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SongSpy  1,272,002 downloads

SongSpy is a new MP3-sharing program that rewards its users with actual prizes for sharing music via its Karma System. If you fancy yourself an unselfish music enthusiast, SongSpy is the gateway to 24/7 downloads. SongSpy takes the work out of expanding your music library. It offers an enhanced protocol, a smaller, but cleaner interface, a totally rewritten client code, numerous server enhancements, and much more.

SongSpy XE has a much lower memory footprint, numerous bug fixes, and more reliable downloads.

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"The new Napster"
This is even better than napster. It is faster, it has more songs, and it has skins. I was looking for a lot of new filesharing programs everyday but this is the # 1 out. Even if napster comes back this is better.

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 Quick facts
Company: SongSpy Corp.
Version: XE beta 1.0
Date added: July 24, 2001
File size: 1.4MB
Approx. download time: 3 min. at 56 kbps; Clock this download 
Downloads: 1,272,002
License: Free
Minimum requirements: Windows (all)
Uninstaller included?: Yes
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79%   21%   (742 votes)
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