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Side Scroller games

2001-08-15 19:31:34
How do you make side scroller games with The Game Factory
2001-08-15 20:35:22
Have the camera always positioned at 0,0 from the player object. If the screen is the same hight as the playfield then it will only be able to scroll sideways anyway. You know, their is a help file.
2001-08-15 21:12:34
Use every 0.2 secends, it works better.
2001-08-15 21:13:38
It makes the screen scroll faster if the level is really big.
2001-08-16 00:27:18
If it still goes too slow decrease the window size and color depth.
2001-08-16 05:45:59
0.2 seconds? Don't you mean 0.02 seconds? 0.2 is equal to 5 scrolls a second. Very distracting.

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