Attack on America

Bush pledges to 'rid world of evil-doers'

President Bush pledged Sunday that the United States ''will rid the world of evil-doers.'' He told Americans, who begin a new week in the aftermath of Tuesday's terrorist attacks: ''Tomorrow when you get back to work, work hard like you always have.''
Fire truck lifted from the World Trade Center on Saturday.
Remembering Tuesday's victims

More than 35,000 gathered on the grounds of the Capitol under a dreary, sometimes drizzling sky Sunday for a two-hour ceremony to mark the memories of those killed in terrorist attacks Tuesday.

A delegation of senior Pakistani officials will go to Afghanistan on Monday to demand that the ruling Taliban militia hand over Osama bin Laden to the United States, a top government official said.

Go anywhere in Minnesota -- city, small town, farm country. New York and Washington, D.C., seem very distant today -- and terrifyingly close.

Local battles loom over property taxes

Concerned that the property-tax relief enacted by legislators last spring could evaporate in the face of increased spending by local governments, a taxpayer advocacy group has distributed hundreds of "Stop the Tax Grab" kits in anticipation of budget meetings that could be the most contentious in recent history. | Metro

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Young farmers face huge obstacles

As a generation of farmers moves closer to retirement, thousands of young Minnesotans worry about whether they can make a decent living, despite the billions of dollars in government subsidies paid to farmers every year. | Business

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