Date: November 1852

Columns denote: Reference to Map/Occupier/Immediate Lessor/Description of Tenements/ Area (acres.roods.perches)/Total Value(£.s.d)

Only Totals of the Rateable Annual Value given.

H= House, O=Offices, L=Land, G=Garden, sG=Small Garden, Sm= Smithy, GY=Graveyard, Ord. S.=Ordnance Survey Map no.

CIVIL PARISH OF DUNISKEY (Single Townland Parish) (Ord. S. 71 & 83)

1a Richard Neville Thomas Beamish HOL 115.2.18 103.0.0
b Denis Riordan Thomas Neville H   0.12.0
c John Barry same H   0.4.0
d Michael Healy same H   0.5.0
e James Carroll same H   0.5.0
2a John Shinkwin Thomas Beamish HOL 104.5.35 71.10.0
b Edward Murphy John Shinkwin HG 0.0.11 0.8.0
c Jeremiah Murphy Sen. same HG 0.0.10 0.10.0
d Denis Murphy same HOG 0.0.23 1.4.0
e David Barry same HG 0.1.2 0.10.0
f Jeremiah Murphy Jun. same HG 0.0.37 0.10.0
3a John Collins Sen. Charles Beamish HOL 84.2.19 48.15.0
b unoccupied John Collins Sen. H   0.4.O
c John Collins Jun. same H sG 0.0.12 0.5.0
d Denis Murphy same HG   0.6.0
e Mary Carney same H   0.4.0
4 William Murphy Charles Beamish L 12.4.24 7.?.?
a Jeremiah Mahony William Murphy HG 0.10.0 0.6.0
b John Grainger same H   0.6.0
c unoccupied same H   0.6.0
d Denis Horgan same H Sm G 0.0.21 1.2.0
5a Denis Murphy Samuel Hutchinson HOL 24.1.14 ?.?.?
b Daniel Herlihy Denis Murphy H   0.6.0
c Ellen Mahony(?) same H   0.10.0
d John Walsh same H   0.8.0
e Denis Desmond same H   0.4.0
f William Barrett same H   0.12.0
g unoccupied same H   0.10.0
h Cornelius Horgan(?) Samuel Hutchinson O   0.5.0
i Martin Fitzgerald Denis Murphy H   0.8.0
j John Neill same H   0.10.0
6a Denis Desmond Sen. Samuel Hutchinson HOL 65.3.37 38.18.0
b Timothy Carey Denis Desmond Sen. HOG 0.0.28 0.8.0
c Henry Grainger same HG 0.0.19 0.6.0
d Denis Desmond Jun. same HG 0.0.33 0.8.0
e Daniel Murphy same H   0.4.0
7a Samuel Hutchinson Charles Beamish HOL 233.0.1 125.15.0
b Timothy Sullivan Samuel Hutchinson H   0.4.0
c unoccupied same H   0.4.0
d Samuel Hutchinson Charles Beamish HO   3.15.0
e John Lucy Samuel Hutchinson H   0.10.0
8a Charles Beamish Earl of Bandon HOL 419.1.1  
        22.0.7 266.0.0
b Charles Beamish Earl of Bandon O   1.2.0
c Jeremiah Keefe Charles Beamish HOG 0.0.11 2.2.0
d Jeremiah Desmond same H Sm G 0.0.10 0.16.0
e Owen Lynch same H   0.4.0
f unoccupied same H   0.8.0
g Charles Beamish Earl of Bandon O   1.15.0
h Michael Walsh Charles Beamsih H   0.16.0
i John Mahony same HG 0.0.28 0.6.0
j Jeremiah Murphy same HG 0.0.10 0.5.0
k John Connell same HG 0.0.10 0.5.0
l Charles Beamish Earl of Bandon HO   5.0.0
m Charles Beamish Earl of Bandon HO   4.15.0
n Daniel Reilly Charles Beamish H   0.4.0
o Patrick Sheehan same H   0.4.0
p Daniel Desmond same H   0.6.0
q Denis Murphy same H   0.5.0
      GY 0.0.20 0.1.0
9a Daniel Lynch Charles Beamish HOL 40.3.9 21.0.0
b Cornelius Crane Daniel Lynch H   0.6.0
10a Timothy Murphy Charles Beamish HOL 20.3.16 10.10.0
b Jeremiah Buckley Timothy Murphy HG 0.0.16 0.6.0
11a Denis Connor Charles Beamish HOL 40,2.8 24.0.0


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