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About the DCANG

The DC Air National Guard is located on Andrews Air Force Base, in Camp Springs, Maryland. We are home to the 113th Wing: the 121 Fighter Squadron (including the F-16 Fighting Falcons) and the 201 Air Lift Squadron; the 121 Weather Squadron; and the 231 Combat Communications Squadron. 

The DC Air National Guard has called Andrews AFB home since the unit's post-war reorganization in 1946. We draw our members from throughout the District of Columbia metropolitan area, as well as from more distant points in Maryland, Virginia, and neighboring states. 

The unit has about 1,400 people, most of whom spend one weekend each month at Andrews for scheduled training. A smaller, full-time contingent maintains the day-to-day operations as a framework that supports the full-time flying training mission. 

We presently fly the F16-C and F16-D Fighting Falcon jet fighters, after conversion from the F4-D in January 1990. The F16 is the ninth different type of fighter in the wing's 44-year history. 

Throughout its existence, the men and women of the DC Air National Guard have been and will continue to be a vital part of the community and the total force. They stand ready to respond to the needs of the District of Columbia--and the nation--should the need arise. 

If you would like information about how you can become a member of the DC Air National Guard, call 1-800-610-4921 or (240)-857-2820, send an email to Recruiters@dcandr.ang.af.mil, or complete our information request form.

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