The Game The Teams Routes Skills Behind the Scenes

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Laurie, Age: 22
Occupation: Single, recent college grad
Little known fact: Just landed her first job - as a waitress - in San Diego.
Dan, Age: 27
Occupation: Single, Investment Banker
Little known fact: Dated Soleil "Punky Brewster" Moon-Frye when he was 15. Punky power!
Donna, Age: 29
Occupation: In a relationship with live-in girlfriend, Waitress
Little known fact: Donna lettered in five sports in high school and went to Vanderbilt University on a basketball scholarship.
Bob, Age: 59
Occupation: Married, ex-police officer with 4 adult children
Little know fact: Separately went jogging with (and wore out) President Clinton and Vice President Gore during trips to Boston.
Fred, Age: 22
Occupation: Single, college student
Little known fact: Was a star athlete in high school, playing both football quarterback and baseball second baseman!
Veronica, Age: 41
Occupation: Single, Business Owner
Little known fact: Once purposely locked the keys in the car while it was running and parked at the airport drop-off zone, so she wouldn't miss her flight.