by its creator.
5161 August 22, 2001
8:14:15 PM
new Real Soon Now
Forum for Real Soon Now
353 August 22, 2001
4:00:58 PM
new turbo
Game development with Borland/Inprise compilers
2376 August 22, 2001
7:40:37 PM
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