Olendiak Fantasy Roleplay System

Olendiak Fantasy Roleplay

    Last Updated on November 18th, 2000!

    Now mind you that this is the exact game we play with our friends in real life. It's a basic game that has been worked on for quite some time, and seeing as how all RPG's have flaws, we decided to make one that best suits our own personal style and tastes.

    This is simply the rules. More and more supplements and additions will arrive within the next few months. We also have plans on numerous source books for all the countries and major regions of Olendiak. Please Enjoy!

   Feel free to download this game and enjoy it with your friends. Now of course permission to make money off such without paying us isn't granted in any way, shape, or form.

    This is a tabletop game using dice, paper, pencils and imagination. This is NOT a computer game of any sort.

Olendiak Fantasy Roleplay

   Please email us if you go ahead and download the game. We are very interested in what others may have to say about the game. :)

   Originally the game was released the later half of January, 1999 and we try to keep adding to it along with revising it for the benefit of our readers.

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