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Apply for FBI
U.S. Attorney General announced today that the FBI is seeking arabic-speaking Americans to apply for positions. For more information and qualifications that applicants must meet, please call 1-866-483-5137 or visit the FBI Web site at
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Banner-towing planes grounded by FAA
Flights such as small aircraft towing banners near Tennessee's Neyland Stadium are prohibited under strict Federal Aviation Administration rules that went into effect last week, a Knoxville pilot examiner said Sunday. Bob McConkey said the FAA tightened its guidelines immediately after terrorists hijacked commercial planes last Tuesday and crashed them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Expect wet feet and splendid seasonal colors on Meigs Creek
Good timing, great rock-hopping skills or a willingness to hike with wet feet: These are the prerequisites for an enjoyable hike on the beautiful Meigs Creek Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Play and Win with News-Sentinel CASHO! Our most popular reader contest is back and YOU CAN WIN! Look for your CASHO card in the Sunday, August 26 newspaper.

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Knoxville --
AP Photo/Zia Mazhar

Supporters of Osama bin Laden chant anti-American slogans as they are arrested by police Monday in Karachi, Pakistan. Pro-Taliban supporters in Pakistan are protesting nationwide against the possible strikes of America on neighboring Afghanistan. The protesters were arrested because the demonstrations are banned.

Taliban leader to let Islamic council decide whether to hand over bin Laden
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) - The supreme leader of Afghanistan's hard-line Taliban will let a grand council of Islamic clerics decide whether to hand over suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden to the United States, the Taliban-run radio said Monday.

 America intensifies threats toward Taliban
 Taliban shut down airspace over Afghanistan
 Muslim scholars debate legitimacy of suicide bombings
 An Attack on America photo gallery
 MSNBC Video: Pakistan to issue ultimatum

Mourners flock to Knoxville churches
In churches, mosques, synagogues and cathedrals across East Tennessee this weekend, the people brought their hurt and confusion to their God and to each other. News-Sentinel reporters visited some of the religious gatherings and found messages of comfort and hope.

 Tragedy fills nation's churches
 World's Christians express sympathy
 Muslims, Arab-Americans cite more threats, vandalism
 Wedding bands, tattoos ... anything to bring closure
 Partial victims list

Bush says U.S. military ready to defend freedom at any cost
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush vowed Monday the nation's military would "defend freedom at any cost" and the Federal Reserve cut a key interest rate to shore up the economy as the nation grappled with the aftermath of the worst terrorist strike in its history. The stock market opened with a sharp slide in prices.

 Rumsfeld says fighting terrorists requires unconventional weapons, tactics
 Grim ID work awaits forensics experts
 Array of law enforcement tools sought from Congress as grand jury secrecy conceals details of arrest warrants
 Personal liberties take back seat in pursuit of security

Hot off The Wire
 Bush: We'll Win War Against Terrorism
 Dow Ends Down 685, Nasdaq Falls 116
 Afghans Urged to Deliver bin Laden
 Bush Seeks to Help Airline Cos.
 Lower Manhattan Returns to Work
 Synagogues Increasing Security
 Koreas Near Reunion Agreement
 Source: NFL, Refs, Agree to Contract
 Security High As Sports Resume


Dow ends down 684 points
NEW YORK (AP) — Scared investors sent stocks reeling Monday as Wall Street resumed trading after its longest shutdown since the Great Depression. The Dow Jones industrial average set a record for a one-day point drop and closed below 9,000 for the first time in more than 2 1/2 years. The decline came despite a surprise announcement by the Federal Reserve to cut its key interest rate to try to keep the economy from plunging into a recession.

 Airline and travel-related stocks drop sharply as markets reopen
 Fed cuts interest by half-point in effort to boost economy
 European markets rise, Asian prices fall in advance of Wall Street reopening
 Germany utility RWE offers $4.6 billion for American Water Works
 New Yorkers return to work in a city nothing like the one they knew
 Thwarting terrorism, ORNL ideas may blossom as America recovers, reinforces
 Airlines ask feds to provide aid, armed security force
 Security at airports and on airliners is goal

Some fans still fearful
Fans return to ballparks today concerned about more than pennant races. Many are scared they could be targets for terrorists. From stadiums on college campuses to sparkling new baseball parks, attending a game might never be the same.

 Commentary: Play ball! Does anyone really care?
 Commentary: Stadium gates open, but when will sports be the same?
 Yankees visit grieving family members

Health & Fitness
UT has Alzheimer's on the run
Within 10 years, Alzheimer's disease may be a memory. If any one of a number of research efforts pans out, doctors may someday be able to cure or prevent the disease, which affects more than 4 million Americans -- 70,000 of them in East Tennessee.

 Join in Race for the Cure on Oct. 20
 Counseling, medication aid post-traumatic stress disorder
 Colleges seek to educate students of meningitis vaccine
 Local health briefs

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