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Do you always want more??? Is shared hosting too limiting??? Is dedicated server too much???

If so, our Virtual Servers are the right choice for you. 
Enjoy the power and the freedom of a dedicated server at just a fraction of the price.

All our Virtual Servers reside on powerful Pentium III Linux based servers.
You have our guarantee that a maximum number of 15 Virtual Servers will share the hardware, so you always get maximum performance and reliability. You will also have administrative (Full) access to your Virtual Server.

If you need any additional information and/or features, please send us an email at

The following is a list of features of our Virtual Servers:

   Linux 6.2 Operating System
   1/15 of the server's resources
   Approx. 4 GB Disk Space
   20 GB Transfer Per Month
   Administrative (Full) access
   DNS Server
   Apache Web Server
   Sendmail Mail Server
   Ftp Server
   Telnet Server
   Perl / Cgi-Bin
   MySQL Server
   SSL Enabled
   Ability to install almost any software
   and more... 

   for only
$59.95 per month.
   Order Now



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