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Cakewalk Sonar

Cool pro audio tools
Cakewalk Sonar and Sonar XL
These two major refittings of Cakewalk Pro won us over, thanks to the addition of loop-based recording features and a new look. The XL version's synths and amp emulators will add to your home recording setup significantly.

Reviews & features

WinFM 1.1
We tune in to WinFM to see whether this new streaming radio player gives Windows Media Player static.

Windows Media Player 7.1
Point upgrades don't usually mean much, but not so with Windows Media Player 7.1. Find out what the buzz is all about.

Napster may soon start charging. iMesh lets you share music, video, and more, for free. But is it good enough?

Mac CD burning
CNET compares two Mac CD-burning software apps: the ever present Roxio Toast and CharisMac Discribe. Which one is music to your ears?

Pick a player
CNET compares four hot streaming media apps, from Windows Media Player to newcomer Yahoo Player. Find out which one plays first chair.

CNET reviews 5 semipro DV editors
If you've outgrown your rudimentary video editor, give one of these midrange applications a try. Which one do we recommend? Read on.

CNET reviews 4 low-cost digital video editors
Got video? If you own a digital (DV) camcorder, one of these video-editing programs can turn hours of wedding or vacation footage into a slick, stylized home movie.

Where to Download MP3s
You want good music and you want it now. Find out where to get it in our Net Guide to MP3 download sites.

Winamp 2.7
The latest version of this wildly popular MP3 player is chock-full of cool new features and important bug fixes. Should you upgrade? We'll let you know.

MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0
Our favorite jukebox software keeps getting better and better. We gave the download a spin. Get the full scoop on MusicMatch's new features in our review.

More reviews & features

Nero Burning ROM 5.5
Need more features than Easy CD Creator has to offer? Nero Burning ROM offers appealing extras for less.
Compare prices 

Media Jukebox 7.1
Need an all-in-one music player? Rumor has it that Media Jukebox does everything but buy the CDs for you. We settle the score.
Developer price 

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