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    Pagan Pride Day is an event that celebrates who we are and strives to educate others on the nature and practice of our beliefs. Visit the website of our sponsor organization:


    We like to thank everyone that came out this this great event. Everyone did a wonderful job of just having fun. Give yourself a pat on the back from us. Now lets look at the numbers.

    • Atendants: 489 people walked thorugh the gate.
    • We raised $439 dollars for the Red Cross.
    • You donated 594 pounds of food to the Food Bank of NC.

    We are already planning for next year and now looking at doing other special events in the future. Check back every once in awhile for an update. We will be going through redesign of the website with new pages and updates to other events.

    Once again from us- Robin Samuels and Richard Taylor- we thank each and every one of you that came and helped out.


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