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Penny Arcade does Interplay by Odin - 11:14
WHL Updated by Odin - 11:11
Fallouts Modding Scene is not Dead! by Odin - 11:08
Interplay getting sued! by Odin - 11:04
FO1 and FO2 for $10!!! by Odin - 10:57
Slight email problems: by Rosh - 8:52
Speechless: by Rosh - 0:21
Rant by Odin - 3:51
Afghanistan = Nazi Germany? by Rosh - 5:15
A real tear-jerker: by Rosh - 8:35

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Tuesday, September 25

Penny Arcade does Interplay by Odin - 11:14
Those crafty critters at Penny-Arcade have made a, well quite funny new comic. You can all guess that it's about the recent Interplay trouble, go and watch it here.
Spotted at Penny-Arcade.

WHL Updated by Odin - 11:11
Gaist have run a rampage on the Wasteland Half-Life site, he's made several updates since I last visited (sorry man!). Here's the latest info on WHL:
I've only got a brief moment to update, so I'll be concise. Kruddman's whipping up new tribesmen which are quite nice, there's a new character waiting to pop up, the new sawedoff model is done and being animated (And for those keen on the 'proper' apocalyptic feel that we're supposedly lacking lately, you'll love the new sawedoff), and some maps are rolling nicely. Code is progressing, and the pineapple grenade is now up in the weapons page.
Beta 3 is just around the corner!!
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

Fallouts Modding Scene is not Dead! by Odin - 11:08
Good old Dr.W95 is still running his Fallout modding site and have made some new improvements. He's gotten some new maps for FOT and also the new BoSEE v1.5, so give him a visit won't ya.
Link: The Vats

Interplay getting sued! by Odin - 11:04
Apparently Bioware and Parallax is suing Interplay for breach of contract, which means that Interplay has distributed Bioware games to a third party without Biowares approval and they didn't get any royalties either, look here:
A lawsuit has been filed against Interplay Entertainment Corp. by Canadian software developer BioWare Corp. BioWare alleges in its complaint that Interplay has breached two contracts with BioWare by sublicensing distribution of BioWare games to third parties without the knowledge or consent of BioWare
A lawsuit has been filed against Interplay Entertainment Corp., British distributor Virgin Interactive and French company Titus Interactive S.A., by BioWare Corp., a Canadian software developer, and Parallax Software Corporation, a software developer based in Champaign, Illinois. The complaint alleges that there are additional royalties due to both BioWare and Parallax.
Makes you wonder doesn't it..
Grabbed this sucker from Duck And Cover.

FO1 and FO2 for $10!!! by Odin - 10:57
Well I finally managed to get some freetime, so here goes. Btw these news can be abit old, so bare with me on this one..

I spotted that tha chaps over at Gamespot had found Fallout 1 & Fallout 2 for $10 total!!! So if you haven't got those (SHAME ON YOU!!), go grab'em here.

Saturday, September 22

Slight email problems: by Rosh - 8:52
Having a few difficulties with my Gamestats email, likely due to the recent network situation of theirs.

Likely have recieved your email if you've sent it, but I can't read it just yet. If it's important, use the one from this post. Yes, it's a Snotmail account, but it'll have to do for the time being.

Thanks for the patience.

Speechless: by Rosh - 0:21
Just when you thought someone could be alone in the epitome of Bad Taste, here comes another that sets new lows.

I'm not making this up. There are people that will take advantage of the recent tragedy to further their own bigoted causes, and HERE is a sterling example of such. I don't understand how these jackasses can live with themselves.

Why is it these 'social leeches' will take anything and everything to berate and use in an accusatory tone and blame it on others?

I'm not against God or any other religion, but when you thump your Bible, please make sure it's not on someone's crushed and charred corpse. That's sick.

Discussion on this topic here.

