Naughty Kids Punishment Pants - For Boys


Has there been a time where Johnny needs a trip over mummy's knee, but mummy has been too busy to spank and corner properly. Is the answer is yes then mummy needs Naughty Kids Punishment Pants. 

With Johnny dressed in a pair of Punishment Pants, mummy can simply deliver a spank to the boys bare bottom at the touch of a button. 

Naughty Kids Punishment Pants consist of a Parental Control Unit about the size of a TV remote control that is carried by the parent. The second and most important part of the package are the pants themselves. These are made from Ultra Stretchy Lycra and are available in a large range of sizes to insure they closely fit the contours of your child's little bottom.  


How do Pants Spank

The secret of these pants are the miniature electrodes sewn into the lining at strategic locations. Each pare of electrodes can impart a smarting sting to that area of the child's bottom. In tests these sensations have been likened to a parental hand spank (or at the higher setting, a carefully applied spank with the hairbrush)

How to apply a spanking

Spanks are issued from the PCU by selecting HAND or HAIRBRUSH and pushing the button that relates to the area of the bottom you wish to smack.i.e. 
Left Cheek, Right Cheek, Sit Spot, Crack. The pants will then fire two random electrodes in the chosen area, insuring an even distribution.
When a longer spanking is required, the parent can set the severity and the number of spanks, press the Spank button, sit back and watch the show.

Semi - Manual Spankings

The Punishment Pants also include 2 sensors situated over each buttock that when activated from the PCU can impart a spank when they are patted by a hand. This can allow semi automated spankings that can be administered of the knee, by a parent or a sibling that may not normally have the strength to give a proper spanking.


The Warning Button

The PCU also has a warning button that when pressed creates an aprehensive tingling feeling in the childs bottom. This can be used to warn the child that continuation of current behavior will result in a spanking.


Benefits of Punishment Pants

  • A spanking can be given at any time, without the child having to be within reach

  • A spanking can be given in any position, sitting, standing or at play

  • If your child is a struggler, and kicks and wriggles over your knee and likes to cover his bottom, a traditional spanking can be hard to deliver. OTK Spankings with the child wearing Punishment Pants is very different. Although there is no need for the boy to be over your knee, this position can add to embarrassment and submission, and no matter how much wiggling goes on, every spank will land with exact force.

Ideas for parents using Punishment Pants

1. A warning from a distance

You are standing at the kitchen window doing the washing-up and see Luke & Matthew in the garden fighting over a toy. One remotely issued spank across each little bottom soon stops their misbehavior without needing to leave the house.

2. Misbehavior before a shopping trip

You are just about to leave for the Mall but Sam has started being naughty. You don't have time to smack his naughty bottom, but you still need to teach him a lesson.
Try dressing Sam in shoes, socks, punishment pants and a short T-Shirt, secure him in his car seat and set the punishment pants to deliver 2 spanks a minute for the duration of the car journey. In addition the embarrassment of making Sam walk around the shops with his Punishment Pants clearly visible will serve as a deterrent and also allow you to nip any additional naughtiness in the bud.