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Re: A blast from the past...1950's Home Ec Class (22Jan) (Richard in Cincy)
Previous Message: Oh barf, maybe HE should do what I do all day, then I could lay back with a cool drink, Opps, Have to go vaccumn! NOT nt (Margaret in PA)
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 10:29:15 GMT
From: Jim (@ [])

Chill out girls

Just sub her for him and I do it every day.  
But so is the life of a house husband

Alert us of bad posts.


1. It's not the issue of who's the homemaker, its the UTTER subservience thats appalling, no matter who does it (nt) (Harimad in Evanston )
1. here here (nt) (Jo )

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