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New game discussion

2001-08-03 12:16:26
So, what do you think of OMOTAC, Bloka, and Sky Diver Dan. Here's my thoughts:

OMOTAC: Pretty good. Nice work, MJRA. It's a pretty good replica of asteroids. Why, I remember playing the Atari version shooting giant fish flakes... ^_^

Bloka: Better than Mega Bouncy, but worse than some others. Why must bat and ball games like this and Mega Bouncy have a big ball and a tiny paddle? The diameter of the ball is as big as the surface of the paddle! An odd thing... I had to click out of the game to block someone trying to hack my computer and when I resumed the game it ended... Must have done that as an Alt bug fix...

Sky Diver Dan: Not too bad, it's original, but that score bug really annoys me. It didn't submit my score!

What do you think?
2001-08-03 12:54:07
Oh, and Bloka did that "Wake Up" thing while I was playing. #@#(!$#!%!@%^!#$
2001-08-03 13:02:41
cheers Mr.crispy! Thanx!
2001-08-03 13:05:54
You're welcome.
2001-08-03 13:10:28
I thought that the wake up bit was funny. The wake up bit is a warning!
2001-08-03 13:10:44
The good thing i think about omotac is it doesn't use the direction calculator, the only extension it does use is fastloop to create the stars. The one problem is the collisions at slow speed with the asteroids i think...
2001-08-03 13:28:35
It's not so funny when it ends your game when you're playing the game!
2001-08-03 13:40:35
I have one comment about Bloka: why must the ball have random bounces? It's so annoying. It really takes most of the skill out of it.
2001-08-03 13:46:38
Do you guys want a tip to kill the alien, if enough of you say so in the next 10 mins i'll give you a clue!
2001-08-03 13:54:13
Is it turn quick and shoot it? ^_^ But seriously, if you go offscreen and wrap around, it takes longer to turn, aim, and shoot it. (The fade in is annoying... one time I got pasted by asteroids because you can't shoot it while it's fading... other than that it's great)
2001-08-03 13:55:25
YES / 0
2001-08-03 13:59:02
wrap around the play area and come behind it, then it doesn't turn
2001-08-03 14:19:02
as fast
2001-08-03 14:19:34
ps... anyone who wants a copy of the game can have one requests to I'll be on holiday as of tomorrow so dont expect response for 2 weeks!
2001-08-03 14:28:37
2001-08-03 14:59:47
Hmm... Cold Tea... TI-Bounce... The authors also got gold in them. But they are new. Soon enough people will have scores in the ten hundred thousand million billion trillion zillion range. What's he supposed to do? Oops, I accidentally got a high score when I was seeing if everthing was ok with my games. Where's this rule anyway? If you don't like it, then get a high score and knock him off. It's not like you're a bad game player like me...I don't have a high rank in a game like you do... I did, but I don't now...
2001-08-03 15:16:00
I did that with my first games here. Now I try all I can to not get a highscore :)

Well, if it actually is a official rule, why isn't it stated anywhere?
2001-08-03 15:23:25
Although I did put a low high score on Dream Machine when it first came out (scoreboard wasn't filled), I never abused it. My personal best score for that was 4,254!
2001-08-03 15:55:44
I think its GOOD for authors to get high scores on their own games, gives others a Challange.
2001-08-03 17:32:33
ps.. it was random who added the fading of the asteroids in.
2001-08-03 17:43:59
Stevie has fixed the score bug.
He did somthing to my game when he added the CodeGen thing.
2001-08-03 17:45:29
I've found bugs in my own game!

1: You don't always get past the 2nd level, this happened once.

2: The ball managed to get off of the screen on the 2nd level.

How far have people got. By far the best level in the game is the funny bonus round, which requires you to defeat both of the bosses in the game.

As for the random ball direction thing, it's not totally random, but I think the ball could do with a slightly lower chance of a random bounce. I'll probably update it, so that level 2 bug can be sorted. Very minor update though, one thing, why did you make it so that the balls move at the beginning of the levels Random?
2001-08-03 19:09:01
mhm yea but authors r amazingly good at there own games, and can gain plenty of credits n medals from it ...maybe before its filled is ok to gvie others a target but not after
2001-08-03 23:02:19 about having the author's score stored separatelly from all of the other scores. Sort of like: "Can you beat the author's score?: Name Score." That way, the author can play all she wants and not get v-credits and such for her scores. Plus, she can't annoy everyone by taking up first place or whatever.