Edit Note:
Meltdown passed this onto me. I found it, forgive me, ironically hilarious. The people who are supposedly the bastions of goodness are using this tragedy to condemn people and put forth judgements according to the scripture they wave in front in other people's noses that had best be left to their God, while the mob offers a helping hand. Crazy world, eh?

Wednesday, September 19

Rant by Odin - 3:51
Well, I'm truly sorry that I haven't updated any news lately. I've been so busy at work and stuff at home, that I haven't had the time.
I'll try to get some Fallout related work done soon, and update some more.

Next of course I'd like to say that this thing that has happened to USA is really disgusting, I can't understand how someone can do such a thing. My hopes and prayers goes out to the ones affected by this terrorist attack, and I hope you get the ones that did this!

P.s. I'll also be doing a Beta test of Etherlords, and my first impression is that it's really kewl! Reminds me of HOMM and Magic The Gathering at the same time..

Sunday, September 16

Afghanistan = Nazi Germany? by Rosh - 5:15
Ever on the top of things like this, Meltdown sent me another URL. One that I hope will cease the 'bomb them back' attitude, and the cries for war in general to be made at Afghanistan. Perhaps what should be done, is a liberation of the Afghan people.

Don't take my word for it, take it from an Afghan-American themself.

An interesting read, there.

Friday, September 14

A real tear-jerker: by Rosh - 8:35
Something Meltdown passed on to me that kind of leaves me at a loss of words at the moment other than introduce it.

I normally don't care for some of the 'point and laugh' sites, but this one has...well, look for yourself.


More help: by Rosh - 3:12
Even though I recieved no complaints about the rant yesterday, I do apologise again for it's tone, and I will refrain from making such virulent comments in the news section again. The sheer level of "speechless" was staggering, what one feels when presented with social leeches like that who use tragedies like recent events to further their own petty whining. I'm not against Vegans, nor Vegetarians or those who are legitimately against animal cruelty. But PETA, seek help. You are all whackos. Don't believe me, read their 'kids' section that makes Chick Tracts look open minded. Yes, people like that exist.

Well, here's today's link for useful information, and quite a bit of info therein.


Thursday, September 13

A moment, please: by Rosh - 7:09
I rarely like to rant on the places where I do news bits, but this next post is not going to be pretty. I apologise in advance if I upset some people, but I do feel a burning itch to point out some of the dumbest people in the world. If you do not wish to hear the ranting of someone seriously ticked off, go to the next news entry to find out how to help some more concerning the disaster like I have already donated a good sum of money to.

RANT MODE ON (You have been warned)

(Also archived on the forums too.)

Well, these are people who would rather kill themselves than see another animal die, despite their place on the food chain.

Yes, it's those lovable people of PETA, again. The huggy-feely bunch that used to mean good, now they are being anal and COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. In fact, THEY ARE HURTING OPERATIONS TO FIND YOUR LOVED ONES! THEY ARE HURTING THE OPERATIONS TO HELP THE INJURED! THEY ARE JUST USING THIS TO BE AN ANNOYANCE TO THE MAYOR!

Those who have loved ones trapped in the buildings, you can thank Peta because the NYC's Mayor's office was too busy answering harassing phone calls by people who are worried about 20 or so dogs and animals rather than the THOUSANDS of people that might be trapped and still alive. I don't think there's a single brain cell in the whole lot of them, considering a more logical place to call with such concerns would be the NY SPCA and Humane Society. Do something smart for once, this is nothing more than an excuse to rile people to fuel your tirade against your "Meanie of the Week". It's a weak ploy. You want to do something - don't just sit there and bitch at people, set down your Meat is Murder sign, get your ass in gear, and help out and do something contructive for once rather than your usual mewling and crying.

Yes! You can thank these wastes of flesh that are concerned with tying up the Mayor's office to dick-wave over the phone, while the Mayor could be more concerned with smaller trifles (in their eyes, at least), like organizing rescue crews and other important stuff. These wastes of air don't really get it that they could tie up the lines that could have been an important phone call.

