wednesday • september 5, 2001 

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February 01 posts
Maverique on High Elves being "meaner": » 02/07/01
From what I understand, the High Elves in Morrowind are far from effeminate. True, their culture revolves around looks, but in a rather harsh way. In fact, they will kill any offspring that do not fit the "ideal". Perhaps this is one of the reasons that their race is on the decline... low birth rates aside.

WormGod starting a topic on "Dwemer (Dwarven) Invention": » 02/14/01
Ok, as many may know by now, the TES version of the worldwide known "dwarves" are the Dwemer. Well, they have their differences, as was explained in another topic. But I am here now, (like God before you ) asking for some input on Dwemer invention and artifacts. Imagine tromping through the Dwemer catacombs and happening across some of the numerous inventions and tools they may have used. What do you think some of these things would be? Would these things be large, small, how would they operate? Would they operate on some sort of magical orb or would it be steam powered, maybe even some strange mixture of Dwemer fuels? I have many great ideas, but perhaps you would have some you would like to share. I am always open for FREE suggestions.

Pete on why IP logging is now active: » 02/14/01
Nobody can get to the IP address but an administrator. It's come in handy on the Sea Dogs forum for people who used the game and/or the forum as an excuse to be randomly abusive, obnoxious, and/or profane. We've always logged them, but it's a pain for me to get to them the way it was. So nothing's really changed other than I'm letting people know that their IP is logged. It'll only be an issue for people who don't abide by the rules they agreed to when they registered for this forum.

EDIT: Actually I should amend that. I wouldn't ever ban someone for making obnoxious posts or being critical or telling us we stink. We're somewhat used to that. I tend to let you guys shout them down or simply ignore them until they go elsewhere to look for attention. I have issues with abusiveness and profanity.

Pete on the Collector's Edition: » 02/14/01
As with things in the game, I'm not saying SQUAT about a collector's edition because if something ends up not being feasible and we don't do it, I'll get lynched for "promising" something I didn't deliver. No thank you.

FYI, anyone on the planet can order any of our games direct from us. Overseas shipments obviously are a different beast than those in the US, but it can be done. Speed always costs extra.

WormGod on other games he has worked on: » 02/15/01
I dunno how many level designers exist here besides me, so that might be a bad question.

Back to your point though, I did work on Super Battletank (whoa, years ago!), Battlespire, 10th Planet, Games for Rainy Days (ack!), Dollhouse (ack! x2), Redguard, PBA Bowling 2, PBA Bowling 2001 (just a tad), and Morrowind. Little worth bragging about, but that's my resume in a nutshell (it would fit in one!).

affamu on the Khajiit race: » 02/19/01
Are you referring to the P.G.E. by chance?

Basically, the northern desert cities and their allied tribes (Imperials called this country Anaquina) and the southern jungle cities and their allied tribes (Imperials called this country Pellitine) resolved their differences and formed a Confederacy... This sparked another war, but eventually it led to the pre-Imperial government of The Mane, er, I mean Elsweyr.

At the time the P.G.E. was written, Elsweyr had not yet been conquered by the Empire. And Tiber Septim would never have been able to conquer Elsweyr if not for BBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZHH!!




Well, after that gentle reminder, perhaps I shouldn't talk about that. Nevermind.

affamu on what the TES Editor will let you do: » 02/19/01
The editor is something I'm allowed to talk about a little bit. So.

The editor does not edit the objects themselves. It lets you place objects and create new areas. The editor lets you add (or edit, obviously) dungeons, houses, towns, NPCs, terrain, dialogue, quests, books, etc. Think of it as a really advanced level building tool. For the curious (and to end that debate), the editor is *almost* finished. There are a few things that are still in the testing phase... but don't let your heart be troubled, for we are still on schedule.

If you want to make NEW things, like a NEW type of creature, a NEW set of architecture, or a NEW kind of tree, you have to create them externally (with MAX, for instance) and export them. I've used Alias a bit, but I don't know anything about MAX, so I'm not the one to ask. I do know, from overhearing the artists, that some things are easier to do that others... But they all MAX-speak. Me not know that.

The editor is MUCH easier to use than MAX -- even I figured it out in a day or two.

affamu following up on what the TES Editor will let you do: » 02/19/01
The Animation is done in MAX and exported. How? I don't know.

I don't know how clothing and armor are done.

Most of the artists here use MAX. I think there's a plugin for Maya as well. The Creature Creature and World Builder that I know about are MAX plugins... but I think you're talking about some other products I don't know about. There's no plugin for Poser right now.

As for what format to export too... Well, I can't say, but I figured it out before getting employed here. The info was never released directly, but was released indirectly, possibly accidentally...

