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Almost Live From the Blackwell/Tonkawa Airport

MCC over central Kansas as depicted in the Oklahoma/Kansas mesonet wind data and as seen by the GOES-8 IR image at approximately 1400 UTC May 3, 1996.

Not Even a Flat Tire Can Take the Smile Off a Mission Controller's Face On a SUCCESSful Flight Day

May 3, 1996 -- ARM-UAV AND SUCCESS CARRY OUT JOINT CONTRAIL MISSION --- Under fair weather conditions over Northern Oklahoma, the ARM-UAV and SUCCESS aircraft flew in patterned formation to sense different features of contrails generated by a Boeing 757. The SUCCESS aircraft, the ER2, DC8, B757 and the T39, flew in clear air and the B757 attempted to generate contrails with different type fuels at approximately 37 Kft. The ARM-UAV Egrett flew above at 45 Kft and looked for the contrails with various sensors, including the MPIR, the CDL and the broadband radiometers. Unfortunately, the atmosphere was quite dry, and the contrails generated were very short lived - less than about a mile. Nevertheless, the SUCESS pilots reported they could see different type contrails depending upon the fuel used. The Eggrett did fly over the contrails, and it appeared that the MPIR was able to sense one during an overpass.

At the beginning of the mission, a broken fair weather cumulus cloud covered the area. However, as the day progressed, clear air moved into the area from the west, and the entire region became clear. Following the completion of the contrail tests, the Egrett positioned itself in the vicinity of the CART site and performed several 360 degree, 30 degree banked, turns for a BDRF experiment (Experiment 10). This was followed by a GOES 8 calibration run along a 140 km track (Experiments 1 and 2) over clear skies. The relatively large solar zenith angle for this period (40 degrees) completed our goal of obtaining clear-sky GOES calibration data at low and high solar zenith angles.

Overall, this was a very successful mission, and the data should prove useful to the scientific goals of each program.

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