Oh, but it gets even better.

"If you have a difficult time getting through to Mayor Giuliani due to phone line trouble, please don't give up; keep trying."

In other words, hammer his phone and fax so you can bitch your self-righteous and useless couch-dwelling fat ass off at someone who is already up to his ass in alligators. Of course, after once or twice, he's just going to hang up on you clueless sods on reflex. Don't you just love it when someone uses trite details to make themselves feel good at the potential cost of lives?

There might be people trapped in a building and dying, but let's go harass the Mayor so Fido can get a can of Alpo.

You STUPID, WORTHLESS...nah, I was tempted to call them people, but they are more worried about harassing someone with their self-righteous crap over 20 dogs instead of getting their lazy asses up and volunteering to help the people that might still be alive and the injured. Instead of helping, you're harassing someone who helps organize the emergency teams. What little respect anyone could have is now gone. Beat it, PETA.

Yeah, go put that topless painted lady with stripes and fuzzy-cutesy ears in a cage right next to the rubble. I give her about 20 seconds before her ass is beat to a messy death.

By the emergency crews.

More info on how to help: by Rosh - 5:18
Got this email, and oddly enough it was from one of those bulk spammers. Well, I guess they aren't complete bandwidth-hogging asses after all.

As we try to comprehend the scope of yesterday's tragedy, America's collective thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Here's what you can do to help:

American Red Cross needs financial and blood donations. Call your local Red Cross chapter or 1-800-GIVE-LIFE. The Red Cross web site has been down periodically but may be accessible at www.redcross.org. They are currently most in need of types O and RH negative blood.

AmeriCares has established a fund to aid the victims of the attack. Call 1-800-486-4357 or visit www.americares.org to contribute to the "Aid for Terrorist Attack Victims."

FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommends the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Web site www.nvoad.org, which contains links to religious and secular volunteer groups.

The Red Cross also has advice that can help people deal with their feelings brought about by the terrorist attack. Among recommendations for coping:

* Talk about feelings
* Ask for help - strong feelings can last for weeks
* Listen to other people and be kind
* Spend time with family and return to the usual routine
* Look away from graphic news videos
* Reassure children that parents will protect them and take every precaution to keep them safe
* Recall other fearful times that did not last forever
* Do something that could help others

Wednesday, September 12

Helping out: by Rosh - 21:51

You can also contact the American Blood Centers for blood donation centers near you by calling 1-888-BLOOD-88.

Source V13

Tuesday, September 11

A moment of silence: by Rosh - 13:31
Well, as a lot of you are already aware, a tragedy has befallen the WTC in NYC, USA. I could recap, or go into a rant, but at this point it would seem redundant.

There are some sick bastards out there.


Saturday, September 8

Three words: by Rosh - 20:39
Oh. My. God.

*shakes his head and remembers 'Super Avatar Brothers' and 'Virtue Raider'*


Friday, August 31

New poll, and a request: by Rosh - 1:06
I put a new poll up already, but for fairness' sake, wait until you see the new fan-fic system I'm putting in before voting. Ah, what the hey, I'll outline it here.

From the intro page of the Entertainment page, the fanfics and other work will be displayed in categories. Of course, our fan-fic section will be the largest, and up top (naturally) of the list. We're looking for a few more submissions as well. Art, skins for programs, whatever - it's all good.

Now, in each page of the subcategories, you will have two lists like the following:


Bubba in the Cornfield
Solomon Grundy Picks His Nose
Things Involving Sheep and Not Set in Rural Farm Country

Joking titles aside, I think you can get the general gist of the format I'm working on. It will list the authors, then all the work below that. That's not all...

Author Page:

Author's Name, Info, Homepage URL, Pic, etc.
Author's Works

In the author's works area, you will have a choice to see what materials they have worked on, of all categories.

Entry Page:

Title of work, Author, and link to Author's info at NMA.

