MPAC Issues Statement on August 8 Bombing in Jerusalem

August 9, 2001

The tragic loss of human life in Jerusalem this morning is quite shocking. Unfortunately, it is the expected bitter result of the reckless policy of Israeli assassination that did not spare children and political figures.

The Israeli government has announced that there will be a response to this attack. This pattern of retribution, revenge and further retribution is very dangerous and had increased exponentially over the past month. MPAC holds Israel responsible for this pattern of violence.

Overwhelmingly, the casualties in this conflict have been Palestinian. To date, over 580 Palestinians have been killed at the hands of the Israeli military arsenal. One hundred forty of these Palestinian deaths have been children.

As the Israeli Peace Bloc, Gush Shalom, points out, “the policy of [Israeli] force has failed.” The terrorization of the Palestinian population by the Israeli army serves only to increase the frustration and despair that leads to such desperate attempts at retribution.

The conflict in Israel/Palestine is not a war. A war takes place between two armies; Israel is an occupying army attacking a civilian population. This occupation violates international law and has been the reason for countless UN condemnations of the Israeli government. Unfortunately, the occupation involves a level of brutality and force that is frequently underestimated in the American press.

MPAC reiterates its call for international observer forces in Jerusalem to impose a greater degree of calm and accountability in this conflict and calls for the complete demilitarization of Jerusalem.

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