Death of a Salesman

Winner of multiple awards


Starring Brian Dennehy as Willy Loman
This is Death of a Salesman for the millennium
                                      - Donald Lyons, New York Post



He's spent his whole life "way out there in the blue, riding a smile and a shoeshine," proud of his ability to sell anything to anyone and to provide for his family. Now he finds himself at the end of his career, and at the end of his rope. He's lost his job, the respect of his sons, and finally, his hope.  The towering presence of actor Brian Dennehy returns to Broadway to portray Willy Loman, Arthur Miller's American Everyman, in Robert Falls' production of Death of a Salesman, a work of tremendous emotional impact, as relevant today as when it premiered exactly fifty years ago.


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from February 21, 1999
with Arthur Miller 
with Brian Dennehy 


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