August 28th, 2001
Well sir, it seems that a bunch of you like the site! I have been getting consistent hits of nearly 3000 a night. They seem a tad high, so I am verifying my logs, but if its true, THANKS!

In other news, I am considering running the strip every-other day, as once a week does not cut it. (AT least it would'nt for me if I was a casual reader.) So we'll see. Gotta see if continuing RealToons is a wise thing to do, considering what drawing EL every other day will do to my already rancid schedule. More as I figure things out.

One more quick note: Check out the latest version of Infiltration! They just released 2.86 last night, and to much fanfare! - sj


August 25th, 2001
Got all the other sections linkable, though the final content for much of it is way off. I just need to get this freakin site launched, so can start filling in the holes. Got a few things to rail on, but I will wait for Monday to do that. In the meantime, go check out the Arcanum demo! This thing looks like your grandma's grumbly parts, but it plays like a dream! - sj


August 23rd, 2001
Well, welcome to the official ExtraLife site launch. Not going to make to big of a deal out of it, since you are probably just here for the strip, and maybe ExtraLife Radio. (I know I would be.)

The site will be going through a few changes in the next little while, but all in all, the basic stuff is here and for the taking! The first installment of EL Radio, and a few animations will be up soon, as well as some interesting content that I just can't think of right now.

So enjoy your stay! I will be back with more shortly. - sj














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