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Sunday Night Heat
August 8, 1999
Live from Detroit, Michigan

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Written by: Ultimo

Val Venis defeated D-Lo Brown by Disqualification, to let D-Lo retain the Intercontinental Title.
- Val Venis compared himself to a Republican taxcut for his sexual joke. After D-Lo Brown made his entrance, Jeff Jarrett, along with Debra, made his way out for color commentary. As D-Lo was distracted by Jarrett, Venis attacked him from behind, for an early advantage. Jarrett talked about taking the Intercontinental Title back and blaming Debra for losing it. As Venis continued to dominate the match, Jarrett ran in to attack him, making sure D-Lo would keep the title. D-Lo and Jarrett started to go at it, with Venis joining in to scare Jarrett out of the ring. Jarrett and Debra argued as they made their ways to the backstage area.
It was announced that Kane had chosen Road Dogg as his tag team partner to take on The Acolytes later in the show for the Tag Team Titles. RD was shown in the backstage area, trying to talk to Kane.

Al Snow Interview, with Pepper, Conducted by Kevin Kelly.
- Kevin Kelly said all appeared to be well with Al Snow, since the voices had stopped since Snow got his little dog, Pepper. Kelly said he had a hard time believing Snow could talk to a dog. Snow brought up a list of animals that spoke in movies and other television shows, with Kelly saying that wasn't reality. Snow said he wanted the Hardcore Title back, challenging The Big Bossman to a match for the Summerslam PPV. Bossman made his way down. As the crowd chanted, "Bossman sucks," Bossman said Snow knew he (Bossman) beat him before and it would happen again. Bossman said he had been wondering how many times it would take to beat Pepper to get him to talk. He talked about frying the dog on his nightstick and stepping on it. Bossman said he would get Snow and his little dog at Summerslam.

Backstage, The Acolytes prepared for their Tag Team Title match with Kane and Road Dogg.

A Tori vignette was shown, where she had body paintings.

Tori defeated Lexy Fife with a Bodyslam.
- It was announced Tori would take on Ivory for the Women's Title at the Summerslam PPV. Tori nailed Lexy Fife with some stiff kicks. Fife tried to get a few maneuvers in, but Tori remained on top, and finished off the match with a bodyslam. Afterwards, Ivory ran down and nailed Tori in the back with her belt. Ivory pulled out a marker and said, "You want body paint?" She wrote the words "slut" and "skank" on the front of back and Tori.

Backstage, Kane and Road Dogg made their ways toward the ring.

The Acolytes vs. Kane and Road Dogg resulted in a No-Contest, to let The Acolytes retain the Tag Team Titles.
- After Road Dogg hyped up the crowd with his introduction, The Acolytes ran in through the crowd and attacked him. Kane then made his entrance. After RD was knocked out on the outside, Kane dominated The Acolytes. Hardcore Holly made his way in and got in the ring as Kane's partner. The distraction by Holly let The Acolytes take the advantage on Kane. Holly was tagged in and ended up stomping on Kane. Kane grabbed Holly and was about to chokeslam him, until he was beaten down by The Acolytes. Holly then went at it with The Acolytes, but was destroyed, as he received the Double Powerbomb. The Big Show and The Undertaker were shown in the backstage area, watching the match. Big Show wanted to go down to ringside, probably to help Holly, but The Undertaker wouldn't allow him. The match continued as we went to a commercial break.

Backstage, The Rock arrived. Michael Cole said he wasn't scheduled to be there.

Backstage, Terri Runnels put some kind of pill that dissolved in a Snapple drink. An exhausted Meat said he couldn't keep up with Terri. Meat then drunk down the drink.

The Godfather (w/ho's) and Prince Albert (w/Droz) went to a No-Contest.
- The Godfather said the match wasn't happening, because he had already kicked Prince Albert's ass enough. The Godfather said he wanted the big, jelly-ass snowman. That person (Vic Grimes) entered the ring and started to attack The Godfather, along with Droz and Albert. The mystery man was about to execute his spinning gullotine legdrop, until Val Venis made the save. Chaz also entered to help Venis and The Godfather battle it out with Albert, Droz, and the mystery man.

Backstage, Al Snow told Pepper he was the guy of hardcore rules and the dog was also hardcore. He counted to three for Pepper to jump, but he didn't. Snow said he remembered he had to get a table for Pepper to land on.

Backstage, Meat told Terri Runnels to look what she did to him, pointing to his crotch area. Meat said he couldn't go out like that. Runnels said he could, as she kissed him on the cheek.

Backstage, The Blue Meanie laughed at Al Snow and his dog Pepper. A woman came by and Snow handed Pepper to her. Snow asked for a drink of Meanie's coke, which Snow used on the head of Meanie. He through Meanie across a table. Officials made their ways down to stop Snow's attack.

The Big Bossman defeated Meat (w/Terri Runnels) with a Spinebuster.
- The Hardcore Title was not on the line. Meat apparently had an erection because of what Terri Runnels had him drink earlier in the show. The Big Bossman dominated him. As the match went on, Meat wrapped his arms around Bossman from behind, and Bossman jumped up and freaked out. He later took Meat down with a spinebuster and put his foot on Meat's crotch for the pin. Bossman continued his attack on Meat with his nightstick.

Backstage, The Rock made his way toward the ring.

The Undertaker (w/The Big Show, Paul Bearer) defeated Mr. Ass (w/Chyna) with the Tombstone.
- The Rock joined in for color commentary. As the back and forth match between The Undertaker and Mr. Ass went on, The Rock started to stomp on Ass on the outside. Big Show came over to where The Rock was, but The Rock knocked him away. Paul Bearer tried to hit The Rock with his shoe, but The Rock punched him down. Big Show caught The Rock from behind and started to beat him down, as The Undertaker finished Ass off with the Tombstone. Big Show and The Undertaker both attacked The Rock and Ass, with Chyna trying to assist Ass, as the show went off the air.

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