Welcome to Vampempire, Web site of a Vampire, or Vampyre

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I would like to welcome you to vampempire, web site of a Vampire, or Vampyre.
This is what a vampire's website would look like if they existed.
It includes alot of Vampire type utlities.
If Vampires existed in todays world, would they have there own web sites?
That gave me the idea for this website.
If you have any suggestions or ideas for this site please feel free to contact me.
I have often wondered if Vampires exist.

Are You A Are 
you a Vampire?
you a Mortal?

There are two sides to this site, Vampire and Mortal.
If you are trapped in a frame, Break out here.

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Whats new on Vampempire--- Feb 11, 1998 Added Shockwave Flash 2.0 to the Vampire menu--- Jan. 3, 1998 added a chat room--- Dec. 24, 1997 added question of the month--- also added Java Script to front page(this one)--- Dec. 23, 1997 changed the layout of the menus--- Dec. 20, 1997 added pictures of myself-- Dec. 8, 1997 added This Scroll--- Dec. 8, 1997 started adding a WebTV Side To This Site--- Dec. 7, 1997 added a Jukebox--- Dec. 5, 1997 added a Type It, Say It page--- Dec. 7, 1997 added Vampire TV (works for webtv views only, I think)--- Dec. 4, 1997 added a Guide To Top Search Engines--- Dec. 1, 1997 added a Bulletin Board--- Dec. 1, 1997 added Vampempire user Links (you can add your page to it)--- Nov. 20, 1997 added Times Of Rise And Fall Of The Sun In Your Area--- There is alot more on this site so come on in...........................You can stop read this now.

This is my first award ever.
This is 
my first award ever

Enter here if your a

you a  Vampire?

Enter here if your a

are you a Mortal?



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