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June 28
San Fransisco, California

Boulder Creek, a small village surrounded by big Redwoods was the place we went to this morning together with Mary and John. They have a summerhouse there which they are renovating carefylly, keen on keeping the old, genuine style.
We had a calm morning with an early, nice ride and lots of talking at John's and Mary's place. There are not any straight roads in this part of California. The mountains are everywhere. It is such a difference to Arizona where the roads just went into the horizon.

From Boulder Creek we drove to Palo Alto again, this time to visit Framfab USA. We meet some nice representatives in the office, and got an breef on how and what they work with for the moment. There were, as in all Framfab officies, an informal and relaxed atmosphere. We also managed to burn a CD with all the images we've been taking. Thank you, guys! A quick dinner at a noddle-place made us satisfied before heading back home.

On the freeway a crazy driver made us nervous. She changed lanes all the time and drove to close to us, probably drunk or high on something.
We sure will avoid the freeways at evening in the future. If you Americans would go to Sweden you will experience a big difference in the traffic. You will feel more secure and can drive more relaxed.

Boulder creek


Framfab USA greeted us with open arms and big smiles

From a foggy S F

/Annett & Helena

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