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Sunday Night Heat
June 6, 1999
Live from Uniondale, Long Island, New York

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Written by: Ultimo

• King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Road Dogg defeated The Godfather (w/ho's) via Pinfall.
- Road Dogg hyped up the crowd with his ring introduction. The Godfather brought out a train of six ho's, as he warmed up the crowd with his "Ho Train" and "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" lines. As the match went on, Billy Gunn entered the ring to clock RD with a chair, but ended up nailing The Godfather, which let RD make the pin. As Gunn entered the ring and stomped on The Godfather, RD ran after him to the backstage area.

• Backstage, Tag Team Champions, The Acolytes, made their ways to the ring.

• Acolytes Interview, Conducted by Jim Ross.
- Faarooq first taunted Jim Ross. He said for everyone needed to forget about Shane McMahon's interference in the Tag Team Title match on the 5/31 Raw is War with Kane and X-Pac. Bradshaw said there was no one in the WWF or in the world who could compete with The Acolytes, but they had an open challenge for anyone. Former members of The Ministry, The Brood, made their ways down. As the both teams brawled, the lights went out. When they returned, The Acolytes were covered in a blood as a result of a Bloodbath. The Acolytes went crazy afterward.

• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrived. A security official asked Austin a question, and Austin said it was going to be a big evening. Austin was then shown walking back and forth in his locker room when returning from a commercial break.

• King of the Ring Qualifying Match: The Big Show defeated Droz with the Showstopper.
- The Big Show dominated Droz and immediately nailed him with the Showstopper for the win. Following the match, Prince Albert entered the ring to attack Albert, but was taken down with a flying clothesline.

• Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin was arguing with WWF officials. Prince Albert and Droz accidently bumped into them, causing Austin to destroy them.

• Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) and Mark Henry (w/D-Lo Brown, Ivory) went to a No-Contest, to let Jarrett retain the Intercontinental Title.
- Mark Henry dominated Jeff Jarrett with his power. He executed his finishing maneuver, a leg drop, but was distracted by Debra's puppies. Ivory then entered the ring and as she choked out Debra with her purple scarf, Stone Cold Steve Austin's music played. Austin entered the ring, and stunned D-Lo Brown and Henry. Jarrett and Debra made a run for it.

• Ken Shamrock defeated Meat (w/PMS) by making him submit to the Ankle Lock.
- During the match, Ken Shamrock had some words with PMS, since his sister, Ryan, was part of the group. After a belly-to-belly suplex, Shamrock strapped Meat in the Ankle Lock for the win. Following the match, for the second time in a week, Jeff Jarrett, along with Debra, nailed Shamrock with a guitar. Shamrock was a bloddy mess, as Jarrett strapped him in his own Ankle Lock. Stone Cold Steve Ausitn then made his way down and stunned Meat and Jarrett.

• Backstage, Lucas interviewed an upset and bloody Ken Shamrock, who challenged Jeff Jarrett to a Lion's Den match for the following night on Raw is War. Afterward, Michael Cole asked Lucas to interview Stone Cold Steve Austin to see who the Greater Power was, but Lucas thought Cole was joking.

• King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Kane defeated Test with the Tombstone.
- Kane dominated Test with power and high-flying maneuvers. Test went for his Pumphandle Slam finishing maneuver, but Kane countered with the Tombstone for the win. Kane would go on to the King of the Ring PPV to take on The Big Show in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

• Backstage, a nervous Lucas said Stone Cold Steve Austin stated he would speak in a few minutes. When returning from a commercial break, Austin said the Greater Power was not in the building but he'd be damned sure to hunt his ass down the following night on Raw is War. He also said he wasn't done whooping ass on Sunday Night Heat.

• King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Chyna (w/Triple H) defeated Val Venis (w/Nicole Bass) with the Pedigree.
- Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly noted during the match Chyna was replacing Triple H in the King of the Ring tournament since Triple H felt he had nothing to prove since he had already previously won the tournament. Val Venis was about to do his sexual joke, talking about Chyna's thong or dog, but was attacked from behind by his female opponent. Venis had an opportunity to punch Chyna, but refused. He then decided to punch her, with encouragement from Nicole BAss, but Chyna moved out of the way. Chyna looked to hit the Pedigree, but she was catapulted accidently into the referee. Triple H grabbed Venis' foot, as Nicole Bass got on the apron, but was knocked out by Chyna. Venis then put Chyna through a Fisherman's Suplex, but was low-blowed by Triple H when waiting for the referee to count the pin. Chyna then executed the Pedigree, as Bass had bad timing and threw the referee back in the ring for the pinfall. Chyna would go on to face Road Dogg in the quarter-finals of the King of the Ring tournament. Venis and Triple H then battled it out in the end, but were separated by several officials. Stone Cold Steve Austin then made yet another appearance, and stunnered basically everyone in the ring.

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