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1995. Drought on Ghaub, a sheep farm towards the north-eastern wastes of KoŽs in Namibiaís Kalahari Desert ... only a person with extreme tenacity, innovative spirit and a drive to survive can chisel an existence out of this harsh land. An existence governed by necessity and it is here that Mr Ewert Smith conceptualised, designed and manufactured the URI all-terrain-vehicle.

The URI, a Nama word for ďjumpĒ, soon achieved fame during KoŽsí annual off-road races and rapidly its value became apparent to the local farming community. The URI evolved from one manís vision to a mature product and before long, demand outgrew production. Expansion became inevitable.

URI Pty (Ltd) was conceived and resisting conventional attitudes it disregarded setting up a manufacturing plant in Windhoek or any other major urban centre. URI rather opted for establishing its production in Witvlei, a small, primarily agriculture driven town, where it has asserted itself as the largest single employer and forms the back-bone of Witvlei's economic well-being.

From its modest beginnings the small, although dynamic, URI factory now produces 12 URIs per month and caters for a diverse market ranging from tourism and recreation, law enforcement and national security, mining and construction to agriculture and hunting.

Contrary to initial perception however, the URI is not simply a vehicle. It is a power tool. The owner of an URI is not looking for a sensitive, plastic-clad vehicle with leather upholstery and clogged with gadgetry. He looks for a vehicle that can do the job!

As a Tourism and Leisure vehicle, it could be utilized as a game viewer, a specialized hunting vehicle or a safari and touring vehicle.

In the Mining, Exploration and Construction market area, the Uri is applied as an inspection vehicle with great success. It could also be customized as a work utility vehicle or a specialized field surveying vehicle.

Accustomed to Namibian conditions, the Uri is used in the Agriculture sector with great success. It is also out of this sector that the Uri was born. The Uri is mainly used as a farming utility vehicle, but in most cases customized to double as a general hunting vehicle.

In the Services sector the Uri is applied for policing, security (both patrolling and money transporting), ambulance services, fire fighting, forestry, nature conservation and electricity servicing vehicles (customized to include data logging equipment).

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