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Pet Messages

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There are several messages pets will now give you. Originally, there were just 2: guarding and releasing. Now there are several. So what do they look like and what do they do?

Seems nervous and irritable
If you view your journal, you will notice 2 messages: the old one and this one. Since there is so much text, you only see the last message. At any rate, the creature's current loyalty is 0.

That wasn't even challenging & You speak gently to your pet and it seems calmer.
When you attempt to tame any creature you have tamed previously or the creature's minimum skill difficulty is considerably lower than your curent skill level, your journal will inform you that the creature was no challenge. If the creature has had multiple owners or you are retaming it, you will have a chance of "calming" the pet. A check is done against your animal lore verses the creature's taming difficulty. If it was a successful check, you will calm the creature and set the creature's orneriness for one prior level, but never below the original orneriness level.

Looks around desperately
With the coming of the UO:R patch brought this message. Your pet gives this message when you've gone out of sight of the pet. Once this happens, your pet will give the message "a horse looks around desperately" while you are gone. Friends of the pet will also see this message when the owner is not within LOS of the pet. The time between messages is approximately 5 minutes and the loyalty will drop 2 levels every time the pet displays the message. From wonderfully happy, a pet will go wild in approximately 25 minutes.

The animal has been distracted, and you cannot continue taming
This happens when the creatures moves out of line of sight (LOS). Simply move back into LOS and retame, as there is no skill delay penalty.

Looks somewhat annoyed
This message is given by your pet when something walks towards you while guarded. While on a mount that is guarding you, you will receive a system message that it is annoyed as well.

This animal has had too many owners and is too upset for you to tame
This message is given by creatures who have had too many owners or if it has had 2 prior owners and you lack the skill to tame it a 3rd time.

The animal is too angry to continue taming
You receive this message whenever you attempt to tame a creature while it is receiving damage (normal, poison, or paralization). Stop the creature from taking damage and attempt to tame again, there is no skill delay penalty.

You seem to anger the beast!
This message is given when you make attempts to tame dragons/drakes/white wyrms. In your attempt to tame these creatures, you will anger them approximately 21/22 times before you will begin to tame the creature.

The "all" command does not work for orders that require a target
This is the fix for the bug where it would store commands and call them later. When the "all" commands were introduced, they were never meant to be used with a [target] cursor. As a result, when telling 3 pets to "all attack", only 1 would attack, and the other 2 attack commands were stored away and retrieved when your next target cursor came up. This now only tells the last pet you commanded to follow your command without storing the other commands.

Your pet refuses to follow that person
This is basically a failed follow command that only appears when you use the command in combination with a target cursor.

You cannot tame this creature
You will receive this message if you are a female attempting to tame a ki-rin, or a male attempting to tame a unicorn.

You cannot tame this creature while polymorphed
You will receive this message while polymorphed and attempting to tame either a unicorn or a ki-rin.

Your mount senses your trouble and opens a gate for your escape
You receive this message only while riding unicorns. Once you drop to 30 health, the unicorn will open up a gate. At the present time, the gate returns you to the point of it's origin. So basically, you go nowhere. This will probably be fixed before it reaches a live shard. There seems to be a delay as to how often this special ability can be used.

Your mount calls down the forces of nature on your opponent
You receive this message only while riding ki-rins. Once you drop to 30 health, the ki-rin will rain lightning bolts on your opponent. The exact amount of damage is unknown. It dropped our test harpy down to half health. There seems to be a delay as to how often this special ability can be used.

Seems a bit nervous
This seems to have no real effect on your pet. This happens most often when I spam commands to my pets, but is not limited to talking.

Lunges and recoils, as if attacking an invisible opponent
Another message that seems to have no effect on the pet.

Stares fixedly off into the distance
Yet another message that seems to have no effect on the pet.

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