Welcome to Deranged Software(c) my games company inspired by the legendery FistA Productions

24 july '01 sum gamez R up!

27 july '01 SMILER IS HERE!

28 july 2001 new message board

30 july 2001 candyman is here

3 august 2001 iv'e put on a demo of ZOMBIE made by the other half of Deranged software. I also have put on  screenshots aaaaaaand KYLE SUCKS

5 august 2001 The full version of zombie is up
i got new sk8 shoes yesterday
New ! Silence of the lambs game is about 10% complete. Look out for it in the future. (made by callum). Join the mailing list to recieve updates when they happen.

9 august 2001 Callum666. I think I've fixed the zombie glitch. Look out for Silence of the lambs soon as it is over 50% finished.

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 who's a better killer?
freddy krueger
michael myers