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We're back, and this time, we're even less committed to maintaining the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the site. Thus, we've made the site easier to navigate, with more zany stuff, and more of the moments that we look back on and say "Yes, Phil did do his daks". We trust you'll enjoy the new, and that you'll still be making the same rumours and gossip that make it what it is.

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News Section:

As always, the latest in Bogon News and events is reported to keep you up-to-date with whats going on in our zany world. Also, a fresh mix of the Old News is served for your historical pleasure.

Your Say Section:

BigSkewl Diary continues to bring our bitching side to the front-side. With new entries every second of every day, it's worth a look.

Also, the Zany Poll continues to question those hypotheticals only Bogons would care about.

Interactive Section:

Three all new videos can be found at Zaniest Home Videos.

Also, the first in Bogon audio is online. Have a listen to Luby's Answering Machine and have a chuckle, or a cry.

Out & About Section:

Selfpix come to the site's Gallery as host Czar \$tav shows off some of his greatest ever one-handed efforts. Well worth a look, with more to come.

Self Help Section:

Don't miss the newly designed Articles Of Spading, even easier to read now than ever before. You just can't be too careful with the Spade.

Connections Section:

Bogon Garth now gives you the original ZANYmail of the original site.

Archives Section:

Don't miss the new links to all the old stuff, like Old News and Guestbooks.