Vampire High

Here is the info on the new Sky1 teen drama ...


Creator and EPs: Mark Schekter and Garry Blye
Music composed by: Simon Carpenter
Produced by: Productions La Fête / Microtainment in association with YTV (Canada)
Category: Live-action teen comedy; 26 half-hour episodes. Aimed at teen and family audience. Produced in Canada, first shown in Spring 2001 (this is probably why hardly anyone has heard of it: it is not due to be shown in the USA until September)

Regular Cast:

Jeff Roop (Drew), Meghan Orry (Sherry), Karen Cliche (Essen), Ilona Elkin (Merrill), Paul Hopkins and Joris Jarsky. David McIlwraith stars as Doctor Murdoch.


After centuries of being portrayed as evil, vicious predators, the grand council of vampire elders determined that the new generation needed a make-over and learn how to fit in. Albeit, after hours. Welcome to Mansbridge Academy, a normal high school by day, but home to a group of teenage vampires when the sun goes down. Here they learn how to juggle math, history, and science with their need to rebel and break the cardinal rule - no mixing with the day students. They are under the care of Dr Murdoch, who is determined that they will be redeemed. Their training tries to teach them how to curb their thirst for warm blood. One small complication is that Drew, one of the Vamps, has fallen for the lovely Sherry, a normal, girl day student. The others fall under the sway of Marty - a real renegade vampire who has obviously overdosed on watching Jack Nicholson movies, especially Batman.

News Stories:

Shooting resumes (Montreal, May 5, 2001)
Producer Rock Demers was happy to announce that the shooting of Vampire High will resume on 7 May, after series was interrupted in mid-February as the American distributor was in default and could not complete its $3 million payments. He said they had bridged the gap in the funding of the series that would ensure the series would be broadcast, in Canada and around the world. The writers have resumed their work and the post-production continues on the first 13 episodes. It is anticipated that the shooting of the next 13 episodes will be completed by July and the YTV network will begin broadcasting Vampire High in the fall, as scheduled.

Buffy Copycat? (Canadian Press)
Television is nothing if not a big old copy-cat, eager to identify the latest smash hit and make another one just like it. So it's a little surprising it took YTV so long to come up with Vampire High: The Mansbridge Chronicles, a Canadian-made series to launch this fall on the popular channel for youth. The series follows fairly obviously in the tracks of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a US import heading into its sixth season every bit as wildly popular as ever -- if the response here Monday to one of its stars at the second annual Canadian Television Press Tour is any kind of guide. So cherished is Buffy that relative newcomer Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays Buffy's young "sister" Dawn, can say more or less nothing and scribes smile gratefully and write it down.
Reporters reverted to the Vampire High gang, where wanna-be stars Karen Cliche and Joris Jarsky were far more forthcoming. Cliche, a young woman with a bare belly, a refreshingly forthright manner and a potentially troublesome last name, explained the premise: Vampire High houses a group of five youthful vampires who have special powers, not unlike The X-Men, such as telekinesis. These creatures, known in the vampire world as Elders, live in the basement of the Mansbridge Academy and have enlisted the help of one of the school's instructors, Dr Reginald Murdoch (David Mcllwraith of La Femme Nikita fame) to teach them how to become more like humans, to learn their ways enough to eventually integrate with the race. Joris Jarsky - who plays Marty - thinks that their show was different to Buffy in being a metaphor for being young and feeling different.