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In my CD Player on 9/21/2001
Tool - Undertow
System Of A Down - Toxicity
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
Alice in Chains - Nothing Safe

Horoscope for 9/23/2001
Tempers will get out of hand today. Don't start the argument unless you're prepared to accept irreversible results. Be cautious handling tools, machinery, or dangerous objects.

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friday, september 21

11:07 AM

On a personal level, this week has went from abysmal to mediocre to good. That makes me happy.


wednesday, september 19

3:22 PM

According to this story, the list of "lyrically objectionable" songs (last mentioned in this post) was taken out of proportion. A spokeswoman was quoted as "It was one region trying to be sensitive to their listeners after last Tuesday's events." Okay fine, but I want to know if they're being sensitive to their listener's sensitivities or to their advertisers. What, me? Cynical? Of course not! I still believe that music of all forms can be cathartic for people, and most, if not all of the songs on the list were perfectly appropriate for that. (Update: Apparently the List has really gained some momentum. Here are links from the Urban Legends Reference Pages and The New York Times.)

Speaking of music, Sean and I went and saw Tool last night. We were on the floor so I didn't see as much as I would have liked, but it sounded fabulous. Maynard (the lead singer) said something really interesting last night:

"I have an assignment for you. Remember these feelings you're having: Good, bad or indifferent. Take them home with you. And in the coming months, create something positive that will heal the globe."
Good advice. I hope to follow it.

View the Toronto Sun's review of the show here and ChartAttack's review here. (I really wish the Star would do more archiving of their stuff so I could link their review for balance.)


tuesday, september 18

4:59 PM

RIP Mr. Dressup.

Mr. Dressup hosted a Canadian children's television show for nearly 30 years. Although he retired in 1996, he still travelled around and did shows, as well as acted in children's plays. He received both the Order of Canada, and an honorary doctorate in law from Trent University. And the funny thing is, he never became a Canadian citizen until 1994.

He was a good egg, and I'll miss him, even though I haven't watch the show in years.


monday, september 17

9:45 AM

Clear Channel Communications, the world's largest radio network, has sent out a list of songs that they consider "lyrically objectionable" in light of the tragedies. (View the list here) Some songs are considered obviously violent in their intent, but many merely are written metaphorically, and certainly aren't meant to be compared to the tragedies.

And of course, much of the music that is on the list is either heavy metal, hard rock, or nü metal. And frankly, I'm tired of loud music being the scapegoat of all that is wrong with the world. Loud/angry/depressed/bitter music is not the cause, it is the symptom. The list says that "all Rage Against the Machine songs" should be banned. Yes, they are an extremely political band, but not even listing all the songs seems like such a cop-out to me. We should be able to decide for ourselves. And if something bothers you that much, change the station. Or turn it off.

Sure some songs will upset people. But that's what the off button is for. That sounds callous and cold, but we have to remember that some people listen to violent, angry music to release their own aggressions, tensions and worries. What do we do for those people if that outlet is taken away? Everywhere I look, I keep seeing people say "turn off the TV, get off the Internet, turn off the radio" so we don't become overloaded with grief. And if listening to music makes you sad, angry or depressed, don't listen to it.

Banning certain songs from the radio is not going to make people stop hurting. And I don't think that this is something that should be an issue right now. There are so many other things that need to be worried about right now. We can't hide from what is out there, but we can talk about it together. If a song does something to you, why not talk about it? Maybe then fears could be reduced.

(Link found via Snazzykat)


friday, september 14

5:06 PM

Earlier this week, I sent some digicam pictures to Black's to be printed. I just got them back today, and they turned out great! They look like real photos and everything. The only pictures that look slightly pixelated are the ones that I recoloured to the point where they don't look quite natural, but that could also be because of the compression levels I used when I saved them. Considering I didn't pay a whole lot for the camera, the fact that I can get a decent print from it is fabulous.

Now that I know I can get decent prints, I actually want to take some real arty stuff, and recolour it totally different and get those printed. Or even create my own images using PSP or Corel.

The possibilities are endless - I might even fill up all of my picture frames!