[Marvels at how he's given two good suggestions in one sitting :-)]
2001-08-04 02:35:28
That's not that good of an idea, seeing as I'm not that good at my own game, I'm consistently in 4th!
2001-08-04 05:22:07
I've now hauled myself into 1st on my own game, by a margin of 400 points. But that score I have is still pretty low, considering I had one more normal level, one more boss and the bonus round still unplayed. Whoever gets to the bonus round 1st will end up with a score considerably higher than anyone else's.
2001-08-04 06:13:04
mmmm thats a good idea only....
i aint no her :)
2001-08-09 16:08:23
*Draging topic back up from the stagnant topic list*
Feel free to discuss other new games here.
2001-08-09 16:15:42
One thing about Nikko racer, it for some reason, seems as though the car is around the wrong way!
2001-08-10 10:41:45
why do all of the new tgames have sample music? its killing my system!
2001-08-10 10:47:19
Has anyone tried Sub Terranean? It's fun, but a little hard when guys shoot at you.
2001-08-11 10:52:02
sample music? most games dont have sample music, its stupid. i only use midi.
2001-08-13 10:31:38
Bump all topic for great justice! ...Sorry, I just want to keep the discussion going...
2001-08-13 11:27:07
If you want the topic to continue you should add content and not just bump it up.
2001-08-13 11:29:20
I sent in a game called Wackin' 2 but Giles has not put it up yet. It's an arcade game where you have to destroy the snakes with a sword. Maybe it will be up in a few weeks.
2001-08-14 04:58:05
eekos none of the new games have sample music
is that what u meant about square tearsia?
lol its just midi !!
2001-08-14 08:38:28
Jeff... *sniff* What you said made me feel bad. I haven't been able to play too many games. Hackers are constantly flaming my dad's computer (which I use to surf the internet) from the moment I turn on the computer til I turn it off because he has one of those high speed internet access dealies through the cable company. I mean, 30 attacks from the same person at the same time? I have to stop every few seconds to block them. Hmm... Haven't got anything yet while typing this message, so maybe they gave up.

At any rate, here's my two cents:

I call Shotgun: For some reason I can't play it.

Nikko Racer: Haven't played it much, though it s seems hard to hit the ball in the hole.

Sub terranian: Seems pretty good, I only played a few games though. Only as someone said, it is hard to aim precisely sometimes.

Square Tearisa: I hate this game. No challenge, no real gameplay, and no real way to lose. I mean, I am just plain awful at "Boxxle"ish games and I got bronze on my first attempt. there should only be one solution or variations of the same solution, like in Blockhead.

I hope that helps clear things up.
2001-08-14 09:17:54
Mr. Crispy,
as far as I know, those "hacker attacks" (in my understanding they are crackers or even only stupid fools) that your software firewall shows up, are not attacks directed to -your- computer. Usually it's just a dumbass (sorry for that word, but I like it) who scans an area of addresses to find someone to attack. Most software firewalls that are in the area of such a scan, report it as a attack - and usually the users begin to panic. Combined with a hand full of paranoia, this can really drive someone insane.

Ever thought about how many people are online at the same time? The chance that someone who has the skills to damage your system picks your computer out of millions is almost none. And even in case someone manages to nuke your computer or something similar - you restart and everything is fine... compared to the pain always to hear the firewall moaning this is the way I prefer.
Win98 is quite secure against nukes and stuff like that. Better you should be aware of trojans. Cause these are -really- directed against -you-. But don't use a software firewall against those - use an anti-virus software.

Maybe I got you wrong and you don't use a software firewall, but a real one (like a router or whatever) - but then it's strange that something disturbs you.

-don't be afraid-
- be scared! -
2001-08-14 09:26:13
Mr Crispy

Check out Zone Alarm and or BlackICE
They are pretty good firewalls and will keep hackers away.

BlackICE is good since it autoblocks and cuts off the attempts to connect to your computer.
2001-08-14 09:42:32
My dad has has Black Ice, and the attacks aren't severe (just annoyingly frequent). I guess a lot of them are scans, but it's odd that both how they suddenly increased in the last week or two. I suppose I'm being a little paranoid, thinking that they were looking for weaknesses. Someone would have to have no life to try to break into our computer. As I said, it is just annoying. If I was really scared, I wouldn't be on the internet. I just brought it up because it was hampering my ability to play the games. They seemed to have died down now, so I feel there's no need to discuss this further.
2001-08-17 21:48:53
ok i've been on holiday for the past 2 weeks! Do people want omotac 2 soon, do you want to duel with the aliens or keep it similar, eg 1 alien at a time but it has lots of health, weapon and engine energy, or just loads of swarming aliens? This version is going to include powerups, which i think i'll add an interesting quirk to. People interested(i'll try to fix the collision problem), i know omotac hasnt had many plays?
2001-08-20 16:20:30
Add maybe one size larger for asteroids. I can't remember exactly, but I "think" Asteroids had 3 sizes. I could be wrong.
2001-08-20 19:51:58
I think in the second version you should have asteroids with health so its not a case of one shot kill, the biggest could have the most and the smalest could have hardly anything. The powerups could make your wepons more powerfull.
2001-08-21 02:42:05
With blood run, the score doesn't reset!
2001-08-21 03:18:57
I can't figure out how "Blood Run" is an adventure game.
2001-08-21 15:55:48
cheers for the feedback ill take your thoughts into consideration, i was considering a health object a shield object and weapons that enhance temporarily for extra bullets that dont drain reserves. Anyone want to see the gfx im gunna use for omotac 2(:crystal crazy is a working title wot do you think?)i'd appreciate as much feedback as possible, also i cant see why subterrainean and bloodrun are considered adventures when ball adventure wasnt and it was more adventurous(the title ;))
2001-08-24 11:34:19
Have you ever seen a QC in real life? They are overworked mental and physical wracks... they work so much, that they don't even know how food tastes like and especially not how to eat it...

if you would work SOO much like a QC does, you wouldn't care about the game categories at all... ;)

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