(fanfic or whatever, divided into pages or whatever)

That way, when a person reads one piece of work, they can go onto the next of the series or even take a look at what other porojects the author has worked on.

Give it a few days, and it should be a bit more fleshed out. Currently, there's my working bit at here, where you can see a little of the work-in progress. Another announcement will be made when it's fully up and ready for submissions for people to be added to the list. For fairness, it will all be listed alphabetically.

Oh, before I forget. 427 of you probably subscribe to alt.sex.beastiality.with.chickens.whilst.wearing.rubber.knickers
and frankly, you scare us.
(both spoof joke newsgroups, but having existed in reality at some time)

Just kidding, of course. But seriously...ghoul pr0n?! ;-P
I'd rather have Arcanum!

Thursday, August 30

A bit of late news from EuroGamer: by Rosh - 16:23
EuroGamer has a bit about the financial details behind Interplay lately, and it's worse than I even imagined.

The rest of their line-up isn't likely to do them any good this year though, with Galleon, Hunter, Neverwinter Nights and the Matrix game all expected to appear some time next year. All of which may be too little too late - as of June 30th Interplay had just $677,000 in its bank account and had already chewed up $14.8m of a $15m credit line which it is now in danger of forfeiting. The company admits that it is "not in compliance" with the terms of the credit line, and if it is withdrawn it "would have a material adverse effect on the company's ability to continue as a going concern". The quarterly report mentions the possibility of Interplay being forced into bankruptcy or having to liquidate some of its assets if it can't find sufficient financing.

Just to make things even worse, the company was apparently late in filing a share registration statement back in April which has forced it to pay a $254,000 a month penalty to some of its stockholders. According to Interplay, "if the registration statement .. is not declared effective, we will continue to accrue a two percent penalty each month that [it] is not declared effective and there is no limit on the amount payable". Given the already fragile state of the publisher's finances, "we may be unable to pay the total penalty due to the investors". It's not a pretty picture.

Millions of dollars owed, and little in the bank. It is to be wondered if Titus will sugar-daddy them through this, or will Vivendi, but since the market recently is in a slump I do not think that the future looks good. I don't think that a company would risk that much to gain the rights to a few licenses that have proven to take a bit of time in regards to titles made. That's my opinion, but we'll all have to wait and see what becomes of the situation. That debt doesn't look good, and the future looks grim.

Currently of this news post, IPLY stock is worth $0.55, and raised 0.04 since previous closing. Kind of harsh when Yahoo Financial's graph cuts off at the 0.50 line and the line dips below briefly. A really far mark from their highest point of the year at $4.03 a share back in the November-December time frame and even further from their spot at the mid-point of '98.

Tuesday, August 28

Fan-Fic and more! by Rosh - 11:27
Coming soon as we wait for a few kinks to be worked out....no, not THOSE kinds of kinks. You and your sick mind, bleh. Well, as we wait for things to work out for the opening of No Mages Allowed, we're going to be working on some parts of the existing site.

Namely, the fan-fiction.

There's going to be additions of stories, plus a new category system by-author...should be interesting to see how it turns out.

Uh...that's after I fix the items database Odin's been hounding me about. :-P


The Plot Thickens... by Odin - 9:57
Bluesnews reports that more on the Interplay trouble, well just read here:
According to a report on MCV:
"The veteran US publisher has appointed Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing as its distributor in North America, although it appears that at present Titus will continue to handle the firm's line-up in Europe."
The report goes on with a quote from Titus:
"Titus' joint founder Eric Caen has confirmed to MCV that Interplay will retain its development and publishing autonomy within the group."
Meanwhile EuroGamer reports that CBS and Reuters incorrectly stated the deal mentioned yesterday was between Titus and Vivendi, when it was actually between Vivendi and Interplay (the business world can be so exciting), which means Titus will have a contract to honor, even if it manages to take control of Interplay's board next month (which is pretty much a given, as they are now the majority shareholder in the company). The EuroGamer story goes on with some apparently informed speculation that there is another possible twist in this case that could till give Interplay a spiteful last laugh:
Obviously not content with this spoiling move, our sources are now reporting that Interplay has filed to say that its shareholders want the company wound up! This could mean that when Titus gets hold of the reins in September the company will already be in Chapter 11 receivership. Somebody at Interplay obviously doesn't like the fox...
Well...I haven't got word for this, let's just see what happens before we make any hasty conclusions.