Sure, of course you can do a "go find this item" quest. Any quest script worthy of the name MUST be able to do the simple "Fed Ex" quest... Morrowind can do MUCH MORE. The quests are made with The Editor. What we can do, you can do... at least as far as quests are concerned.

Mark Jones on MW "skins" and textures: » 02/19/01
Well you'll just have to see! :)

The textures are WAY reduced. Can't give too much away at this point of course, hence the teenie textures.

Moving the site to Telefragged soon. Just finishing up stuff. Should be a a bit better by the end of the day.

Got to finish the *?^@&& first!

WormGod on peoples requests for new screenshots: » 02/23/01
I'm sorry, I just picked myself up off the floor from laughter. All this talk about wanting to see a werewolf fighting a vampire is pretty hilarious. I dum tho, so dont werry bout me. Remember my friends, this NOT Vampire The Masquarade. There is little to no emphesis on UNdead creatures in Morrowind. The Sloads are the Necromancers, not the Dark Elves. The Dark Elves actually have a "policy" about the practice of any UNdead, necromantic activities, that doesnt include being in favor for it. Dont get me wrong, I am not saying thre arent SOME UNdead in the game, so just be careful with your expectations. Maybe a bestiary will be available sometime in the near future for you to see what there actually is in the world.

The occasional rogue necromancer may be lingering among the Dark Elves of Morrowind, but his practice is purely secretive *this is hypothetical of course*. Just like, you could have been the person standing in line, at Safeway, behind Ted Bundy, and not even known it. The secretive practice of necromancy in Morrowind exists, but finding it is another story. Of course, the resourcefull Morag Tong would have no problem at all finding one I am sure, but why would they, unless there were a price on his head.

Many Dark Elven practices through their culture may look necromantic to other races of Tamriel, but to the Dark Elves it is just their simple way of life. Cultures are generally never understood until one submits themselves to wearing those shoes and takes a walk in them. Then may they understand the culture a bit more. You may, upon first witness,believe the Dark Elven culture to be sinister and dark, and in some instances very necromantic-like. But are they? Hmmm, well, they claim they are NOT. We shall see.

BlueDev on the topic of ropes: » 02/23/01
My question about why rope was wanted was an honest one, and I do appreciate all of the replies (the sarcastic, the forthright, and the just plain silly). To tell the truth, I don't know how the fate of rope (or naked liches) was decided. Those decisions were made before my time, and it doesn't rank high on the list of things I need to have a complete understanding of in the next couple of days.

However, it seems to me that something you're all concerned about is class balance. For example, a mage might be able to levitate to that ledge, but how's my non-magic-having thief gonna get up there w/o rope? And what's a poor warrior to do when he can't levitate down that sheer cliff? (Personally, I say Save Game, jump, and see what happens. )

I'm with you on the balance issue, and you should understand that we're all working to actually achieve class balance in Morrowind. Allowing alternate ways to accomplish the same task is important (why does the phrase "freeform gameplay" come to mind), so know that it is being looked into. It'll take some creativity as a player, and some classes will always be better at some things than others, but that's the nature of the beast.

What's my point to all this? When all is said and done, rope is gonna be the farthest thing from your mind.

No more serious posts for me!!! *turns sarcasm back on*

WormGod on education and training needed to "get where he is": » 02/26/01
Well, I am not exactly at work to answer this question but I'll do it from the luxury of my home.

Seriously, you dont need a degree of any sort, no college, no trade school.... you just need some dope, fresh skill in the field. Programming could be tricky and call for perhaps "some" schooling, but I am just speaking about the art aspect. Learn some 2d/3d packages, put together a great portfolio/video package, and you just might have what it takes to get a game dev job. Just ans any of us artists at Bethsoft. Todd found us all in Kathy Lee sweatshops or working in Nike plants.

Underdog chiming on on his "education": » 02/28/01

Read it. Know it. Love it.

The knowledge I got from this magazine combined with my lifelong addiction to all things gaming (along with some lucky breaks and persistance) got me where I am now. I'm sure my degree didn't hurt either.

Maverique on player character hands: » 02/28/01
Er... actually, the fingers ARE individually modeled and will change with whatever you are wearing. And haven't you seen the screens? You will see your hand on the sword or appropriate bashing object

Maverique following up on teeth modeling: » 02/28/01
While the teeth are modeled - like a set of George Washington dentures , you will NOT be able to make the player cough them up. No gold in those teeth anyways...
And by the way - that's gross!

Maverique following up, now on gloves and their animations: » 02/28/01
No, the animations are stored in a completely separate file from the art files. The model would have to have the exact same bone structure to work, however...

Hope that answers your question.


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