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Atlassian is a professional services company providing support for Enterprise Java (J2EE) development and software. We currently support two particular J2EE servers, Orion from IronFlare and OC4J from Oracle.

Getting started with Orion and J2EE? Atlassian now provides free Orion installation support - email us to try it out!

Atlassian offers a variety of support options for J2EE and Orion specific issues. Contact us for more information.

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The Atlassian knowlege base is the most comprehensive database of searchable Orion documentation, tutorials and support information.

A few of the key searchable resources are:

Whatever you're looking for, if it's been written about Orion, we have it!

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OC4J Bug Fix Release
Oracle has released a new version of OC4J - (get it here). This release fixes a few outstanding bugs in, see the readme.txt contained in the download for details.

These fixes will also be released by IronFlare in the next version of Orion (1.5.3).


HOWTO: Securing A Directory
Today we look at how to quickly secure a directory under Orion/OC4J using basic authentication and the XMLUserManager.


FAQ Launched - Your Questions Answered
We've written up many of the most popular questions that get asked of Atlassian into a FAQ. If your question is not answered in the FAQ, you an ask it here and witness our legendary service in action.


Orion Server Growth: 1400% in 12 months
The latest Netcraft figures for July, 2001 are in and it's good news - Orion posted another solid month of server growth, racing to become the 55th most used webserver on the planet - 1 place behind WebLogic. Read all about it.


August Augurs Well For Progress
Things are changing at Atlassian. The first thing you'll notice is our new look website (comments, complaints, compliments) which is a sign of the bigger things to come!

Our Atlassian support system has just gone into a public beta test phase. All clients should have received their login details via email. If yours hasn't arrived yet, please do let us know.


Orion 1.5.2 On The Wires
It may be old news for some but OrionServer 1.5.2 has been released. It's the next benchmark 'stable release' and therefore downloadable as a ZIP or via autoupdate. (Changelog)


Oracle 9iAS runs on Orion!
This is truly huge news. Oracle's newest J2EE container - called OC4J - runs purely on Orion code licensed from Ironflare. A great validation of the quality of Orion's code. [See also CNet »]

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