Updated Savegame editor by Odin - 4:32
Andre Detto's savegame editor for FOT have been updated and is supposed to feature new kewl additions (haven't tried it yet). Here's what Andre said:
It's even smaller than before and a lot nicer to use (i.e. the character names are actually given instead of a stupid number and it has a nice GUI now too). Far from perfect, but improved.
Link fot_edit_11.zip
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

WHL Updated... by Odin - 4:27
Gaist is updating like crazy over at Wasteland Half-life,here's the info this time:
Heads up from the wastes; In our ever vigilant quest for immersive combat and common-sense goodies, we're now prepping various weapons, such as the pump-action shotgun, so that when one crouches or aims one actually raises & braces their buttstock against ones shoulder, thus actually steadying their shot. Hard to visualize? Picture normal firing as from the hip. Now imagine in-game on a whim bringing it up to shoulder-level for a more accurate and less recoil shot. Voila. I'm sure you gun enthusiasts will love it.

Nirrad is hard at work on technical drawings for character armor designs. We're going all-out hardcore with this, and what it basically means is that the number of player models is tripled; Three for each character to represent light, medium, and heavily-armored conditions. Bon apetit my fair wastelanders, because it's looking damn awesome. Check out Gustavo's light gear here.

Oh, and I updated the Art De Wastes section quite a bit. Check out more sexiness within ;)
Beta 3 of WHL is getting closer and closer, here's their progress:
Maps: 94% , Models: 94%, Animations: 97%, Code: 73% and debugging: 10%.

Spr2gif Source Code.. by Odin - 4:22
Abel from TeamX have released the source code to TeamX's Spr2gif utility. You can grab them here.

Fallout named 4th Best Game Ever! by Odin - 1:08
Nick Steffel emailed me that Fallout 1 and 2 had been made the fourth best game ever at PCGamers Top 50 list. Here's the scoop:
In 1997, if you wanted to play a new RPG, Diablo was about the only game in town, and many felt that it wasn't really representative of "true" role-playing. When the original Fallout burst onto the scene later that same year with post-apocalyptic imagery that flew in the face of established "trolls and fairy dust" convention, it reinvigorated the then-sickly genre. In 1998, Interplay followed up on the game's success with a sequel that was every bit as brilliant and powerful as the original.
Thanks to Nick for this info, I'm sorry I haven't posted it before.

New Fanfic Guild: by Rosh - 0:00
Spotted over at V13, here is Fallout's newest Fan-Fic guild!

Hello and Greetings from the newest FanFic Guild around!

We are the Annunaki FanFic and Theory Guild, a series of fans who are dedicated to providing the masses with quality Fan Fiction of all types. We can provide guidance to all kinds of writers in any style, and won't give you any of that fluffy bullshit. You get straight, honest help and answers to your questions and Fiction. Please visit us at:


True Raven
Webmaster and Counciler of the Annunaki
Best wishes and good luck, also looks like there might be some Arcanum fan-fiction going on there too. When No Mages Allowed is brought up (some few details left to work out), share! :)

Update by Odin:True Raven also sent this email to me, but I too slow posting it. Thanks True Raven!

Older news articles can be found over here.

First Look: Tactics Mission Editors

NMA's Tactics Preview

What do you think of the new Fan Fic system?
Take me to the fan-fic board! (142)
It could do with a few more options. (37)
Very nice system, and deserving of the Fallout fan-writers (31)
I like the proposed system. (29)
Total Votes: 239

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