06.08.2001 - Time to confess...
So, what's going on here? Nothing, you might say. And I would have to confess: You're absolutely right. Did the dog change it's master? Silently stole himself away to another editor? Left for a bigger community? No no no. I felt quite good in this community, I liked the editor a lot, I liked NOLF a lot and I would be quite happy if I could continue my work here.

But I recently got a job-offer that's, well, verrrry good. Sadly this forces me to learn a hell of a lot of new stuff, changes my life and so on blablabla... to make it short: I just have no time left for editing right now.
I will not abandon this site yet, I really hope I'll find the time to continue this, but it may take a while. Be sure, IF I come back to editing, it will surely be for NOLF - well, if it takes longer, then for NOLF2 maybe...

At least I can offer the few hours a month it would take to play webmaster only. So if you have a tutorial and no webspace or just think it would be better to keep all this stuff in one place, send it in and I'll put it up.

Ahh, and to people who mailed me: Sorry it took me so long to answer, and sorry that I couldn't figure out a solution to all of you problems.
Still hope to see a SP addon sometime. Sadly the community is so small, we should have thrown our knowledge and time together...

Bye for now,

Ghost Dog

20.06.2001 - Another link, another tutorial, another host
Scubaduba sent me the link to their site Hydroculture several aeons ago, but I just forgot to check it out. I don't wanted to start collecting links to sites besides general ones (like NolfNews) and editing related, but they have quite a busy forum (including an editing one), so I took them under the Tutorial (now Editing) Links section.

There's also an unfinished Elevator tutorial added. I don't know if I should continue this right now or wait until either the source is released or we get some information on the (confirmed) possibility to do basic scripting in/for several objects. Would help making the controls for this elevator much easier.

And not to forget I stayed with Nolfworld as they changed the host, so update your bookmarks. e-Mail has changed too.

05.06.2001 - A new section: Quickies
Added a section 'Quickies' under 'Other Tutorials' for quick and dirty problem solutions.

02.06.2001 - A new editing site ...
In the Tutorial Links section you will find the Nolf Editing Ressources, a new site dedicated to get together Links to Nolf Editing Sites. There's also a section with usefull posts from the official forums, so they don't get lost. Very good idea!

I uploaded the tutorial about the 'missions.txt' again.

28.05.2001 - Custom messages corrected
A small mistake in the 'Install sample map' section was corrected:
Instead of 'copy MsgSample.ed ...' it now says 'copy MsgSample.dat ...'.
Same applies to the html that comes with the zip.

20.05.2001 - Horray for SYNC!
SYNC just sent me his tutorial about custom messages for NOLF. Check it out here. You can also download the zipfile including everything needed here.

I have to apologize that I didn't do any updates myself the last 5 weeks (was it really that long? Shame on me). But I'm quite busy working, so this (may) count as extenuating circumstances (just found this in my german-english dictionary).

Kind of bad news: I'm totally stuck with my SP level, mainly because it never really had an idea behind it, it just started as a testing and practising playground. So now I'm thinking of starting over, or leave it aside for some time and focussing more on the tutorials again.


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