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Sniffing Exercise
A few practical tips that may not make your dog a professional sniffer, but it would surely teach it the smelling skills needed to detect and distinguish between various articles.
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Dress Like A Rider
While dressing up formally, certain things should be kept in mind. For instance, if you are going to the gymkhana, you need to wear tweed hacking jacket, light coloured jodhpurs, a hard hat and Jodhpur boots.
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 Cats  Ask The Experts
House Soiling
One corrective measure is to confine your cat to one room until you are positive it knows how to use the litter box.
Dr Gautam Unny
Dr. Gautum Unny is one of Delhi's leading veterinary practitioners. Quiz him on anything from your pet to the world of animals in general.
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Choosing Your Goldfish
Don't be impulsive while choosing a goldfish. Look into factors including size, health, colour and eyes of the goldfish while choosing one. Healthy goldfish are usually active, nosey and friendly.
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 Animal Protection
Stray Cats
It shouldn't matter what the stray looks like or what breed she or he happens to be. In America, mixed breed dogs have become so popular that adoptions from shelters are at an all-time high.
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 Pet Trivia
Honey Bee City
The honey bee is never a loner. It can only survive in a community, with its proper place assigned, its responsibilities defined, in the cells of a hive - its home and its city.
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