c u l t o f d e g a n*        

words from august:

tuesday, august 14, 2001, 11:23 pm > update. thought i'd put up a new look since the site was down for so long. not like the other one was old, but you know, you get tired of things when you can't look at them for a month...computer trouble, you would think i could do something about that eh? not so much.here are some of the things that happened while i was away:

*i moved in with dean. everything's going super well and we are adding to our vast collection of ikea furniture. housewarming is friday.

*sarah and warren left for boston and then ottawa. bye guys. prolly won't see you for another year now.

*i somehow managed to join a baseball team. i'm still not sure how that happened since i *hate* baseball. i played it as a kid and was always standing way out in right field, picking dandelions and staring off into space. well, it was pretty much like that this time too, except there was beer.

*keeping myself entertained with lots of fun nervousness exchanges.

thursday, august 23, 2001, 12:32 am > housewarming troubles. okay, that was a bad idea, putting photos up when we're arguing with telus about our connection...and as a further taunt i just got back another error message "dhcp server unavailable". i deal with this all day long. is it so much to ask that i can have a stable internet connection when i get home? apparently it is. thank god i have dean for tech support.

let me instead tell you a story from our housewarming party on saturday. a rather wide variety of people came, which always interests me, because i love watching people interact. especially people that would normally not be in the same room together. when we went outside to smoke because it was too hot in the apartment (alas, i gave up my deck...) i met a strange boy waiting for someone and brought him along upstairs. turns out he was the girlfriend of the new girl downstairs. what a way to meet your neighbours. this considering that andrea was carrying a plastic pitchfork and we were speaking loudly of rahter obscene things...we had a keg of beer, we were loud, what do you expect? except that dean has lived in the building for some 5 or so years already, so i just know they think it's me. i'm the bad influence, the evil one.

how was i to know that it was 2 in the morning when we went outside to smoke? i don't wear a watch. but yesterday we got this notice under our door: rules - "the tenant or tenant's guest shall not cause or allow loud conversation, music...or an irritating noose to disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other occupants". yes, that's right. an irritating noose. personally, i would think any kind of noose would be irritating and i have half a mind to write them a notice back saying so, fancy paper with letterhead and everything. but then being cheeky never really gets you very far.

saturday, august 25, 2001 1:15 am > formula one adventure. "there is no strong coffee. only weak men." i saw that in a coffee shop in yaletown today and i quite liked it, altho i have been drinking my coffee with a healthy serving of cream and sugar lately.

so, all the adventures that were planned for this week seem to be off: i didn't make it to dave matthews band at the gorge today because monica forgot to contact me with the directions to the campground.i can't afford to go to summerlove tomorrow. or i guess a more concise way of saying that is that i am unwilling to shell out that much money for those dj's. that's truer. and we're not going mountain biking on sunday for tara's birthday either because we just aren't that good of planners. so i'm just mellowing this weekend. but next weekend - a long weekend (or make that another long weekend for me!) - we will have many adventures. Jason has even figured out a handy adventure formula to ensure that we get the best deal.

An adventure formula. This is what I think the adventure formula should be: A = U + (F)(Mb) That means Adventure (A) is equal to the Unknown (U) plus Fun (F) multiplied by Mind-bending substances (Mb) See now all we have to do is fill in the blanks! Like this: The Unknown is where we are going to go for our adventure Fun is what we are going to do once we get there Mind-bending substances can range from drugs to alcohol to huffing gas. OK, not huffing gas. So I will take this formula with us

sounds like a plan..

thursday, august 30, 2001 12:44 am > partying with rock stars at the alien sub-station. .i think only jason and i can plan to go out for an evening of strippers and drinking and adventure-planning (according to our new formula) for next weekend and then find ourselves partying with rockstars, doing some leftover mushrooms and wandering the beaches of vancouver until all hours. i may not have a clue what's happening next weekend, but i have some pretty concrete evidence that there are aliens in granville island.

um, yeah. whatever. my boyfriend is away this week so i have taken it upon myself to do some pretty illicit things...things like watch a whole lot of chick movies, fall asleep reading on the couch, sleep in, take long naps, leave wet towels on the bed, order chinese take out... i'm bad-ass, can you tell?

speaking of chick movies, hollywood has forced their version of reality on us with yet another film in captain corelli's mandolin. great movie, lovely scenery, shame about the ending. sorry if i ruined that for anyone. read the book, you'll be happier.