Open Source SOAP Services

Production quality Simple Object Access Protocol Http services
for Microsoft(TM) Internet Information Server and Apache Server

The Simple  Access Object Protocol is an open standard to access remote services over the internet using an open XML protocoll called SOAP. This contribution is Open Source Code for Open Standards.  Everyting is supplied in source code and ready for download. 

Depending on the operating system you want (or must) use there are 2 implementations, using a common source code base, but of course different Makefiles and installation procedures. The SOAP implementation is used from IdooXoap C++. Please also see there how to generate your own SOAP server source code with the tools supplied there.  

For details read on in the IIS version for Windows or at the Unix version for Apache Server 

isapsoap: SOAP ISAPI extension for Windows(TM)

With this extension you can deploy SOAP servers on Microsoft(TM) Internet Information Server as an ISAPI extension using IdooXoap C++ . Everything is supplied in source code. No COM is required, but possible.

Download the source code contained in and unpack it. Read the unpacked readme-windows.htm file.

For an overview read readme.htm in this archive for more details and the source code documentation in index.html.


mod_isoap: Apache Server module for SOAP

This module enables Apache Server to run the IdooXoap SOAP services as a module for Apache Server.

See mod_isoap.html for details about downloading and building it. 


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Note: the older version is outdated, but still available at:


Any contributions, escpecially  C++ programming and testing is welcome.