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I hope to update my HR Ancestors files soon. My current job position and my children and home (you know, with Spring, gardening and cleaning) has taken up alot of my time. Things should slow down soon and I can resume my genealogical research and web designing.

Will be adding shortly about the symposium we went to on 31 March 2001, regarding the Croatan Indians and the Lost Colony. That link will be found on the Midgette family link below. (boy, am I behind on this one!!!)

Updated: Sunday, 20 June 2001


Thank You Richard, for this honor!

Feb 2001

My Other Awards!

Come on in! I have set up a place where messages can be posted, chat sessions can take place. You will have to sign up to get a Yahoo screenname...but it is FREE!!! It does not matter what internet service you use, as long as you make a screenname for Yahoo! Please note: This site is for GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH for the Hampton Roads area only and not a place for general chat time. They have chat rooms for that type of socializing. If you abuse this website, you will be removed.

Current Hampton Roads Population

Counter restarted due to the fact that "I messed up!! Oops!!"

(Last counter count: 9,617 from October 26, 1998 - February 7, 2001)

So happy you were able to stop by. Hope you find what you are looking for and if not, just ask and I will see what I can do for you! Please sign my guestbook! and 


At this time, I am unable to do any research. You are more than welcome to request, but I do not know when I will be able to start back researching.


I only search the Norfolk, Virginia Beach (Princess Anne) and Chesapeake courthouses. Due to limited time, I am unable to go to Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News or Hampton. If anyone out there is willing to search these areas, please notify the WEBMASTER and I will post your information here for others.

When requesting for look ups...the more info you are able to provide, the better the chances of a successful finding! Please don't request a search such as: Died about 1906 and expect me to find an obit in a day or two. In 8 hours, I can only search a month & 1/2 of newspapers on microfilm. You can still make your request, but just understand, I cannot say when the info would be found.


E-MAIL for any requests on obituary and/or courthouse look ups, if you have found a family connection with us, or provide feedback on this site.

Our Ancestors of South Hampton Roads 1996-2001



Updated: Sunday, 22 April 2001

Over 14,500 individuals listed.

Marriages researched at the Norfolk, Va Beach, Chesapeake courthouse and Dare Co, NC and from the Norfolk Virginian (now Virginian Pilot) newspaper. Obituaries, death notices, articles that may pertain to certain obits. Births & Deaths researched at the Norfolk courthouse. Articles from the newspaper of folks visiting family & friends, Military. Just about anything I found that I felt would be of interest to you and possibly assist you in your search of your roots.

Before long, we will have the first HAMPTON ROADS FAMILY TREE!! Will update at least once a month. Have already added another 100+ individuals to my database. They will be in the next upload!

Thank you to Jane Goodsell, for adding some info to the James Thomas DAVIS family listed in this database. That info will be included in the next upload!

Articles pertaining to local history printed in the Norfolk Virginian and The Princess Anne Times, the early years of the papers.

List of cemeteries that I have been able to find.

List of Funeral Homes I have taken from the phone book.

List of Crematoriums I have taken from the phone book.

Material available at the Norfolk Courthouse, Norfolk, VA. Includes a link to some Guardian Bonds I researched.

Names of others searching in this area.  If you wish to be added, please email me.


My current family tree files contain 59,005 individuals.

Bruce Arnold Arrighi's maternal and paternal lineage. Other surnames are Fisher, Fischer. Family from Canada and Italy, settled in GA & AL.

My Father, John Francis Byrnes maternal and paternal lineage. Other surnames are Burke, Curcurato, Diaz. Family from Ireland and Denmark, settled in NYC.

My Daughter, Jacki's paternal lineage. Other surnames are Moyes, Hanson, White. Family comes from Canada and Germany. Settled in NY, PA & CA. My daughter's Indian roots of Cardin and Staton will be added shortly.

My Son's, Bobby and Rickylee's paternal lineage. Other surnames are Jackson, Jennette, Baum, Daniels, Hooper, Etheridge, oh heck, the entire Outer Banks of NC!  There is a link to enter the Online Family Association chat area for the Midget(t/te)-Midyet(t/te) family.

My Mother-in-law, Elnora V. (Reep) Midgette maternal and paternal lineage. Family comes from Butler Co, PA and the Blue Ridge region of W.VA, settled in TX.

My Mother, Maryann T. (Sanger Wieland) Byrnes Kenton paternal lineage. Family originally from Prussia & Germany, settled in Mankato, MN.

My Military Days

In the Spring of 1974, my Mother asked me where could I get a good job, paid every two weeks, 3 square meals a day and a free education. Of course, I said "AT HOME"? Her reply: "The Air Force" on 12 July 1974, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy (well, since when did a child always listen to their parent?)

Below is link to some of my Navy experiences. I served 20 years 8 months and 17 days and have no regrets (maybe some embarrasing moments), but nonetheless, no regrets. It was the best advice my Mother could have ever given me. So, please sit back and enjoy, as you and I revisit my adventures.

USS Shenandoah (AD-44) (new URL, please bookmark)

Duty Stations:

  • BUPERS, Washington, DC - 1974-1975
  • VF-124 NAS Miramar, San Diego, CA - 1975-1977
  • Served in the Naval Reserves in Roanoke, VA & Fort Schyuler, Bronx, NY - 1977-1978
  • VF-101 NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA  - 1978-1980
  • COMNAVSURFLANT, CINCLANT, Norfolk, VA - 1980-1981
  • NSSF, New London Submarine Base, Groton, CT - 1981-1983
  • USS Shenandoah (AD-44), San Diego, CA & Norfolk, VA  -1983-1984
  • Graphics Specialist School, Lowery AFB, Denver, CO - 1984
  • USS Emory S. Land (AS-39), Norfolk, VA - 1984
  • FASOTRAGRULANT, NAS Norfolk, VA  -1984-1985
  • USS Puget Sound (AD-38), Norfolk, VA - 1985-1988 (coming soon!)
  • AFSOUTH, Naples, Italy - 1988-1991
  • FTTG, Amphibase, Norfolk, VA - 1991-1995 (retired)

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