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Mac Care Unit
by Casady & Greene
Total Care for your Mac!
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Mac Care Unit is the software every Mac needs for the Diagnosis, Cure and Prevention of problems with:
•files and extensions
•hard drive fragmentation
•back-up of data
•duplicate files
•disk directory damage
•Internet intruders
•computer viruses
•and much more!

Compare Mac Care Unit against the competition and see the difference!

Mac Care Unit is the all-in-one solution for most Mac problems you experience every day. With Mac Care Unit you always have the right solution for your problem. Included with your purchase is the Mac Care Unit Flow Chart that shows you how to:
   •Keep your Mac running smoothly
   •Protect your data
   •Solve everyday Mac problems
Click here to view the Mac Care Unit Flow Chart.

System Requirements:
Mac OS 8.1 or later
CopyAgent™ requires Mac OS 8.5 or later

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Mac Care Unit box, a collection of seven award winning mac utilities
Conflict Catcher™ v8.0.8
by Casady & Greene, Inc.
DiskWarrior™ v2.1
by Alsoft
PlusOptimizer™ v1.3
by Alsoft
CopyAgent™ v1.0.1
by Connectix
NetBarrier™ v2.0.3
by Intego
VirusBarrier™ v1.5.3
by Intego
Chaos Master™ v1.2.1
by Casady & Greene, Inc.

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Conflict Catcher 8, a Mac utility to solve many problems including statup conflicts Conflict Catcher™ v8.0.8
by Casady & Greene
  • Manage files in your system folder
  • Clean-install system merge feature
  • Create conflict tests

Disk Warrior box, a Mac utility to optimize file directories DiskWarrior™ v2.1
by Alsoft
  • Rebuild your disk directory
  • Recover data
  • Prevent data corruption from happening

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Plus Optimizer, a Mac utility to optimize your hard drive PlusOptimizer™ v1.3
by Alsoft
  • Defragment your hard drive
  • Organizes your hard drive for maximum speed and efficiency

Copy Agent box, a Mac utility to help back up, copy and synchronize files CopyAgent™ v1.0.1
by Connectix
  • Manage backups safely and automatically
  • Synchronize multiple file-writing across a network
  • Schedule it and forget it

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NetBarrier box, a personal firewall mac utility NetBarrier™ v2.0.3
by Intego
  • Personal Firewall allows for total control on incoming and outgoing data
  • Anti-vandal feature protects your machine from outsiders
  • Filter blocks access to personal strings of data on your computer

Virus Barrier box, a mac utility for virus protection VirusBarrier™ v1.5.3
by Intego
  • Eliminates all known viruses from your Mac
  • Non-intrusive presence functions without constant pop-up distractions
  • Automatic updates via the Internet

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Chaos Master icon, a mac utility to help optimize hard drive clutter Chaos Master™ v1.2.1
by Casady & Greene, Inc.
  • Locate lost file data
  • Check for corrupted data
  • Automatically scours the net for software updates to programs
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